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Patrick Briley
April 18, 2005

In my recent letter to Roger Ailes, Call for Fox News CEO to improve OKC bombing special, I urged Fox News to investigate and report on a video surveillance tape of the OKC bombing described by the US Secret Service: "A Secret Service agent logged into his official records that federal authorities had viewed a tape showing others help McVeigh park the Ryder truck in front of Murrah at precise times given to the nearest second."

Unfortunately this is an example of what Fox News OKC bombing special producer Clayton Rawson very erroneously called "hearsay" when I spoke to him after Rawson was forwarded my letter to Fox CEO Roger Ailes.

The Fox producer Clayton Rawson dismissed my information about the Secret Service referenced surveillance tape as hearsay. Mr. Rawson and the other Fox producer, Peter Russo, told me they were relying heavily on their interview with OKC bombing senior FBI case agent Jon Hersley who had told the judge in the Oklahoma state trial of Terry Nichols that the tape referred to in the Secret Service tape log did not exist. However, the Secret Service testimony to the judge did not rule out the existence of the surveillance tape as reported in the Secret Service log nor did it explain the great detail given about the tape in the log.

I told the Fox producers that Jon Hersley had been very intentionally incorrect about many issues in the OKC case and should not be relied upon denying the existence of the tape referred to by the Secret Service in their log. I also pointed out to Fox News that Hersley’s wife Christy told my wife the morning of the OKC bombing that the FBI had prior warning and had told FBI agents to stay out of the Murrah building on the morning of the bombing. I have been told by reputable sources that Hersley’s wife lied to the FBI about what she told my wife in order top protect her husband's FBI career.

Part of the basis on which I tried to get Fox New to investigate the details of surveillance tape described in the Secret Service log comes from an AP story titled Gov't Log Details Oklahoma City (BOMBING Surveillance Tape) Footage: "Security video tapes from the area show the truck detonation 3 minutes and 6 seconds after the suspects exited the truck," the Secret Service reported six days after the attack on a log of agents' activities and evidence in the Oklahoma investigation.”

An OKC AP reporter Paul Qaery wrote of his interview with a federal law enforcement official who told Qaery that he had viewed a surveillance tape of the Ryder truck when it was parked in front of the Hurrah building. The tape referred to by the federal law enforcement source very likely would have been the same tape described by the Secret Service log because the source in Qaery’s story gives the same time given by the log, THREE MINUTES BEFORE the truck bomb exploded. Qaery’s AP story was picked up and republished on page A4 of the Kansas City Star on October 28, 1995 in the article entitled “Camera saw figure in bomb truck, Oklahoma City video is unclear, but it may show John Doe No. 2” :

"OKLAHOMA CITY - Videotape from a surveillance camera captured a glimpse of a shadowy figure in the passenger seat of a bomb-laden Ryder truck minutes before it blew apart the federal building, a federal law enforcement source says. The footage is not clear enough to identify anyone, but it adds to the body of evidence that a third figure - perhaps the long-sought John Doe No. 2 - took part in the attack with two other persons, the source said.

"There's a shape in there, but they can't see a face,'' the source said of footage, which was taken by a camera on a nearby apartment building. The camera picked up the shadowy passenger about THREE MINUTES before the bomb went off April 19 at the Murrah Federal Building.

What makes the existence of the surveillance tape plausible at one time (may have now been destroyed) is not only the precise times given, but also that a number of OKC bombing witnesses precisely corroborate what the Secret Service tape log described, namely that accomplices were helping McVeigh park his Ryder truck in front of the Murrah building. Here is more from the same article referenced above, “(Secret Service) Gov't Log Details Oklahoma City (BOMBING Surveillance Tape) Footage”:

“An entry a day earlier on the same (Secret Service) log reported that the security video was consistent with a witness' account that he saw McVeigh's getaway car in the lead before a woman guided the truck to its final parking spot in front of the Murrah building.

A Secret Service agent named McNally "noted that this fact is significant due to the fact that the security video shows the Ryder truck pulling up to the Federal Building and then pausing (7 to 10 seconds) before resuming into the slot in front of the building," the log said. "It is speculated that the woman was signaling the truck when a slot became available."

Numerous witnesses also described two Middle Eastern men in a late model Brown Chevy truck with a bug shield parked in front of the Murrah building as McVeigh was parking the Ryder truck. Witness accounts have these two men also helping McVeigh. The brown Chevy truck and its drivers were the subject of an FBI APB for two weeks in OKC after the bombing.

Leah Moore photographed the brown Chevy and the Ryder truck in front of Murrah at the same time that the Secret Service tape log says McVeigh was being helped to park the Ryder truck. The FBI confiscated Moore’s photos and told her not to talk to a famous LA times reporter, Richard A. Serrano, who came to see Moore about the photos.

Dana Bradley testified in the Nichols federal trial that, while looking out of the Murrah Social Security office, Bradley saw a Middle Eastern looking man get out of the passenger side of the Ryder truck as it was parked in front of the Murrah building. KTOK radio reporter Carie Hulsey interviewed witnesses live at the scene within 5 minutes after the bombing who told the KTOK radio audience they had seen two Middle Eastern men running down the street and jump into the Brown Chevy a few minutes before the Ryder truck exploded.

The Middle Eastern looking men yelled at each other "lets hurry up and get out of here." The same Brown Chevy truck was spotted by witness Kay Herron a few blocks away and strongly identified one of the men inside the brown truck as McVeigh associate and FBI/CIA provocateur and informant, the Iraqi, Al Hussain Hussaini brought to OKC by HW Bush and CIA director James Woolsey after the first Gulf War. Woolsey is extremely close to Fox news and HW Bush and GW Bush. Hussaini was never interviewed by the FBI and disappeared while working at Boston Logan airport as a baggage handler up until the time of the 9-11 attacks.

Danny Wilkerson saw McVeigh outside of the Ryder truck when it was first parked in front of the Regency Towers. Wilkerson said that McVeigh was looking up the street toward the Murrah building waiting on a parking spot. Wilkinson has said that McVeigh came into his snack shop at the Regency Towers and that a John Doe was inside the Ryder truck when Wilkerson spoke to McVeigh and the Ryder truck was parked in front of the Regency Towers. A surveillance camera at the Regency towers recorded what Wilkinson saw and the FBI and DOJ have only released portions of this tape. The FBI and DOJ have excluded the portions showing McVeigh walking in front of the Ryder truck and the John Doe sitting on the passenger side of the truck.

The Fox producer Peter Russo also falsely characterized to me what defense Stephen Jones has said about not receiving ALL the surveillance tapes in the OKC bombing. Fox producers also rejected my attempts to get Fox to report that the DOJ and FBI refused to turn over surveillance tapes as described in a ruling by Federal judge Wayne Alley in a FOIA lawsuit brought by OKC attorney Mike Johnston and plaintiff David Hoffman.

Mike Johnston won a ruling from OKC Federal judge Alley sharply critical of the FBI, OKC bombing trial presiding federal judge Robert Matsch, and DOJ for their intentional refusal to turn over ALL surveillance tapes relevant to the OKC bombing, This was reported in this Daily Oklahoman article on August 16, 2001 by Robert Boczkiewicz entitled “District judge criticizes FBI for keeping bomb files secret “

DENVER - "An Oklahoma City judge has criticized the U.S. Justice Department's conduct in resisting a person's request to make public the FBI's secret files about the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. U.S. District Judge Wayne Alley, in recent court orders, called the department's conduct "shoddy" and "unacceptable."

"Alley criticized the Justice Department's court conduct in its efforts to maintain "its shroud of secrecy."

"…The judge criticized the (Justice) department's several written arguments against disclosure as "patently insufficient," "ambiguous," and "cursory."

The Oklahoma City judge said, however, that the Denver judge (Matsch) is "the only federal judge who can alter the existing limits on the FBI's disclosure of its (bombing case) records."

Matsch ordered that evidence not presented in court be kept secret, a practice sometimes used in high-profile criminal cases in federal court.

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Briley was chosen to work under Admiral Rickover at Naval Reactors. He volunteered for Naval service from 1968 to 1976 during the Viet Nam era including being in Naval ROTC, a batallion commander of my ROTC unit and a Midshipman on board the ballistic missile submarine, SSBN 624, the Woodrow Wilson, as well as serving at Naval Reactors in DC for Admiral Rickover.

Patrick started research and investigation into terrorist attacks after the Oklahoma City bombing. Pat submitted his findings concerning the OKC bombing and the 9-11 attacks in briefings to high-level staff for the Senate Judiciary and Senate and House Intelligence committees, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and the 9-11 Commission.

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Mr. Brescia, currently residing at 859 Manatawna Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19128, is a white supremacist neo-Nazi and at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing was a resident of Elohim City, a "Christian Identity" "racialist" compound in Oklahoma that has been linked in press accounts to Timothy McVeigh. According to testimony in federal court in Des Moines, Iowa, a member of the "Aryan Republican Army" bank robbery gang also came from Elohim City. (Although his name was forbidden by federal prosecutors to be mentioned in open court, the stated bank robber was later identified in the press as Mr. Brescia.)

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