IRS is a PRIVATE Corporation !! Not a Government agency !!
Sat Apr 16, 2005 20:54


Send a Freedom Of Information Act request to your CON-gressmen and ask them for a copy and the name and number of the act that created the IRS as a government agency. All they can come up with is some act of 1862 that establishes the office of commissioner of the IRS. All that did was create the office of the commissioner who is just a figure head of a PRIVATE CORP just as the commissioner of the Federal Reserve is the head of the PRIVATE CORP Federal Reserve. The IRS is a Criminal Extortion Racket run out of Puerto RICO collectioning on the Federal Bankrupty of 1933

Write a Freedom Of Information request to the IRS requesting a copy of your IRS Individual Master File. More than likely it will have a Tax Code 150 which is for the Virgin Islands.

If it does, write your CON-gressmen and ask them to explain why you are taxed as a resident of the Virgin Islands.

I have sent 3 requests to US Senator Mark Dayton for an explaination of why I am taxed as a resident of the Virgin Islands and he has yet to respond.

We have 535 traitors in CON-gress in the District of Criminals who should be tried and hung for their treason.

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