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This has been posted to this "ACTION ALERT" forum because ACTION of ALL is REQUESTED AND REQUIRED.


MP3 FOR WIDE DISTRIBUTION - airing: audio: MP3 at 2.3 megabytes

Dear People,
An 13:35 minute 2.4Mb MP3 is linked/attached with Alex
Jones and Jack Blood discussing Martial Law and some aspects of the Illuminati controlled (the old Novus Ordo Seclorum) Conspiracy now bringing down our country. Please listen to this MP3 tonight. Please share via file sharing
networks and BROADCAST VIA EMAIL as an MP3 attachment. Perhaps rename the file to something better.

This MP3 also contains more information on this coming 62nd anniversary of the WACO Texas massacre of 1993.

Due to the critical nature of this information, it is urged
that this information is shared by all means ASAP. Listener
discretion is advised and >>>support in communicating this
information is highly encouraged<<<.

To the truth about WACO must be told to the American public - this upcoming April 19th. 1 life lost to tyranny should be enough. We have suffered much more
than that already. Oklahoma City, 911, Wars for Empire, etc... Agreed?

This audio MP3 contains more information than Alex and others have yet supplied us with specifically concerning that massacre that happened now approaching 1 dozen years ago.

We have a patriot base already, must we wait until another attack and actual Martial Law to further mobilize? We are talking about a mass email campaign of an MP3 that can be easily attached and distributed that will do for our
movement an immense amount of good.

The iron is getting hot now and we should strike before it is otherwise formed into our prison bars. The have already had a sweep of 1000+'felons' (we know nothing about) this past day.

The world may not be entirely sympathetic to the plight of the American people at the moment, yet they are all sympathetic to what happened to the Jewish people 65-60 years ago.

We must act in a righteous manner that would make Our Father in heaven proud of those who help expose the evil existing in our world today and not cower from it. Likewise we must pray in the name of Jesus Christ for guidance and mutual support.

Bringing out this truth to the world's people now is simply vital.

Thank you. Now please email this message out to the crowd and The People.

Behold, a new book containing a valuable refreshing look at matters for our times: (books) (radio) (Dr. Makow) (lots of goodies) (hard truth)
Please share this with others and it is the
authors faith that you may be richly blessed
for doing so. (Ephesians 5:11) Thank you.

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