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John Conner, Founder

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"The Resistance Manifesto" announces the Declaration of
Resistance to the New World Order

San Diego, CA � A book titled, "The Resistance Manifesto" (ISBN: 0967346630) will be released this Spring from a large global subculture of Christians fighting the tyranny and oppression of the growing New World Order. This official Declaration of Resistance from the Resistance for Christ includes an in depth analysis of the Satanic influences in the ideologies, and political institutions forging the one world government. Extrapolated is the covert message and origin of the Georgia Guide Stones, as well as the dangers of RFIDs and the VeriChip, and explanations of disturbing satellite photos of Satanic symbols in Washington D.C.'s street layout. Included are specific strategies for Resistance to tyranny and oppression. Also included is a history of The Resistance, and an outline of the lifetime commitments of it's members and it's global goals, spanning generations. It is difficult to conclude how many members The Resistance has, due to the fact that there is no central leadership, official member roster, and many members have maintained anonymity to non members.

Founder of The Resistance and author, John Conner says, "We are simply a group of Christians who analyze all facets of infrastructure, ideology, and technology involved in the New World Order and the inevitability of the isolation of power being abused in ways previously inconceived and inconsistent with it's original intention, ultimately yielding to the anti-Christ when he seizes control in possibly the next few generations."

Conner and members of The Resistance often flood the airwaves of call-in radio and television shows with topics of interest to members usually throwing the host and the direction of the show in their favor. �Power to the Resistance� is the catchphrase that follows every call. The flood of calls has become an epidemic for national programs. Larry King, Bill O�reilly on Fox news Radio, Shawn Hannity, Alan Colmes, Michael Savage all seem to get caller who doesn�t manage to get censored.

Sometimes 2 or 3 times per show. Conner encourages this kind of action. �People need to remember that the airwaves belong to the public, and that these corporations have the privilege of using them. We simply exercise our right to free speech, over the airwaves, which we own.� He concludes.

With the release of VeriChip, the Pandora's box of the Mark of the Beast, and the world rapidly advancing towards a one world governed, cashless, privacyless world, it is time to stand together, and not let tyranny and fear force us to our knees! We must Resist! Resist the propaganda perpetuating ideologies! Resist the hegemony of lies that keep you spiritually enslaved! Resist the Satanic forces that rule this world! Power to the Resistance! Fight the New World Order!

The Resistance Manifesto will be available at www.TheResistanceManifesto.comwww.ResistanceforChrist.com ; www.BarnsandNoble.com  and www.Amazon.com  on this Spring and in bookstores nationwide in the months following. The Resistance Manifesto is a shocking analysis of the Satanic influences and practices in every facet of society from the main stream media, to the private practices of the American elite. It is a blueprint of the organization�s objectives, goals, membership requirements, and outlines a detailed analysis of end times prophecy.

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Also Covered are:

Operation North Woods The 1962 U.S. government plan to carry out terrorist attacks against America and blame it on Cuba to gain support for an invasion. The plan is eerily similar to the September 11th terrorist attacks which sparked the war on terror.

MKULTRA The CIA�s experiments in mind control including LSD with unknowing subjects. Officials attempted to create a �Manchurian Candidate� who would kill upon orders.

Terminators TALON robots built for the Department of Defense which are armed with automatic weapons have been sent to Iraq to kill insurgents, and will be patrolling streets and schools in America soon.

Neural Interfaces. Electronic connections wired directly into the brain are going to soon link man and machine, and those who accept this beastly device may turn over their mind and soul to this creation.

Biometrics. Facial recognition cameras that can pick a face out of a crowd of thousands in a fraction of a second.

Hybrid Computers. Scientists are creating �living computers� which consist of living neurons and cortexes combined with silicon. These devices have �learned� how to fly F-22 flight simulators and will soon be capable of exceeding human intelligence.

Bohemian Grove the elite private club in northern California where each year mock human sacrifices are performed. Former senator John DeCamp claims that murder and horrific sexual assaults have occurred in the resort.

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