Oklahoma City bombing memorial - Cheney to speak
Fri Apr 15, 2005 22:11


Cheney to speak Tuesday at Oklahoma City bombing memorial
KOKH FOX25, OK - 2 hours ago
... AP) -- Vice President Dick Cheney will speak Tuesday at a memorial service in Oklahoma City on the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing that killed ...
Henry Orders Flags Flown At Half-Staff On Bombing Anniversary Channel
Governor Brad Henry Says Bill Clinton Will Attend Bombing ... KOTV
Cheney to Speak at Oklahoma City Memorial Newsday

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The Oklahoma City Bombing: Unanswered Questions
Sun. 9pm / mid ET
Was there a Mideast connection? Did the ATF ignore warnings? Why were FBI commanders yanked off the case? Ten years after the Alfred P. Murrah building bombing, FNC asks tough questions � the more we investigate, the more shocking the answers. Join host Rita Cosby Sunday night for never-before-heard testimony and new evidence of a terrifying, international conspiracy.
Online Exclusives!
We couldn't include everything in our 1-hour special, so FOX Fan has produced special extended interviews. Watch them below.

News in brief: headlines from around the world
Michigan Daily, MI - 14 hours ago
... bomber Terry Nichols had hidden explosives and they might be used for an attack this month coinciding with the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. ...
Report: Mobster's tip revealed explosives Washington Times
Tip leads FBI to explosives at Kan. home Detroit Free Press
FBI Waited To Check Out Tip On Terry Nichols KOTV

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The OKC Bombing: A Day of Truth ~ Ten Years Later

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