Dr. Adrian H. Krieg, Mg.S., Ph.D. Cf.Mg.E
Sold Down the Tubes!
Sat Apr 16, 2005 20:07


Sold Down the Tubes!

By Dr. Adrian H. Krieg, Mg.S., Ph.D. Cf.Mg.E

The economic impact of Bush the lesser's policies at the behest of the multi-national giants is destroying American culture, employment, and the nation. The Illuminist organization called The Order or Bones of which Kerry and Bush are both members has a plan, and it is in its conclusion. Within ten years Europe, (the EU) and America (NAFTA- FTAA) will be devastated by the implemented plans of the Illuminists. The New World Order is at the cusp of taking over our societies and governments, both of which shall soon be disbanded.

The three motivating policies that are allowing this to take place are "Free Trade" legal and illegal immigration, and "Off-Shoring". These are the Trojan horses employed by the Illuminists to bring down Western Civilization.

Through free trade that is an anachronism, which was employed by the "Mercantilists" in 1911 in England, and resulted in a 25% reduction of income for the workers, and WWI, they succeeded in increasing their profits substantially. Free trade in view of the WTO, GATT, NAFTA, EU, and planed FTAA is impossibility; the multi-nationals for the sole purpose of eliminating small business completion wrote these treaties and agreements to control all movement of goods restricted to themselves.

Today's mercantilists are the Wall-Marts, K-Marts, Adidas, and "Seven Sisters" etc. whose primary interest is not their customers or employees but only their bottom line. Greed is the culprit that is doing us in.

Immigration of millions upon millions of Mexicans (now accounting for 10% of the total Mexican population) in America and millions upon millions of Turks in the EU serve to dorsal wages in the affected regions. Remember Wall-Mart was just fined $11 million for employing illegal aliens through a sub contractor that were paid less than $ 1.50 per hrs.

Off-shoring the process of moving white as well as blue collar jobs to third world nations can reduce the employment expenses of a multi-national by 40 to 50%. While blue collar jobs are moving to Mexico, China, and Thailand white-collar jobs are disappearing to India and the Philippines. Just this year millions of West Europeans, and Americans will be losing their employment. The most rapidly expanding sector of off-shoring is in the white-collar field.

The enormity of these purposely-implemented acts is really unimaginable. The displacement of jobs by multi-national corporations defy exact numbers because the facts are purposely hidden by the governments witch are controlled by the same Illuminists that run the corporations. Unemployment numbers as reported by the U.S. Dep. of Labor are totally bogus. They report only the number of citizens drawing government checks, but eliminate those, whose benefits have expired, those homeless, those ill or indigent. Worst of all they never report the variance of wages earned by service sector employees over those of manufacturing employees whose income is about 40% higher. CPI reported prices of goods likewise are a lie. Omitted form the CPI reported data is the cost of; taxes, fuel/energy, and housing. These are the three issues that have inflated at the highest rate, all over 30%.

Real and honestly un-reported loss of employment in America due to these policies are: NAFTA, 3 million direct manufacturing jobs, 3000 manufacturing plants, 4 million indirect manufacturing jobs lost to European and Pacific Rim manufacturers building plants in Mexico for products for the sole consumption in America. Total Economic loss to America is $ 70 billion per year. Software writing jobs in the computer industry 100,000 jobs in 2004. By the end of 2005 14% of all U.S. software information technology vendor services will be offshore. Credit card and the financial industry are taking note and are moving jobs to India faster than you can say Madras. 400,000 such jobs have been moved in 2003 and 4. Anticipated in the coming five years are another 3 million jobs. By 2015 60% of the computer related soft ware jobs will be gone.

There is simply no way for the people who lost these jobs to obtain new employment for any pay scale even close to what they previously earned. In most cases such people will be forced into jobs paying 40% less and thus they will have to take two jobs if they want to maintain their presently reached economic level, or alternatively seek bankruptcy relief. I want to make it very clear that none of the middle class is exempt from these issues. Our present true unemployment rate is 14.7% and it is slated to grow to 20% within the next five years.

In 1970, 40% of American employment was in the manufacturing sector, whose average pay scale is 40% above service sector employment. Today manufacturing employment is down to 10% of the nations employment a drop of 75%. Conversely 45% of the generated by business profits are in the financial sectors of, banking, investments, stock brokerage and so forth, all of these jobs can be moved off shore without any difficulty.

One of the primary reasons outside of the greed displayed by multi-nationals is that America is the only nation in the world who graduates more lawyers than engineers. Lawyers produce nothing they only add to the price of everything available in the marketplace.

From this we see several venues for correction needed by our society. First the elimination of all free trade policies, second the deportation of all illegal immigrants, third laws preventing or prohibiting outsourcing jobs to foreign nations, forth the elimination of contingency fee agreements with lawyers, and the reenactment of the original 13th amendment, which was removed during the war of Northern Aggression, that prohibited officers of the court from holding elected office.

Dr. Krieg's latest book VALE deals with these issues in detail.

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