Amy Sasser
NEW 911 Evidence Breaking
Sat Apr 16, 2005 15:54


NEW 911 Evidence Breaking
13th April 2005 - 21h26
Please send information widely Please help take our Country Back

Karl W B Schwarz:. He will be releasing some great NEW information about 911.

With the Pedophile ring being exposed every day and a huge new break thru about 911. The burners are getting ready to be turned up full blast.

Karl was a "republican insider" who was working on buying Bankrupt companies. In doing so, he uncovered massive Racketeering leading all the way to the top. RICO�s are on the way. Since uncovering them he has written a book "One way Ticket to Crawford Texas a Conservative Republican speaks out" and a series called Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble. This is part 5 part 7 is on the way... I urge you to read his information and contact him. Not only has he uncovered the massive racketeering he has uncovered what really hit the Pentagon. His team has recently uncovered a new film that was taken on 911 that shows the real WTC plane. The film will be out in a few days. I always thought that the plane looked to weird. Now I know for sure I was right in my thinking. I kept on saying after watching all the clips of the 911 planes they look too weird... I kept on saying something is wrong with those planes. I said it out loud over and over again for 2 years> Then it hit me like a brick in November of last year. No wonder that something was wrong with those planes, the planes in the clips were fake! I felt so stupid, it took me so long for it to hit my gray matter! I went duhhhhhhhh! those clips we saw on TV were Digitally tampered!
The heat is being turned up not only on the Franklin cover-up IE the Pedophile ring because of Johnny Gosch and Ted Gunderson. and Noreen Gosch. The heat is being turned up on the Treason, murder of 911. Please get his book, you will find out how deep his investigation is.You can get his articles and his book at . That way you will be informed of what is going on in the 911 truth movement. I think that if everyone works together on these 2 issues it will help bring justice. I heard Karl talk about Johnny and he too thinks that Johnny is working on his master plan to out these people. The more the merrier to the undoing of the criminal elite the better. His email is on his web page and his assistant is Deborah Simon if you want to contact him directly for a personal contact you can contact Deborah via she does his schedule. His last talk was on Friday the 8th on the John Stadtmiller show. John Stadtmiller usually has a call in on Fridays. However this past Friday. Karl called in and told us about the explosive new evidence that will be released from his team soon. Here is the link for that 2 hour webcast. Listen to this broadcast Please !!! Karl is the front line of the 911 investigation. Fri., April 8, 2005 it is in the archives of the Intel report with Stadtmiller in case the link doesn�t work for you. There are may of his talks there in the archives. IF you go to the Johnny Gosch web site you will hear Noreen talk and Ted Gunderson. Double burners! Turning up the heat

Thanks Let�s take our Country Back and save our kids ASAP!
Amy Sasser

> The origin of the 9/11 mysterious �melt down�?
11th April 2005 - 17h42
Wake up people..... Brace yourselves but I�ve got a revelation for you. POLITICIANS TELL LIES... No, honestly, they do :-) And if you think them in any way incapable of visiting death and destruction upon their own people then you simply haven�t been watching. As to the mechanics of planting explosives in the towers, I agree it�s looks difficult. However when you learn who was in charge of security - with a contract that ran out on September 11th 2001 - then maybe it�s not so hard to understand how it may have been possible. Step forward Marvin Bush little brother of the Great Dumb One.... Now there�s a coincidence..... as is the fact that security within the towers was suspended in a period leading up to the attacks for the supposed upgrading of computers. It has been said that although the same kind of work had been done fairly regularly in the past it had never led to the switching off of sercurity systems. Therefore it may be that the explosives were planted then. We already have a PBS broadcast of Larry Silverstein admitting the demolition of WTC building 7 was a controlled demolition ordered by himself.... so you may ask, how were the explosives set in Building 7?

> The origin of the 9/11 mysterious �melt down�?
11th April 2005 - 16h33
What�s this? the NYT reported that a 3-alarm fire burned 6 floors of the WTC in 1975 for 3 hours and the fire was so hot it was like a constant "blowtorch". Luckily there were no sprinkler systems then.

one NY plaza also had a fire in 1970, no sprinkler then either, just a couple of collapsed floors and 6 hours of fire. It appears that the longer a fire burns the less likely it will cause a building to collapse.

The strange thing is, the fire inspectors have known about this since the 1970�s(the fire proofing and all that), subsequently, most buildings in NY were renovated to meet new standards. The WTC also needed these renovations, it was going to cost ALLOT of money. Luckily for Larry Silverstein he took out a new insurance policy and just months later, the awful coincidental tragedy left him with a large payment that was also doubled, after all, it was two planes, so he should be paid double.

Now I understand why he ordered to "pull" building 7, if he hadn�t, the raging inferno inside might of allowed the building to remain standing.

So when do we invade Iran?

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