Neocons vs the Elderly
Neocons vs the Elderly
Sun Apr 17, 2005 01:39

More awareness should be developed on how the globalists are eliminating social security and pension plans for the retired. Check out Schwarzenneger and bills aimed at pension plans in California. Check out Bush's scam on first spending social security money in the Iraq war, and then trying to get private accounts in the future, which means that less money will be paid into the guaranteed social security benefits.

It is precisely because the elderly do nothing for the globalists but get in the way, and are worse than cattle--they are dead weight and threatening in their memories of how things used to be.

The elderly are dangerous because they have time to think and still have some vestige of individuality.

The only people useful for the NWO are working class people who keep the money rolling in. The elderly, of course, bring no money in but drain the coffers of secret technology funding.

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