Re: Mossad - The Israeli connection to 9/11
Re: Mossad - The Israeli connection to 9/11
Sun Apr 17, 2005 07:59

The Govt Federal,State and local alike ignore everything without exeption that would exspose one of their agendas or one of their own.

If you are in their ranks you are above the law, if you are their enemy (We the people) they will fabricate evidence to falsly incriminate or exspand a simple violation.

Why. what do they have planned, why are each and every one of us here. I hope not just to relieve tension or for entertainment. I have acted and will continue without hesitation to use the law of the land to fight them until the day they declare that law no longer is in effect.

They are doing that little by little. I am in what is to become a Ruby Ridge right now. Do we wait until after the attack?

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