Trouble hits Bolton nomination
Trouble hits Bolton nomination
Sat Apr 16, 2005 17:47


Trouble hits Bolton nomination
Seattle Times - 13 hours ago
... Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., signaled yesterday that his support for the nomination of John Bolton as UN ambassador was wavering after new reports that Bolton had ...
Bolton backer may be wavering Kansas City Star
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BOLTON HEARING: Accused of trying to fire analysts The Union Leader
Los Angeles Times (subscription) -

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The underlying purpose of the nomination of John Bolton as U.N. ambassador is to PROVOKE a military confrontation with Iran, to make absolutely sure all diplomatic avenues fail. The same diplomatic "skills" he has displayed in abusing every competent underling who ever tried to tell him the truth will be exercised to scuttle any chance for peace. This is now coming to light DESPITE the extraordinary bonds of secrecy under which the intelligence community usually operates

If you think the endless Iraq occupation is a disaster party, you're going to LOVE going to war with the whole entire rest of the Arab world. In a long term sense there is absolutely nothing we can do militarily to prevent other countries, even unfriendly ones, from acquiring decades old nuclear technology. These materials are largely on the loose already. But do we have to FORCE other agents to use them for military purposes? And there is only one power on earth that can stop it . . . the power of our voices speaking out to our members of Congress on the Bolton nomination:

The page above is a one click form that sends your personal message directly to all your members of Congress at once. It's easy, it's fast and it's absolutely free. Isn't this the SAME John Bolton who played such a central role in cooking up the very "intelligence" that hoodwinked us into the Iraq debacle in the first place? Isn't there a single qualified, shrewd diplomat available for this post who ISN'T opposed in written statement by 60 of his most prominent peers?

Please take action NOW on this and post this message everywhere you can to everyone you know.



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