URGENT PRESS RELEASE: Terry Nichols wants to talk...
URGENT PRESS RELEASE: Terry Nichols wants to talk...
Sun Apr 17, 2005 03:38


Nichols Implicates FBI Informant In OKC Bombing Amazing New Evidence
... OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING COVER-UP; http://www.apfn.org/apfn/okc_coverup.htm ...
had been blown from the inside and that the news reports were baloney? ...

Subject: Terry Nichols wants to talk...
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Subject: OKC Bombing Conspirator - Terry Nichols Wants to Talk

Wednesday – April 13, 2005

Master Strategies Publishing has just learned that Kathy Sanders, author of the new book, “After Oklahoma City” has been denied, by prison authorities, the opportunity to talk to Terry Nichols.

It was confirmed just this week that Mr. Nichols was prepared to tell Kathy Sanders what he knows about the events leading up to the Oklahoma City bombing. But, prison officials have denied Kathy’s request. Their reasoning was that “…to grant (her) request at this time could pose a risk to the internal security of this institution…”.

What does that mean?

Kathy, who lost two grandchildren in the blast at the Murrah Building on April 19, 1995, recognized early on that there are many unanswered questions about the bombing. Her new book addresses the startling facts she uncovered during her ten year investigation.

In the process she became a person that Terry Nichols and his family came to trust. Now Terry Nichols wants to tell Kathy what really happened.

When asked about the refusal Kathy said, “I don’t understand why prison officials will not let me see Terry Nichols. He specifically requested that I be allowed to see him, and I complied with all of the requirements specified by the prison system. I cannot imagine what threat I would pose to a maximum security prison. I am still hopeful that my request will be granted and I will find out the truth.”

For further information call 501-217-0655, or 501-993-6580. Or, go to


As Kathy Sanders stood and watched the Alfred P. Murrah Building burn on April 19, 1995, her dreams died, along with her two grandsons. Her hatred for the bombers soon grew into a relentless fire to discover who was really responsible for the tragedy. Had everyone involved been caught? Did the ATF receive advance notice of a bomb threat and ignore it?

Only those who have had similar experiences can understand the depth of despair that such a tragedy can evoke. After the bombing, Kathy’s first challenge was to try to find a way to go on at all in the midst of such deep loss. Her strong faith in God made it possible—but certainly not without a monumental struggle against anger and bitterness.

Her driving need to know what really happened that day led her to research all she could about the people involved in the bombing and the events prior to that day, on that day, and in the months following. Little did she know that her gutsy pursuit of the truth would lead her to places she thought she’d never go, to surprising people she never dreamed she’d meet, and to pieces of a puzzle that fell slowly into place.

Although Kathy was never able to ascertain all the facts (no one probably ever will), what she discovered led her to some startling conclusions...and allowed her to come to terms with God, her devastating loss, and her grandsons' murderers. It led her to not only forgive those integrally involved in and responsible for the bombing, but also to meet personally with them and to extend compassion to their family members, even hosting some in her home.

Since the Oklahoma City bombing, Kathy Sanders has appeared on numerous national TV shows, including Today, Good Morning America, Dateline NBC, 60 Minutes, Extra, FOX News, The O’Reilly Factor, 20/20 and many others. She has been interviewed by major newspapers and magazines, such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Dallas Morning News, The Denver Post, The Washington Post Magazine and The London Telegraph, regarding her story and the events surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing.



Download the First Chapter - Click Here

Before 9-11, there was . . .
The Oklahoma City Bombing: April 19, 1995

It was a day when the Alfred P. Murrah Building was destroyed in the worst terrorist attack up to that point in history on American soil and 168 Americans—including men, women, and children—lost their lives.

Kathy Sanders' grandsons' photographs were splashed across the national media, becoming one of the icons of the Oklahoma City tragedy. Kathy’s daughter, Edye, was featured in Glamour and People, and will be in the April 2005 edition of Good Housekeeping.

In remembrance of the tenth anniversary of the bombing, Kathy shares her story from that day until now and reveals the shocking truths she has unveiled over the years in a poignant, eye-opening book, due to be released in early April 2005:

After Oklahoma City
A Grieving Grandmother Uncovers Shocking Truths
About the Bombing . . . and Herself


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