2 Sawed off shotguns/ not like ruby ridge

2 Sawed off shotguns/ not like ruby ridge
Sat Apr 16, 2005 21:00

My wife and I reported personnel employed by the State of Florida for possession
of tons of stolen property, possession of sawed off shotguns much shorter than the
ATF regulations and the repeated drunken firing of those shotguns in a State park
camping and play ground area, the "trashcanning" of complaints from other
park visitors, the drunken driving of State vehicles with collisions with other
park visitors vehicles etc.

We have been now banned for life from that park without due process or administrative
hearing, by the misuse of State statute as have others who have reported the same
contriband,stolen property, drunken behavior etc. These others reported the same
events unrelated to our reports and we only found out after our reports from other
concerned citizens that we were not the only victims of this abuse. The official
reports do admit to the ATF contriband, the records being lost and more. Still the
Department refuses to properly investigate or lift the misuse of the State statute
they have banned us from this public place with. We have had much other retribution
related to our having reported these persons. Because of the nature of our small
buisness, this retribution has devastated us. If you are interested we will provide
you with the records we have been able to recieve and the notes recording our accounts
from the begining.

We are constructing our own civil complaint but are having a hard time with it.
We have complete written record of our side of the story. We have much of the public
record but some of the key public records the State claims to be "lost"
and or is just refusing to provide to us. We would be very interested in discussing
with you, your assistance and or council.


Robert Burton
Kathrine Scott

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