Pope John's Last Writings Reflect "Fatima"
Pope John's Last Writings Reflect "Fatima"
Sun Apr 17, 2005 06:16


Pope John;s Last Writings Reflect Fatima

by Mitch Battros - ECTV

A report just released by Reuters states Pope John Paul II's last writings told of coming catastrophic natural disasters. Was this foretold in the 3rd Letter of Fatima?

The Reuters report states just before his last trip to the hospital, Pope John Paul warned of "dark shadows" to bestow upon humanity. It is not clear if he was referring to "evil" or a shadow which would fall upon the Earth such as a volcano eruption or asteroid as to darken the skies.

It is said the writing was a message for the Roman Catholic Church "World Day of Missions". The Vatican reports the writing was meant to inspire the church well ahead of the event, celebrated every year in October to honor missionary work.

Reminder: Although the documentation and words used are ‘factual’, the meaning of such words is ‘conjecture’. This is to say, the letter written by Pope John Paul II and its content did in fact occur on February 22nd 2005, but the interpretation is based only on this writers conjecture or opinion. As in so many cases, this is a time to use your gift of discernment.

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