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Sun Apr 17, 2005 08:13

I reported these state personell ( see Sawed-off shotguns/not the same below) knowing what the state and the Feds would do. I did it to exspose the differance in Weaver (an ordinary citizen)and we the people ( the outside and lesser class).

I have looked for and found your site as well as others to exspose this travesty. But iy needs to go further than message boards. I want this inequity to be demanded stopped by we the peolple. Only in that way can we bring freedom and justis to our selves and our posterity.

If that is something we want to do I will start to post scanned documentation of the State records addmiting to possesion of the contriband, the State records admitting to the "lost" records. and evidence to the rest of the cover-up and the threats to our liberty from the State and the Atf if we do not become silent.

Robert P. Burton V

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