Revelation Beheading Prophecy - Guillotines Already in USA
D. Reid
Revelation Beheading Prophecy - Guillotines Already in USA
Sun Apr 17, 2005 15:17


Revelation Beheading Prophecy - Guillotines Already in USA

"And I saw thrones, and they that sat on them. And judgment was given to them, and to the souls of the ones having been beheaded because of the witness of Jesus, and because of the Word of God, and who had not worshipped the beast nor its image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand. Revelation 20:4

>>Please cite the statute or law, and source and document your >>information or its all hot air, Dorian. What guillotines? Got >>any pictures?

Actually Woody, there were news stories concerning these "Guillotines" all over the place. National news...but I can't remember EXACTLY where I heard it. The fact that it WAS announced is a matter of history now Woody, I have had several people E-Mail me concerning this news since I made this prediction several years ago.

In or around 1991, a convoy of military transport vehicles, manned by a group of marines, transported close to 100,000 units of CRATES...headed for a supposedely
"closed" military base in Montana. This was a SECRET mission. As part of the crew was the son of a family friend of, one of my oldest Seattle friends (also a client). When they reached their drop-off point the drivers were BLINDFOLDED and taken to a holding facility.

This young man was a little disturbed by the whole charade (oh those impetuous youth) and, determined to get a close look, asked the Seargent-at-arms if he could relieve himself. After being escorted to the head, the seargent waited out of sight of the door. This man then took a peek out a nearby window to see what the big deal was. What he saw shocked him! He came back and afterward related this to his mother. This is how I first came into this information.

What this young man saw was a crate being emptied of it's contents...and those contents...a FULL SIZED GUILLOTINE, Woody! This was no oversizzed cheese slicer!

But the sordid story gets DEEPER. This is a CONSPIRACY Woody, because it has been ORCHESTRATED to look like a natural "evolution" of capital punishment from gas, lethal injection and electrocution TO the USE OF GUILLOTINES...but it is NOT. We are being set up!"


Guillotine Update

"[Many people] Since 1996, have been consistently investigating, confirming and reporting that there are thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles, manufactured out of Portland, OR, by GUNDERSON STEEL FABRICATION (and other separate boxcar manufacturing companies / operations located nationwide.)

I have interviewed many eye-witnesses to these prisoner boxcars. There are several varieties of prisoner boxcars, ranging from all new, metal, modern versions higher than average boxcars to refurbished older boxcars. Some have the modern guillotines (imported from Japan and China) installed in them, others do not. But ALL have shackles installed to restrain prisoners. One variety of prisoner boxcars has been imported from China, in the form of 40 foot cargo containers, with shackles installed and a modern guillotine at the head of each one. Their TRUE intentions are easily concealed from public scrutiny and have no windows. For all practical purposes, they appear to be normal Chinese cargo containers (like HANJIN, COSCO, etc.) that can be piggybacked on train flatbeds or trucks.

It has been reported to me that originally 20,000 of these prisoner cargo containers were ordered from China. These were ordered under secret contract through one cooperating Congressman who met with officials in China. (And you WONDER why NWO supporters like Clinton and Bush Sr. and Jr. have had "love affairs" with China??? China, through supplying these prisoner boxcars, has just enabled them to more speedily terminate the hated resisters of their NewWorld Order!)

Some prisoner boxcars have been observed in Montana, at one point near Columbia Falls in the Glacier area. Personal friends taking a missionary journey across America stumbled upon them during a picture-taking expedition in the forest near Columbia Falls. My friend Marie recounted, "We were following the railroad tracks into the forest, so that we would not get lost and could find out way out. We were surprised as we followed them deeper into the woods to discover boxcars, looking out of place and all painted black. Suspicious, we decided to look inside one if we could. We saw one that had a door partially open. We struggled to slide it open all the way, and when our eyes adjusted to the dark interior, what we saw shocked us. There were rows of shackles installed in the boxcar. My friend Rose pointed to the end of the boxcar and I said, 'Rose, what IS that?'"

"She replied, 'Why, Marie, don't you SEE what that is??? IT IS A GUILLOTINE!' "

I also met with Lee, a metal worker who admitted that there had been a "boxcar with shackles" operation in Glasgow, MT that employed summer youth workers one year to help weld shackles into boxcars. From there, they were shipped west, through Cut Bank and on to remote areas around Glacier to remain concealed until the hour of martial law takeover and their deployment. (These are the older boxcars that have been refurbished and painted black.) One eye-witness from the Cut Bank Indian reservation personally observed these boxcars as they slowly passed through his reservation, noting the doors on some still open and the shackles plainly in view. Disturbed about what he saw, he reported this to a Montana Christian intecessors' group, which reported this to me in person in Bozeman, MT.

Truckers also know some deadly secrets of the New World Order agenda for America. In the course of traveling thousands of miles across America to research this subject, I have interviewed many truckers and their contacts. They have admitted to me personally that they or their trucker buddies have delivered shipments of the MODERN GUILLOTINES, manufactured in China and Japan, and unloaded on the loading docks of San Diego and other west coast ports of entry. Guillotine shipments have been going on in earnest for many years now, and eyewitness sightings have increased. Military sources have admitted helping unload such deadly cargoes at military facilities, to be stored in warehouse for the hour of NWO/UN takeover.

Personal friends I have interviewed in Washington State have seen the guillotines in the back of one truck. Two state troopers pulled over a truck on the highway these eyewitnesses were traveling on. They were detained by this. They watched as the trucker led the troopers to the back of the truck and broke the seal and opened the doors to disclose the contents.

"We were shocked to see that the truck was filled from front to back with nothing but guillotines!" Satisfied, the troopers then left. These people in the car behind the truck came out to talk with the trucker. He was terrified over what his truck contained: it was a sealed shipment. He had not been informed of his deadly cargo! The eyewitnesses recounted, "He was so shocked he turned in his truck and his papers and refused to even deliver his shipment and simply walked away..." (These eyewitnesses are solid Christians living in Spokane, WA.)

This is the end-time hour in which we live, friends. And in order to have mass beheading terminations of so many Christian resisters of the NWO, you must have the tools with which to do it. Bible prophecy, even that of negative implications for Christians, will be fulfilled regardless of whether we like it or not. And the guillotines ARE HERE!"



While some people are in denial that there could be beheadings of people in the U.S.A., it could happen. Think about all of the drastic changes that have occurred just since the 9/11 attacks. Even before those attacks there was proposed legislation to start using guillotines for death penalty executions. With the way the court system is set up and run now, it is entirely possible for innocent people, such as Christians and Patriots, to be framed for crimes that have the death penalty and then the court process to be corrupt to result in a guilty verdict. Christians and Patriots should be especially interested in the court system being wisely reformed. I'm running a court reforms movement. Would you like to participate? A first step would be to join the yahoo group I moderate, which is named Wise People. There are other ways to help too, such as spreading the word about this court reforms movement. The educational websites are listed below in the e-mail signature.

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