Negroponte and Goss, both 1960 Yale graduates
Negroponte and Goss, both 1960 Yale graduates
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Negroponte and Goss, both 1960 Yale graduates

In the 1960 Fence Club photo Porter is sitting next to William Henry Trotter Bush aka "Bucky" Bush, baby brother of ex-CIA Director/President George HW Bush and uncle to current president, George W. Bush. Bucky has taken care of the St. Louis end of the Bush dynasty. He was president of Boatman's National Bank in the 1980s. Bucky is currently -- "chairman and founder of Bush Bush-O’Donnell Co.. He also has holdings in '...Lord Abbett & Co., with about 8 million shares of Halliburton. Lord Abbett's trustees, who manage billions controlled by this investment firm, include Bush uncle William H. T. Bush. Lord Abbett is also one of Halliburton's top ten mutual fund holders (another 4.7 million shares).' 1 Among some of his other holdings are Right Choice Managed Care, Inc., Cobalt Corp., DT Industries, Inc., Engineered Support Systems, Intrav, Inc., Search Financial Services, Inc., Wellpoint Health Networks, Inc., and Medix Resources, Inc. He is also a trustee of his brother's Presidential Library Foundation." []

Hmm ... Yale, Secret Societies, the Bush family, United States Intelligence, ... gee ... brings back memories, eh?

The Case Against John Negroponte

A Letter of Testimony - Sister Laetitia Bordes worked in El Salvador for almost a decade in the 1980 s and 90 s. She is the author of the book Our Hearts Were Broken. In this letter, Sister Bordes recalls a meeting with John Negroponte in 1982, when she was sent to Honduras on a fact-finding mission regarding the disappearance of women who had fled El Salvador after the assassination of Archbishop Romero. Thirteen years later, Ambassador Binns reported that the women, after savage torture, had been taken up in helicopters and thrown to the ground. In this letter, Sister Bordes explains a bit about the roles of The School of the Americas and Battalion 3-16, designed in part for the murder of Nicaraguan Sandinistas, who had overthrown the U.S. backed dictator Somoza in 1979.

"Fatal Secrets" - "When a wave of torture and murder staggered a small U.S. ally, truth was a casualty. Was the CIA involved? Did Washington know? Was the public deceived? Now we know: Yes, Yes and Yes." (by Gary Cohn and Ginger Thompson, Staff of The Baltimore Sun, whose article was originally published on June 11, 1995.) This article is lengthy and full and hard on the heart, but the cause of honesty requires that it be made available. This is the kind of knowledge with which we must arm ourselves if we are determined to never again permit such atrocities to take place under the eyes of our own government. One must ask oneself whether these are the kinds of abuses that would be permitted by a man who would nominate a man like John Negroponte to be our country's human rights spokesman.

What Message is Bush Trying to Send? This short article by Duncan Campbell for The Sun-Herald of Sydney, Australia, asks that question and mentions the very disturbing information that "Some members of the battalion [316] lived in the US, but were deported just as Mr. Bush's selection of Mr Negroponte was announced." What DOES this say about the current administration's "honor and integrity"?

The Purpose of These In-Your-Face Appointments - Mary McGrory, in the July 8, 2001 edition of The Washington Post comments that "Choosing Abrams makes laughable Bush's promise of increased civility and bipartisanship. Ditto his claims of being 'a uniter, not a divider'." This article does not hold back in presenting the far-from-honorable character of Elliott Abrams, whom Bush has already - with no requirement for congressional approval - been able to reinstall in the White House. But the fact that Negroponte may appear to be more of a "gentleman" than the snarling Elliott Abrams in no way justifies Negroponte as being fit in any fashion to be a representative for human rights. Why? Why is Bush making these outrageous nominations and appointments? The author suggests that "Cuban Americans who helped the president in the great fight for Florida are getting what he feels is their due. Bush owes them big time.


Levin wants answers on intel failures at Negroponte hearing
Detroit Free Press - Apr 12, 2005
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen. Carl Levin says he wants answers to US intelligence failures before ... Negroponte's nomination to the daunting new job, Levin, of Michigan ...

Intelligence Committee backed Negroponte as the director of NI, India - Apr 14, 2005
... to help correct and address the abysmal failures of accountability and responsibility ... For one thing, the 200-plus page law that established Negroponte’s new ...
FBI, CIA Proposals To Restructure Are 'Business as Usual' Panel ... Washington Post
Bush intelligence panel: FBI, CIA plans lacking Knoxville News Sentinel (subscription)

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Additional material from Linda Minor:

... see:
Cheney's "golden handshake," however, is not the administration's only link to Halliburton. The company's chief shareholders, whose top management can be predicted to benefit financially from war in Iraq, also have administration ties.
David Letterman-style, the Top Ten shareholders for Halliburton Company, Inc., are as follows: (see
#10: The Vanguard Group, with 7.6 million shares of Halliburton stock, worth about $176 million. Vanguard, also 10th largest mutual-fund shareholder in Halliburton, is a huge owner in ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips. It moved onto this list recently when Dallas-based Maverick Capital, privately owned by the Wylie family, moved off. Vice President Cheney's disclosure statement (above) shows millions of his retirement money invested through Vanguard.
#9: Lord Abbett & Co., with about 8 million shares of Halliburton. Lord Abbett's trustees, who manage billions controlled by this investment firm, include Bush uncle William H. T. Bush. Lord Abbett is also one of Halliburton's top ten mutual fund holders (another 4.7 million shares).
#8: Deutsche Bank, with 8.3 million shares of Halliburton. Deutsche Bank was home to Alvin B. Krongard, now Bush's number-three man at the CIA. Krongard, whom the CIA web site lists as a longtime consultant, was a director at Alex Brown Bankers Trust, which got a multi-million management contract with FMR (see #7).
#7: FMR Corporation (Fidelity Management & Research), with 10 million shares. FMR, the world's largest mutual fund company, and Wellington (see #2, below) are by far the biggest shareholders in TB Woods Corp., where presidential cousin Craig Stapleton was a director before becoming ambassador to the Czech Republic. FMR also owns big in United Defense/Carlyle, connected to former President George H. W. Bush, and Fresh Del Monte, where presidential brother Marvin P. Bush is back on the board. Interestingly, FMR also owns about 50,000 shares of Harken Energy, George W. Bush's old stomping grounds (current value: about $20,000). Fidelity's Magellan Fund is also the second largest mutual fund holder in Halliburton.
#6: Putnam Investment Manage-ment, LLC, with more than 12.5 million shares. Putnam also owns stock in United Defense/the Carlyle Group and in Fresh Del Monte. Putnam is another top mutual fund holder in Halliburton.
#5: State Street Corporation, with 13 million shares. State Street, which reportedly controls $6 trillion in investments, recently revealed plans for a multi-million deal with (#8) Deutsche Bank, and owns $4.5B worth of Morgan Stanley (#3, below). State Street is also hugely invested in ExxonMobil, one of Saddam's biggest customers, and BP, which started life as "Iraq Petroleum." Also owns big in United Defense/Carlyle.
#4: Barclays Bank PLC, with 17.5 million shares of Halliburton. Barclays is also into United Defense and Fresh Del Monte, and has successfully hung on to 85,000 shares of Harken Energy.
#3: Morgan Stanley, with over 20 million shares. Morgan Stanley, among other connections on this list, is also a shareholder in United Defense and Fresh Del Monte, as well as in #8 Deutsche Bank.
#2: Wellington Management Co., LLP: Headquartered in Boston, Wellington calls itself one of America's oldest investment firms. It holds about 23 million shares, or more than half a billion dollars' worth, of Halliburton, and is linked with most of the rest of this list.
#1: Capital Research and Management Company, with 25 million shares, also worth over half a billion dollars. Los Angeles-based Capital Group is also a major investor in military contractors Lockheed and Raytheon, and is linked with FMR and Wellington in other large holdings.


William H.T. Bush
Bush O'Donnell & Co.

William H.T. Bush, is chairman of the St. Louis-based investment firm, Bush O'Donnell & Co., which he founded in 1986. Previously, he was president and CEO of Boatmen's National Bank of St. Louis and began his career with the Hartford National Bank and Trust Co. in Connecticut. Bush has been a Director of the Company since 2000 and serves as a director of Mississippi Valley Bancshares, Inc., Maritz, Inc., RightChoice Managed Care, Inc., DT Industries, Inc. and The Lord Abbett family of Mutual Funds.

President and Director of Boatmens National Bank (1978-1986), a commercial bank then headquartered in St. Louis.

John Jostrand
Lead Manager since 01-May-01

Jostrand is principal and portfolio manager with William Blair & Company. He joined the firm in 1993 as a portfolio manager. Previously, he was with TRW for 10 years as director, equity portfolio manager and venture capital funds manager. Prior to that, he was with Boatmens National Bank for five years as assistant trust officer, equity fund manager and research analyst. [This would have been during Bucky’s tenure at Boatmens.]
Jostrand is a Chartered Financial Analyst.


John Dimitri Negroponte

The Order of the Skull and Bones

Porter J. Goss as CIA Boss?

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