By Evelyn Pringle
(Cont'd) Most important thing that I have ever E-Mailed
Fri Apr 7, 2006 03:05

I like that "stars." Is that kind of like Hollywood stars except they
are from Washington?

The document goes on to state: "The extent to which these individuals
can plan an instrumental rule in fashioning strategies is now more
limited ... due to the recent appointment of Secretary Baker as the
President's envoy on international debt, and the need to avoid an
apparent conflict of interest." Yet it goes on to say that this will
soon change: "We believe that with Secretary Baker's retirement from
his temporary position, that Carlyle and those leading individuals
associated with Carlyle will then once again be free to play a more
decisive role..." according to The Nation.

I wonder if this means we're going to lose our special envoy.

The proposal goes on to tell Kuwait that in the near future 40 state-
owned Iraqi enterprises will be available for leasing and management
contracts. Is that kind of like privatizing public utilities? 40 of
them, huh? You mean we are going to do all that for Iraq? Does that
mean that the Iraqis might have clean water, and not have raw sewage
in their streets anytime soon? I suppose that would be a good thing.

Now where in the world did the Iraqis ever get the idea that we
wanted to take over their country? I've never been able to figure out
why they would ever think that.

For those readers wondering about how much progress Baker has made in
the 10 months in his position as special envoy, I'd have to say not
much. The negotiations apparently are kind of stalled.

Senator Joe Biden recently asked Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
for Iraq, about the status of the international negotiations to get
other countries to forgive Iraq's debts. He asked, "Has a single
nation in the G8 ... formally said or requested of their parliaments
to forgive Iraqi debt?" "Not yet. No sir," Schlicher answered.

According to The Nation, "Not only has Baker failed to deliver any
firm commitmens for debt forgiveness; at the annual meeting of the
International Fund on October 2, it emerged that France had done an
end run around Washington and was pushing a debt-relief deal of its
own. ... a plan to cancel only 50% of Iraq's debts -- a far cry from
the 90-95 % cancellation Washington had been demanding. Yet Baker was
nowhere to be found."

By Evelyn Pringle 
Miamisburg, Oh 45342


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