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We now have specific proof of illegal clandestine NSA/CIA tampering and interference with our telecommunications, in order to block communications between ourselves and parties in the United States. We spell out the specifics as follows:

1. Shortly after we posted the report below, we were made aware of the fact that when anyone calls our New York number 212-447 5111 (to which the toll-free 1800-661 4809 number is linked), instead of getting through either to our voicemail or to one of us personally, the telephone rings and the connection is then terminated by THREE HIGH-PITCHED BEEPS. When Verizon were contacted by us, they stated that the problem is associated with the voicemail equipment, which is untrue. There is nothing wrong with the voicemail equipment. It was in perfect order when the Editor left the New York office very recently and it has NOT developed such a fault for no reason at all. Verizon stated that the line itself is OK. The person who spoke with us was unusually aggressive.

2. Today, a US contact whom we ourselves telephoned, and to whom we had given the coordinates enabling him to telephone our London telephone number direct, reported that he had attempted to contact us twice at the London number direct from the United States, only to encounter THE SAME THREE BEEPS. We reported this at once to British Telecom. The faults operator asked the Editor to remove the equipment from the jack, which he did. The faults operator then checked the line and discovered that THERE IS A FAULT IN THE STREET. This implies that someone entered a BT box between our office and the telephone exchange, and inserted an illegal loop. Such action would have been performed either by a clandestine operative working for the CIA/NSA with access to the box in the street in question, or else by a BT operative working clandestinely for the CIA/NSA or under contract through some cutout arrangement or other. The line fault in the street has been scheduled for correction on Tuesday morning. It had better be rectified. We have the BT order number for this fault and will be in touch with BT (see below) over the weekend and on Tuesday.

3. When we reported the London line fault, and it was identified as being a fault 'in the street', we agreed to British Telecom's suggestion that incoming calls should be routed to the Editor's country office number, which is [01144]-1844 338 247. We then performed a DIRECT line test to the country location nearly 70 miles away from the London office, only to find that 01844-338 247 delivers THE SAME THREE BEEPS and no service. We then started over again and reported this separate fault to British Telecom. They confirmed our findings. The Editor then explained to the Supervisor that we are engaged in activity to expose massive financial corruption at the highest levels in the United States, going back 15 years to the THEFT of the original $27.5 trillion of Ambassador Leo Wanta's funds, and that some 1,500 people plus other high-level operatives in the United States have been feeding off these funds illegally since 1993, when the Ambassador was 'taken down'. The British Telecom Supervisor undertook to transfer the case to a 'special department' within British Telecom which will be addressing the two identical 'faults' that we are suffering at the London and private (country) offices. These faults are, as noted above, IDENTICAL to the THREE-BEEP 'FAULT' identified on the 212-447 5111 New York office telephone number.

British Telecom's special department will now be examining all aspects of these issues starting on Saturday and we will be in regular touch with them until this matter is resolved. They are charging us for services that are being denied to us as a direct consequence of illegal foreign interference with our telecoms systems; and this is unacceptable and prospectively actionable.

4. We have excellent cooperation from British Telecom, but rude and uncouth behaviour on the part of Verizon, which is controlled by the corrupt US intelligence community. Foreign interference with our US and UK systems (by CIA/NSA) is illegal and a complaint about this matter may be made to the equally corrupt International Court of Justice. We will not tolerate such gross illegality and will keep this website posted as to the outcome of this latest aberration by these US criminals.

5. They are desperate to prevent us continuing to expose them and are resorting to clandestine, illegal means of blocking our incoming communications traffic. The NSA/CIA are operating illegally and are openly perpetrating crimes against the Editor and his publishing corporation, without a valid cause. When the Editor is privileged to visit and travel in the United States, he is treated with great courtesy, friendliness, kindness and generosity: and this has been the case for the past 30+ years. His most loyal supporters reside in the United States. There is no need for these criminals to waste time and money compromising his communications: and this latest abomination, like every other ingredient from the NSA/CIA's Black Box of Dirty Tricks, will turn out to be counterproductive.


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