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Patrick Briley
April 4, 2007

On April 19, 1995 at 9:01 am, 169 people were murdered and 800 people were injured when the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OKC), was bombed.

The OKC bombing was a failed federal sting operation that was, and still is, being covered up by federal officials and bureaucrats. Federal officials had their own prior warnings because of intelligence they had gathered from informants and provocateurs that the FBI and CIA had planted in collaborating domestic and foreign groups, both Islamic and non Islamic.

Evidence shows that the Islamic terrorists involved in the OKC bombing were under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood supported by Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Syria and belonging to Hamas, AlQaeda, AlFuqra, AlFatah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Some of the Islamic terrorists involved in the OKC bombing and known to the FBI are still operating in the OKC area, and have developed an “Underground Railroad” for carrying out another attack in the U.S. for AlQaeda and Hezbollah.

Some of the Islamic and domestic informants and provocateurs used by the FBI and CIA were also involved in the 1993 WTC and 9/11 attacks. The FBI and CIA had used many of these same informants and provocateurs before- during one or more now well known U. S. covert operations: backing of Nicaraguan rebels during Iran Contra, fighting the Soviets with U. S. trained mujahidin members, and transferring of U.S. WMDS to Iraq and Iran during the Iran-Iraq war.

As established in chapters of my new book The Oklahoma City Bombing Case Revelations “…men associated with one or more of these same BCCI [Bank of Credit and Commerce], mujahidin, US WMD transfers to Iraq, Iran Contra operations were also involved in the OKC bombing case including Iraqis Ishan and Heidar Barbouti, Mujahid[in] Menepta, Roger Moore, David Hollaway, Terry Lenzner, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, DNI [Director of National Intelligence] John Negroponte and Senator Orrin Hatch.”

My new book can be found at Devvy Kidd’s website by clicking the appropriately worded banner Why is the U.S. government protecting known terrorists here in the U.S.?

In 1996 the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Orin Hatch scheduled, then delayed, and then called off hearings that would have exposed the FBI and CIA failures and foreknowledge and Islamic terror connections to the 1995 OKC and 1993 WTC bombings. The hearings, if they had been held, might have also made 9/11 less likely. See this May 2003 article by CBS News, I repeatedly contacted Senator Hatch's office in 1995 urging Hatch and his staff member Ashley Disque to hold hearings on the OKC bombing.

In 2006, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, as Chairman of the House International Relations Subcommittee on Investigations, scheduled and then called off hearings for the OKC bombing that would have further exposed the FBI and CIA and foreknowledge and Islamic terror connections to the 1993 WTC, 1995 OKC bombings and 9/11 attacks. Rohrabacher instead issued a deficient report around Christmas 2006.

The behavior by Hatch and Rohrabacher to schedule and then call off hearings relating to the OKC bombing was not a coincidence. These hearings would have risked exposing Rohrabacher’s and Hatch’s personal, on-going involvement with Pakistani, Hezbollah and Saudi Islamic backers of mujahidin members fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan who now have became blow back terrorist groups, AlQaeda and Taliban, operating against the U.S. These hearings would also have exposed Rohrabacher’s and Hatch’s involvement with the Pakistani and CIA backed BCCI bank used to funnel money to the mujahidin, the Nicaraguan rebels during Iran Contra, and to Iraqi agents Ishan Barbouti and Ramzi Yousef for transfers of U.S. WMDS to Iraq and Iran in the late 1980s.

While Hatch was BCCI's mouthpiece, BCCI was also at the center of a worldwide scandal involving drug money laundering, arms trafficking and support of Islamic terrorists. Bill McCollum of Florida stated in 1991 that there were indications that Orrin Hatch’s BCCI contact, Mohammed Hammoud, helped finance Hezbollah, the Islamic terrorist group backed by Iran.

Rohrabacher’s Islamic extremist friend, Khaled Saffuri, a former director of the American Muslim Council (AMC), has coordinated contributions to Rohrabacher’s re-election campaigns from Muslim donors. Some of these donors, such as Abdulrahman Alamoudi and Sammy AlArian, backed Hamas and Hezbollah terror groups and today are under federal indictment or in federal prison on terrorism-related charges. There was a raid on an OKC mosque believed associated with the OKC bombing looking for Sammy AlArian and/or his associate, Ramadan Sallah, who is now working for Hezbollah in Syria. See the 2004 story, "Dana Rohrabacher’s Troubling [Terrorist] Friends," by Ken Timmerman.

Even though Rohrabacher and Hatch defend their involvement in U.S. covert operations, it is not excusable for them to call off hearings that would likely result in action against known FBI, CIA and State Department protected informants and provocateurs involved in those covert operations but who have turned against the US, were involved in the 1993 WTC, 1995 OKC and 9/11 attacks and are now helping AlQaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah AlFuqra and Islamic Jihad terror groups in the U.S. and around the world.

Full hearings would also expose the fact that Rohrabacher and the former U. S. ambassador to the Philippines, John Negroponte, had advanced warning details of plots for the OKC bombing and 9/11 style attack.

A Freedom of Information Act request to the U.S. State Department has yielded an “UNCLASSIFIED” document (transcripts) showing in part what Rohrabacher knew when he held talks April 22-24, 1995, just three days after the OKC bombing, in the Philippines with Philippine President Ramos and Philippine National Security Director Almonte.

Rohrabacher was Vice Chairman of the House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare when he held talks in the Philippines. The talks transcripts confirm that Rohrabacher already knew much about the Philippine Abu Sayef terror cell, its members Ramzi Yousef, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Abdul Murad, the 1993 WTC bombing, meetings with Terry Nichols plotting the OKC bombing, and even the 9/11 style plot, certainly by April 22, 1995, if not much earlier. Transcript excerpts are presented in my book. Before the OKC bombing, Rohrabacher already had the benefit of intelligence information contained in House Task Force staff memos from Josef Bodansky warning that Islamic terrorists associated with the 1993 WTC bombing who were plotting an attack on the Murrah Federal Building and other federal buildings.

John Negroponte had been monitoring the Abu Sayef cell of Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Mohammed in 1994 through early 1995, with members of the FBI, CIA and DIA according to Sam Karmilowicz, the senior U.S. State Department security officer at the U.S. Philippine embassy. Counterpunch published an interview "Ex-State Department Security Officer Charges Pre-9/11 Cover-Up” in March 2006 with Sam Karmilowicz who asserted John Negroponte gained knowledge of the 9/11 style plot while Negroponte was U.S. ambassador to the Philippines from 1993 to 1996. While at the NSC, Negroponte, like Hatch and Rohrabacher, had been directly involved in BCCI, in Iran Contra, with the U.S. backed mujahidin operation and with the transfers of U.S WMDS to Iran and Iraq.

Today, elected and bureaucratic officials are protecting Islamic extremists in the U.S for more reasons than covering up failed operations with Islamic extremists.

An Islamic suspect in the OKC bombing, Pakistani Mujeeb Cheema, is the Director of the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT). NAIT is a Saudi Wahhabist terrorist organization controlling mosques in the U.S. that were visited by many of the 9/11 hijackers. An Arab informant, Hanni Kamal, told the OKC police and FBI in 1995 and 1996 that Mujeeb Cheema worked with Dr. Samir Khalil. Dr. Khalil is a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and was the employer of the Iraqi suspect who helped McVeigh, Al Husseini, who also sued KFORTV.

Cheema may be protected because his employer, Hawkins Oil and Hawkins Energy, was controlled before the OKC bombing by not only Clinton confidant Terry Lenzner but also by the Who’s Who of U.S. clandestine operations: the National Security Council (NSC), CIA, DOD and Presidential personal assistants who ran operations with the Pakistani based BCCI, Iran Contra, the mujahidin, and transfers of U.S. WMDS to Iraq. Hawkins Energy runs a huge gas fired energy center between Iran and Pakistan. See my book for more details.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employees have complained that their Director, Michael Chertoff, is hamstringing counter-terror operations with pro-Islamic political correctness. Chertoff has told officials in memos not to describe Islamic terrorism as Islamic and to respect Islam as a "religion of peace." From Chertoff's 'Islam PC' rankles fed officials: "It's constantly drilled into us that Islam is not the enemy, and that the terrorists are merely a minority of 'extremists' distorting Islam," said one official who wished to go unnamed.

Last year the IG of DHS, Clark Kent Irvine reported that FBI Director Robert Mueller refused to move against 1000 known AlQaeda members in the U.S. on a list provided by the CIA. FBI Director Robert Mueller wrongly claimed the AlQaeda members had not yet committed crimes. See London plot not Osama's encore;

In 2006 Mueller took OK FBI agents off investigations of Islamic terror groups involved in the OKC bombing who are running criminal enterprises such as drug trafficking, tax evasion, money laundering, and raising money for terror organizations by using property and insurance scams.

U.S. and European Union (EU.) officials are using the same script to cloak Islamic terrorists. From EU guidebook: Don't link Islam with terror: “A classified European Union handbook advises government spokesmen not to link Islam and terrorism in their statements, banning words such as ‘jihad,’ ‘Islamic’ or ‘fundamentalist.’

Pro Islam posturing by our leaders will not protect our children from predicted attacks on public schools in the US by known Islamic terrorists being hired but not screened as bus drivers, janitors, maintenance workers and delivery people. Intelligence reports show Islamic terrorists are training for school attacks and have detailed maps of our schools. See Terrorists- coming to a school near you.

CAIR and AMC are now trying to use the federal courts to silence and terrorize the American people. The situation has gotten so bad that Republican Representative Steve Pearce of New Mexico has had to introduce legislation [HOUSE BILL 1640] to protect anonymous (”John Doe”) citizens who report suspicious Islamic terror behavior from legal liability. Pearce’s legislation was prompted by CAIR filing a lawsuit against the citizens who had Muslim clerics removed from a Minnesota flight in November 2006 after their intentionally provocative behavior alarmed passengers and crewmembers.

Pearce’s legislation is needed so citizens can continue to report activities that might endanger them and their children. The public should report suspicious Islamic terror activity as I urged in my recent article Protection from Shootings, Vehicular Run Downs.

OKC eyewitnesses and members of the intelligence community continue to be ignored when they go to the FBI with reliable reports of currently active Islamic terror individuals and cells involved in the OKC bombing. Will the legacy of the OKC bombing be even more, but preventable, Islamic terror attacks because federal officials will not take proper action on reliable reports about Islamic terror network activities just to appease Islamic terror fronts like CAIR and the AMC?

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