Pravda report on 9/11 fraud -- Devastating stuff
Thu Apr 5, 2007 23:13

Pravda report on 9/11 fraud -- Devastating stuff

Source: Pravda, the leading Russian daily newspaper. This is a
devastating expose' of the 9/11 cover-up; I wish every skeptic out there
could read it. The article ultimately asks, provocatively, "Are we mice,
or men?"... No, my friends, freedom isn't free — but that certainly
won't stop the millions of cowards out there from feeding at the victory
feast when the truth finally surfaces, will it?...

"World after 9/11 attacks: War on terror or US propaganda?"

There is no war on terrorism

"...The 9/11 attacks were created for justification of U.S. covert plans
to grab influence over oil politics in the Middle East and as an excuse
to take away the rest of Americans' liberties through a manufactured
threat-scenario called 'The War On Terror'..."
All the stories we see in the TV news, print and Internet media
today are like mice in a small room occupied by a grizzly bear. We can
see the bear, hear him panting and growling as he attempts to stomp on
us, but everyone pretends he's just not there, even though he's eating
all the food and we mice are starving.
The bear is the U.S. government and media cover up of the 9/11
attacks. They never came close to proving that foreign "terrorists" were
involved. Of all four missing planes' passenger manifests, not one
Middle Easterner

was on any of them. A jihadist who is bravely going to his death
for the sake of his beliefs in Allah and Islam is a martyr and wants the
whole world to know it. Martyr's families receive reverential praise and
support in their communities for decades.
Yet not one of the "terrorists" the American government
<> insists were on
the aircraft used their real names or were listed on the passenger
lists. At least seven of the nineteen 'hijackers' are still alive
The 9/11 attacks were created for justification of U.S. covert
plans to grab influence over oil politics in the Middle East and as an
excuse to take away the rest of Americans' liberties through a
manufactured threat-scenario called, "The War On Terror."
What good are all the thousands of articles about politics, global
warming, education, scandals, religion, economics and how we must always
go out and vote so that we can "make a difference"? If our votes really
did make a difference, they'd be illegal.
Who cares about such articles when the cover up of what really
happened on 9/11 is hands-off, an untouchable leper? What good are they
when in the name of a phony "terrorist attack," our way of life no
longer exists except at the pleasure of corporate-driven federal
socialists? We are being starved of our liberties by a ursus horribulus
that stomps every mouse who dares get in his way or mention that he's
I see a lot of authors write all around the grizzly bear, almost
approaching the truth, but none seem to have the conviction to call for
an open door to run the bear out of the house. Our Founding Fathers
<> would
have made a bearskin rug.
I will tell you here and tell you now with no equivocation: THE
There is absolutely no need for the PATRIOT Act, the FEMA Police,
Homeland Security, airline and stadium searches and warrantless
monitoring of every phone call and e-mail conversation we make.
In the name of a false threat that never existed, all of our rights
and freedoms have been trivialized. Every branch of federal government
has been suborned, including the U.S. Supreme Court, whose judicial
activists invent law and have recently canceled our rights to own
property, in Kelo v. City of New London
<> ,
making eminent-domain confiscations of our homes to increase
politicians' tax profits 'constitutional.'
Central government today is one-hundred times worse than under
George III <> , yet
how many Americans can see this? Perhaps most don't want to see it,
because it might compel them to drop their precious remote controls.
There is no war on terror
If there was, the whole nation would be told to take up arms. Everybody
would be armed, even on aircraft. Inexpensive AK47's would be stored in
every closet, much like arms are stored in homes all over Switzerland
because the Swiss government has nothing to fear from its populace.
There is only a war against our freedom in the name of a created threat
that doesn't exist. We have been duped into surrendering our liberty in
the false name of security by a government that sends us out into the
"War On Terror
<> " unarmed
because we cannot be trusted with guns. The most basic of all rights is
the right of self defense against criminal attacks. A great equalizer
between the weak and the strong, guns in the hands of women could reduce
assaults upon them by stronger male attackers by 80%. How can it be said
that women have equal rights if they cannot carry, yet Diane Feinstein,
Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush all hide behind guns for
their protection because they're much more important than our wives,
sisters and daughters? Again, the only 'war' is on our
People are so used to being indoctrinated by government that they have
actually been convinced to ignore their own eyes. Everyone who saw the
videos of the World Trade Center Towers saw them fall exactly like other
high-rise buildings that were dropped by sequential demolition charges,
at the speed of gravity because there was no structural resistance below
to impede their collapse into their basement footprints. Yet almost
every viewer has been convinced by the lap-dog media that measly
jet-fuel fires could melt the massive steel girders of both buildings,
then make everything collapse. Just like a pilot's foot pedals could
make a passenger jet burst into flames, then crash in Rockaway, NY.
Apparently the federal government has learned that the public will buy
any lie, no matter how absurd, if it's repeated often enough
<> .
There were dozens and dozens of reports by rescue workers on the
ground at the WTC complex that heard explosions over an hour after the
planes crashed into the towers
<> . They
felt explosions under their feet that were so powerful that seismographs
registered them at 2.1 and 2.3 on the Richter scale
. Only explosions could have caused them
<> .
The weekend before the 9/11 WTC demolition, all power was shut down
to install "computer cables." No one was allowed inside and all security
cameras and alarms had no power for 30 hours
<> . Computer cables
don't connect with building electricity, so the need to turn off and
close both towers to do so is indicative of another motive, like
planting charges without alarms and video surveillance. Marvin Bush,
brother to President George and Jeb, was a principal in Securacom, which
was in charge of security for the World Trade Center. Didn't hear that
on the TV news, did you?
Suckers who still buy into the monumental lie that aircraft
crashes caused the collapse of both WTC Towers, cannot explain how a
steel beam weighing twice as much as a Boeing 767 flew from one WTC
building over 390 feet to bury itself very deeply into the neighboring
American Express building
<> .
Even harder to explain is why WTC Building 7, a block away,
collapsed "because of fire," when it received no damage from the Twin
Towers' collapse. No other skyscraper in the world ever collapsed
because of a fire of any type, including that from a B25 bomber crashing
into the Empire State Building <> decades ago.
Of all the air crashes in the USA over the past three decades, how many
ground crashes resulted in not recovering their black boxes, containing
pilots' voices (CVR's) and aircraft telemetries (FDR's) before and
during impact? Yet not one usable black box was ever recovered from any
of the four planes that reputedly were hijacked on 9/11
<> .
Not one.
Flight 93 that contained the "Let's roll!" myth, where four
passengers supposedly tried to overpower the hijackers, did not crash
into one small area like it should have. It's debris was spread over 8
miles, indicating that it was shot down by a military fighter jet,
exploding in the sky and raining down debris over eight miles, "like
confetti <> ."
The WTC was the biggest crime, mass murder, 'hijackings' and air
crashes in US history. Yet all the forensic evidence was immediately
removed, buried or shipped to smelters so that not one investigator from
any agency could inspect it. Who has that kind of power?
President Bush and all his staff swore to God to support and defend
the Constitution of the United States of America , then apparently went
on to violate their oaths of office by completely ignoring the
Constitution. Bush maintains that he can ignore the U.S. Constitution
and tap into private computers, phone lines, medical records and any
other private citizens' data whenever he wants, by his self-declared
doctrine of "Unitary Executive." He claims that as Commander-In-Chief
the president is the sole judge of the law, is unbound by the Geneva
Conventions against torture and possesses inherent authority to
subordinate the entire government to his rule - including Congress and
the courts.
Bush also originated "Extraordinary Rendition." This program, also
condoned by Vice President Dick Cheney, involves the clandestine
transfer of suspected terrorists to countries ruled by regimes that
torture and commit other forms of cruel, inhuman and degrading
treatment. Dr. William F. Schulz, executive director of Amnesty
International USA, referring to a set of CIA flight logs obtained by his
organization, said the logs were "...irrefutable proof that the United
States is 'disappearing' people into secret facilities where they are
held incommunicado without charge, trial, or access to the outside
The American Reichstag Fire
<> of the 9/11
"terrorist attacks" was created so that the American public would back
the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Iran in the name of "The
War On Terror," while stripping away the rights of the same American
public. The results have been the same as in Nazi Germany, suspensions
of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and private ownership of
property. Citizens are forbidden to own the same weapons that their
"servants," their police and military, carry to defend themselves. There
is literally more freedom in most Third-World countries than now in the
USA, which has ten times the per-capita prison population than the
People's Republic of China.
Alexis de Tocqueville wisely observed, "I know of no country in which
there is so little independence of mind and real freedom of discussion
as in America."
The 'War On Terror' is a sham to enable U.S. power to confiscate, to
torture, to imprison without due process and to invade any country that
the military-industrial complex fancies. When God was kicked out of
public life, we know who stepped in.
Where are the cries for impeachment?
Where are the defenders of liberty? None of them seem to work in the
broadcast or print media.
When are citizens going to demand that the cover up of 9/11 be kicked
out the door along with the people who invented it? When will the truth
be told, that THERE IS NO WAR ON TERROR, but only on oil and on
citizens' rights?
The bear is there, but where are the mice with the courage to force him
out the door?

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Re: Pravda report on 9/11 fraud -- Devastating stuff
I copied this and sent it to my two senators and my Congressman
demanding a new independent investigation of 9/11. Everyone should do
this now. I write them...

There is no war on terrorism



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