9/11, WHAT THE TRUTH IS. . . .
Sat Apr 7, 2007 03:20

It's not just the proof of the evidence (the WTO collapsing, Building 7, witness statements regarding "booms" heard, etc.)BUT also the LACK of evidence --- NO plane debris of ANY kind (i.e. physcial plane parts, the tail, the wings, etc.); NO human remains; NO baggage belonging to the "passengers"; NO passenger seats which should have contained persons. NONE of these items are shown in the pictures taken of BOTH the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA.

ALL of this information/evidence is LACKING at BOTH the Pentagona and Shankvsille, PA.

WHAT happened to the plane at the Pentagon?

IF we are to believe the gov's story, the Pentagon building just absorbed the ENTIRE plane, it just vanished INTO the walls of the building!!!(and if you believe that, I have some beautiful, scenic ocean front property in Arizona for sale you might be interested in buying!)

WHY is the chain link fence around the "crash site" in Shanksville, PA, so FAR away from the "hole" in the ground of the crash? WHY did the "responders" feel the need to down-up in BioHazard gear to investigate that "crash site"? Is it because they KNEW that that plane was vaporized/shot down via a radioactive missile from a military plane sent there TO shoot it down? AND that is why NO ONE can access the immediate area due to radiation;family members, friends, etc., have to leave cards, flowers, etc., on the fence MANY, MANY YARDS away from the "supposed" crash site.

Did anyone but me notice last September, on the 5th anniversay, that when Georgie Porgie and Laura Bush went to Shanksville, PA., site that Laura had on the EXACT pant suit that she had worn the previous year and that the same people attending were wearing the same clothes and standing in the same places as prior anniverary?

THIS is all CRAPOLA!!! 9/11 was nothing but an emotional attack on our senses, to accomplish EXACTLY the results that these gov neocons wanted: 2 wars, Afghanistan AND Iraq.

The more everyone looks at the pictures available that were taken in September, 2001, the more people will realize that we were hoodwinked and that just ain't a nice thing to do!!!

Go get 'em Rosie and EVERYONE else sticking their necks out for the TRUTH and our country and Constitution!!!!

Thank you.


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