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Please forward this far and wide. It is the only action this tyrant government understands or will listen to. This link will now be included in my signature links.

My Best to "WeAreNotBuyingIt" and Theirs,

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Mid April Boycott to Impeach: UPDATE
The boycott involves doing no business with big businesses from Apr 15 to 22 for the purpose of persuading them to stop supporting Bush, the war and oppression.
This means 1. not buying at large franchises, like Walmart, McDonald's, CitiBank, Lowe's, JC Penney, Amco, and similar chain stores for that one week; buying from local businesses instead;
2. withdrawing as much money as possible from big banks and putting it in locally owned and controlled banks;
3. selling as many big business stocks as possible during the same week;
4. not working for such big businesses during this period;
5. doing these things for longer than one week, as long as possible, and investing in local businesses .
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 15:35:57 -0700
From: "Lew Brown"
Subject: Up-Date, Recap, Reality Check and Game Plan
Up-Date, Recap, Reality Check and Game Plan
As of this moment, the combined efforts of dozens of organizations and millions of citizens are underway in an all out push to impeach the Bush Administration. I am personally continuing to work in my hometown and throughout Northern California through the website and through public speaking engagements. Most recently, the Green Party has opted to hold a vote on joining the boycott and other groups are beginning to follow suit. Because of the decentralized structure of this effort I have no way of knowing for certain how many people are prepared to begin the process of building groups and putting out the message. In the beginning, I only hoped for around 500 people to take an active part. That would represent an organizer in each state and each Congressional district. One person in each place who is willing to put in the hours is enough to build a significant base of support and understanding. As of today, our total is over 1,000.
People from Kansas and Wisconsin, New York and North Carolina, Georgia and Texas have begun writing letters, posting flyers and talking to friends and family about the importance of this action. I will be on the Thom Hartmann show on Air America next Friday (April 13th), along with our advisor Peter Phillips, to spread the message from coast to coast. Take heart, the movement is growing stronger with each passing day and there is still a lot of work to do if we expect to see success.
Why a boycott and why do you think it will work?
If we seriously take an objective look at the horrors of the 20th and early 21st century, we will see a common cause behind each atrocity. It is not wholly accurate to say that the war in Iraq, the Gulf War, the terrors the CIA unleashed in Central America (and around the world), the scourge of drugs and the lack of basic human decency within our policy elites are the result of "The Establishment". Nor is it wholly accurate to point to the military/intelligence/corporate triangle as the primary cause of our miserable performance as a nation towards both ourselves and the world at large. But, to generalize, it may be accurate to say that it is the self-centered world view and unrelenting drive for more money and power that typifies the personalities of millions of Americans that has been the root cause of evil both yesterday and today.
Most of those millions have little power, enough to make their families, employees and waiters miserable, but not enough to cause an assassination here or a war there. That power is, and has long been, held by a tight-knit circle of truly immoral opportunists who hold no allegiance to country or religion and who bear within them a wasteland of empty greed and ethical poverty. Those people truly do hold the reigns of power and they do it through a complex set of think tanks, corporate boards, academic lackeys, government officials and the usual gang of suspects in the military and intelligence communities. They are ruthless and pose a danger to our very survival as a species.
So how do you touch people who are so well protected, so far removed from the lives of regular, decent people? How can you counter the perpetual buzz of the mainstream media and the constant misdirection they feed us? How can we ever hope to challenge people who live surrounded by bulletproof glass and watched over by hired killers 24/7? How can we ever hope to use the law to bring justice to people who have subverted the very foundations of our law? How, especially, can we ever hope to counter the prevailing lack of philosophy, the selling of pure selfishness as a viable way of being to the masses?
We can accomplish these goals in two ways. By telling the truth and by living positively.
The boycott itself is a way of beginning to live in a positive manner. Recognizing that money=power we opt to not give any more power to the people who would destroy our lives without a hint of remorse. Corporations have grown so vast and interconnected and the wealth that they extract from the resources and people of the world is used to increase their power and bring us all into a state of economic slavery. The only way to truly counter this fact is to simply refuse to support them in whatever way you can. A general rule of thumb is that "If it's big, it's bad". The fact is that these "elites", these "power brokers and aristocrats" draw their wealth and power from a wide range of industries so we cannot hope to hurt them by simply boycotting oil. Likewise the industries they are most fond of, weapons and raw resources (like gold, oil and grain) are beyond the reach of the average Joe or Jane. But their holdings are diversified across industries and a general, across the board, boycott of all corporate products and services has the potential to cause havoc on Wall Street ahead of the schedule that they have in mind.
The boycott also helps us to live in a more positive and sustainable way. By keeping our money in our towns and neighborhoods, we help to support each other and bolster our economic defenses against the coming economic collapse. I wish I could somehow figure out a way for people of conscience to be able to quit the jobs they hold with these corporate behemoths. Working in the cubicle farms of the banks and insurance companies, the oil patches of the energy giants and the labs of the pharmaceutical companies and defense contractors may seem like a rewarding thing to do in economic terms, but it is killing you and killing us. Personally I would rather sell socks or hot-dogs on the side of the road than be exploited by these vampires but we all have to make our own choices, and learn to live with the physical and emotional and, perhaps, spiritual consequences of those choices in the long run.
So why a boycott? Bad guys only listen when there is a threat; if we cannot threaten them with the law, our voices, or our bodies, then we have to use our money.
Why will it work? Fear. The one thing that these hollow people fear more than anything else is to be poor. They have worked diligently to craft a social system in which the poverty that they create is punished with a host of insults and injuries, to face the consequences of their own selfish and destructive set of dehumanizing policies would be unthinkable.
Reality Check - This is not going to happen unless we spread the word. So, get to it. Simply signing a pledge isn't going to get people to do what needs to be done, any more than the many petitions and protests that have been rolling in since 2001 have done it. The fact is that Congress is scared and we have to show them that they have more to fear than these power elites. So use the tools we have developed, follow the game plan, put in an hour or two a day and let's get this party started on the 15th.
Good night and good luck.

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