Stop the “Americans won’t work these jobs” “bullshit”
Sat Apr 1, 2006 16:14

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Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 13:48:45 EST


Fox News,

“Business” is a “profit making machine”!

What American Business would pay me, E. Garcia, $7.00 an hour plus benefits, when they can pay my illegal immigrant 4th cousin, G. Tudon, $2.00 an hour with no benefits? If an American Business fails to pay me earned wages, they will be sued!

If they fail to pay my illegal immigrant cousin earned wages, they’ll just have him deported!

So PLEASE, stop the “Americans won’t work these jobs” “bullshit”, it is American Business that will not pay!


If 60 out of every 100 ILLEGAL aliens who enter this country to seek gainful employment, 30 actually get it, but only 10 of those 30 provide for themselves, and the other 50 (especially those not working) live-off our taxes, while all 60 pay no taxes at all; and of the other remaining 40, 2 may be terrorists that are here to map-out, plot, attack, destroy and kill America and American Citizens, 3 disappear into the masses, 5 squeeze into Canada or depart to other countries, 5 are here to establish connections for illegal smuggling of anything from fruits & vegetables to drugs and humans, 10 wind up in our prisons, and 15 are here to escape justice in their own country; how is this “GOOD” for America?

I’ve told you before, and I’ll tell you again, remove the “Freebies” (Free-housing, Free food, Free-clothes, Free-healthcare, especially Free-citizenship) and you will eliminate in short time at-least 50% of the ILLEGAL immigration!

A message for my “Raza”:

Remember, it is Vicente Fox and the Elite Rich Mexicans that could care less for you! Mexico has kicked your “asses” out, while the USA has taken you in and given most of you free housing, free food, free clothes, free healthcare, and even free citizenship! We have enough idiots in this country already, so stop making yourselves hypocrite fools by displaying the Mexican flag and yelling “Viva Mexico” here in the United States; it’s embarrassing!

RIDICULOUS, however, is: (as you can find here in the Rio-Gande-Valley of South Texas), an obese, pale-white, fourteen year old Mexican-American boy, who spells the word park –as in “let me park my vehicle” as “parkeyate” and is driving a Low-rider Chevy with the Confederate flag on the rear windshield while dressed “ghetto” listening to loud “street-rap” and yelling out “Viva Mexico”!

E. Garcia Mission, TX.

Summit Fails to Resolve Key Issues
Los Angeles Times - 12 hours ago
Bush and the leaders of Canada and Mexico agree to boost economic ties but remain divided on immigration and other border matters. By James Gerstenzang, Times Staff Writer.
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