ABC's "This Week" - Tancredo Trounces Specter
Sun Mar 26, 2006 14:47

Tancredo Trounces Specter
Debate On ABC's "This Week" No Contest

Tancredo: There are organizations in this country affiliated with certain religions that have, in fact, provided that kind of safe haven for people. Yes, I'm talking about Islam. We have raided various institutions and closed them down.

his Week -ABC-TV - March 26
Specter: It is not amnesty, George....
Tancredo:...Black's Law Dictionary defines an amnesty as a sovereign act of forgiveness for past acts granted by a government to all persons or a certain class of persons who have been guilty of a crime or a deceit. Now, let me tell you, it is an amnesty.
Specter...We want to use modern technological devices. We call it a virtual wall. We use overhead telemetry. We use unmanned drones. We increase border agents very, very substantially, We think we can make the border secure without a seven hundred mile wall .

Note: ABP's report (delivered to Congress), "The Border Patrol: How It Works, and Why It Doesn't," dispels this myth.


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