The McLamb Family Needs Your Help!
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My dear friends, this is a urgent message from my son, Army Major Agustin McLamb-Quinones.

Please read and forward to all your e-mail friends and associates ASAP and ask them to help my son and daughter-in-law and children. Their family is broken at this time, due to their daughter being recently molested by an Army doctor, and yet the Army is sending my son back to Baghdad in 5 days unless enough people get in touch with their representatives and my son's representatives and military superiors on his behalf. (See below.)

My son's wife Francis has collapsed due to all the stress they are experiencing at this time. My little grandchild (10 years old) has also broken down. This brought on by the child molester assaulting her 10 year old daughter and then he threatened the family with physical harm if the 10 year old told anyone, and in addition, she is totally stressed because they can't get any assistance from their military "family" (the Army).

My daughter-in-law, is a wonderful mother and wife, but, at present, is not capable of handling the children when Augie (my son) is taken away to Iraq in the next few days. He is their father and protector. He needs his emergency leave extended for a few months to take care of his family until they can function once again.

I pray you will help us make as much noise about this case of military protecting the child predator and their total lack of concern for Major Augustin McLamb's family, and other Army families, in this crisis. We are also very concerned that this child predator is still being allowed to see more patients at the Army hospital there in Heidelberg. As a retired police investigator I can the assure you this is not the first child he has molested and it is possible he is still molesting others at this time. As a lawman, I can state it is very normal to remove such alleged dangerous criminals from their posts (for the protection of the the investigation is complete. But, for some reason the Army is not concerned - accept for protecting the alleged child molester, doctor's reputation is seems.

Lord bless you for any assistance you can render. And thank you for sending this on to your e-mail list. - Jack McLamb

Here is my son's story of the destruction of his family:

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Subject: The McLamb Family Needs Your Help!

My Dear Friends,

I am in great need of your assistance. I don't believe that I have ever asked for anything of this magnitude from any of you but my child's health now warrants it. For those of you on this list that I haven't spoken to in awhile, please forgive me. Nevertheless, the fact that I have contacted you means that I place great value in our friendship. Please read on. Your prayers are coveted, but just as importantly are phone calls and e-mails on my family's behalf.

Please read below



I am currently in Germany having just returned from my second tour in Iraq due to a family emergency.

My daughter was molested when I was in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom One (2003 - 2004). She was only eight years old at the time; she is now ten. We felt it best to seek counseling for her in order to help her deal with the effects of the abuse.

I deployed to Iraq once again on January 9, 2006. But approximately three months prior to my deployment my daughter began experiencing extreme anxiety, followed by severe weight loss (she lost give or take 10 lbs). She became withdrawn, refused to eat, and showed a multitude of other adverse effects. We took her to see several doctors but they could not tell us the causes of her apparent illness. Our once bright morning sun appeared to be slowly dying.

My wife and I believed that our daughter was losing the weight and experiencing the anxiety because she equated my deployment with what happened to her the last time that I left. If only our problems were so simple.

You see, our daughter had been seeing a therapist for approximately a year. But rather than getting better under his care, she became worse. Without getting into extreme and unnecessary details here, for it will fill up pages, my daughter told my wife that her doctor had been abusing her for sometime. Let me just list a few of the details that our ten year old daughter shared with us:

1. On numerous occasions the doctor got naked. He also made our 10 year old get naked.

2. He poked and slapped her several times with objects that he kept in his office (in a hidden shelf) if she didn't obey him. He additionally fondled her, kissed her, and made her touch his genitals.

3. The doctor told our daughter that I was leaving for Iraq because her Mom and Dad were getting a divorce. He also told her that if she ever told anyone what they did behind closed doors that he would make sure that I would get killed in Iraq.

4. He told our daughter that if she she told, he would sneak into our home and rape and kill her mom, rape and kill her 12 year old sister, and send her 14 year old brother to a home.

This "therapist" did and said numerous other things which I will not share right now. What I can tell you is that after reporting this to "the authorities," the perp is (from I was last told) still working at the Heidelberg Army Hospital.

In fact, we were told by a hospital worker just recently that the hospital thinks the world of this individual and back him in spite of our allegations. This could explain why my family and I are being stonewalled, and why perhaps no one has bothered to contact us to follow-up on our daughter's health. In other words, we feel that they are "circling the wagons" to protect their own behinds but in the process have totally forgotten about my daughter. The hospital administration refuses to call or e-mail us. When we call them they refuse to come to the phone. In short, I've received better treatment during and after a visit to the veterinarian for our dog.

Most law enforcement professionals believe that the average pedophile molests approximately 150 children before they are caught. It is therefore outrageous that the Heidelberg Army Hospital chain of command has allowed this animal to continue seeing patients. I am concerned for other children, but I am also concerned that he may be influencing and tampering with possible witnesses ( i.e., kids that he may have already molested).

I am also writing to express several concerns about the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) agent currently working on my case. I can provide details later, but in my opinion he has made some very critical errors during the course of the investigation. The Polizei (German Police) seem to think so as well.

I am concerned that my daughter's molestation is not being investigated professionally and with the proper degree of skill and attention to detail required. From what I have seen thus far, my concerns are justified.

Here's an example of the lack of professionalism that I have encountered: The Heidelberg CID office had a Neanderthal named Mr. Cadarouse question my daughter. She was reluctant to speak to a total stranger and answer his (very personal, painful, and private) questions, so he yelled, "WHY DON'T YOU WANT TO TALK TO ME?" Does this sound like an experienced professional? It doesn't to me. Well, his exceptional attempt to get critical details from my daughter didn't work. She in fact closed-up even more.

Finally, but certainly not least, I have been denied assistance by military attorneys. I was told by JAG (Judge Advocate General) that since I have a complaint against a government employee, I cannot use their services. In other words, the child molester gets free government legal assistance, but the victim has to go shop for an attorney on the economy. Keep in mind that I am an American soldier serving in a foreign country (Germany) and have to hire a German attorney.

I never understood the Army's campaign slogan, "An Army of One," until my daughter was molested and until I began seeking justice for her. Now I completely understand.

My command's chief concern during this ordeal has been my return to Iraq, and has given minute support..."Wow, we feel for you" is the standard party line. As far as the rest of the military here in Germany is concerned...well, think of the Army's recruiting slogan.

Finally, I have pleaded with my command to allow me to remain in Germany until my children are done with school in June. At that time I will return my family to the states where they can be cared for and protected by a loving family. Only after I have ensured my family's safety, and have spent sometime in therapy with my daughter to repair her fragile mental and physical state, will I return to Iraq to complete my tour. I am not asking to be released from my obligations in Iraq, but only for my return to be delayed.

I have never asked anything of this order to the service that I have given 19 1/2 years of my life to. Again, all that I am requesting is that I be allowed to remain in Germany so that I can guarantee my family's safety and until they (particularly my ten year old) is somewhat stable.

I am a currently a member of MNCI (Multi National Corps Iraq) currently operating in Iraq. This is my second tour to that country.

If you wish to assist me you can contact my commander directly. He is LTG Peter Chiarelli. His e-mail is

Another commander that you can contact is LTG Ricardo Sanchez. He has been forthcoming with me, but is not the ultimate decision maker. His e-mail is

The Heidelberg Army Hospital commander (who, it appears, made the decision to allow the perp to remain in practice, and who will not answer a single e-mail from me) is, . Perhaps if you speak to him on my behalf, he may answer your questions.

Whether or not you agree with the following individual's political philosophies, I can tell you from experience that they care about the individual soldier. They have been very helpful in resolving military issues in the past, especially when the military leaders are covering their behinds. I ask that you contact these individuals on my behalf as well.

Congressman John P. Murtha: His chief of staff's e-mail address is

Congressman Murtha's press person is Cindy Abram. She can be reached at Her phone number is 1-202-225-2065.

Congressman Charlie Rangel (NYC). His e-mail address is His phone number is 212-862-4990.

Since I am a Texas State resident, I am a constituent of Rep. Tom Delay. I do not have his e-mail. If you go to his website you will have to fill out an automated e-mail. Anyway, his phone number is 1-202-225-5951. His phone number in Texas is 1-281-240-3700.

My Senators are Kay Bailey Hutchinson. She doesn't post her e-mail either but her phone number is 202-224-5922. The other Senator is John Cornyn. He doesn't post his e-mail address. You have to go through his webpage and fill out an electronic form. His phone number is 202-224-2934.

You do not have to limit your contacts to these individuals but can contact Representatives in your locale.

Please, this is urgent for I am to report to Iraq on 1 April (in 5 days).

May God Bless you all,

MAJ Agustin McLamb-Quinones
Police & Military Against the New World Order
HC 11, Box 357
Kamiah, Idaho 83536

(208) 935-7852

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