I've been listening: decorated retired police officer
Sun Mar 26, 2006 19:39

Phoenix Police Department
(1976 - 1986)
Sustained line-of-duty injury in the apprehension of a convicted drug smuggler, leading to medical retirement in 1986

This story shows just how easy it is, given the level of
EXTREME corruption in U.S. (and no doubt other)
government circles actually is, that the incredible
cover up of brutal crimes for decades can go on and
on and on.

I've been listening, (and it has been difficult to do,) to
the Saturday, March 25 show of Patriot broadcaster,
U.S. Army veteran and decorated retired police officer
Jack McLamb, which you can listen to here:

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This will really ring a bell with our MKULTRA survivor

Jack McLamb has a son, Major Augie McLamb, who
has been in the U.S. Army 17 years. Major McLamb
is home based in Heidelberg, Germany and has been
serving in Iraq recently.

On the Army base in Germany, before Maj McLamb
was detailed to Iraq, some older girls, daughters of
an officer well above Maj McLamb's position, sexually
molested Maj McLamb's young daughter, now age 10.

The Army refused to take action against the older
girls apparently due to the rank of their father. As a
result, the daughter has had extreme withdrawal and
possibly anorexia - she's lost ten pounds in spite of
being at a high growth age.

Maj McLamb's family took the daughter to an Army
psychologist for therapy. A doctor "Rubes" was the
therapist assigned.

After a year and a half, this "therapist" started having
the daughter AND HIMSELF undress together. Some
touching was involved, while Maj McLamb had by
that time been ordered to Iraq. His family remained in
Heidelberg, Germany.

Maj McLamb was allowed to return temporarily to
Germany - and now, in the middle of extreme crisis,
is being forced back to Iraq. Both his daughter and
wife are going through extreme symptoms, fainting,
vomiting, eating disorders, total collapse.

Returning a soldier in this state to a battle zone is
counterproductive, to say the least. About as
counterproductive as sending a soldier with a missing
leg back into battle.

Maj McLamb stated the only reason he didn't go "take
that therapist apart" is that his wife and daughter need
his support. The daughter "freaks out" knowing her
dad is being forced to leave.

The Army has assigned a Criminal Investigation
Division (CID) investigator to the case, who has told
at least one outright lie to Maj McLamb - that the
Dr. Rubes "therapist" has been relieved of duty. He
has NOT. Maj McLamb states, in his letter to his
dad Jack McLamb, that the investigator doesn't appear
to be working in the family's best interest.

Sympathetic Army medics have privately advised Maj
McLamb to NOT take his daughter to any other
military therapists, as they will cover for each other.

A major is paid reasonably well, but hardly to the extent
that large amounts of private therapy are affordable
when the major has three children to raise.

Here's the ultimate kicker: Maj McLamb naturally wants
full legal action against Dr. Rubes. But because he is,
in effect, making charges against the government,
HE, head of the victim family, can get NO legal support
from the Army. (Normally, military units do provide some
degree of legal service.)

In order to press charges, Maj McLamb has to PAY
for his own lawyers! On top of a private therapist!

The "therapist" gets HIS legal services FREE! (Why!?
is my question!)

Is it any wonder the citizen gang stalking perpetrators
continue to harass, torture, and destroy the lives of
innocent citizens? They know the system covers for

Anyone who'd like to speak out against this horror
story is encouraged to contact members of Senate
and House Armed Services Committee members.
Jack said their contact info could be posted on the
network's web site:


Eleanor White

Officer Jack McLamb (ret.) has the distinction of being the highest decorated police officer in the history of Pheonix, Arizona. ...
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