MSNBC VIDEO: Moussaoui wore 'stun belt' for new testimony
Wed Mar 29, 2006 01:46

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Subject: MSNBC VIDEO: Moussaoui wore 'stun belt' for new testimony
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 22:01:54 EST

MSNBC VIDEO: Moussaoui wore 'stun belt' for new testimony

If you're looking for a reason why Zacarias Moussaoui
suddenly testified today to a version of the 9/11 plotline
that sounds more like the Official story than even the
official Whitewash Commission report, this video may have the

Amy Goodman was on C-Span's Washington Journal show.

She said we need a "full investigation" into 9/11, and said the 9/11
Commission "did not do a satisfactory investigation".

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Video is here: rtsp://
The question comes at 1:16; the answer comes at 1:20

This is a major breakthrough -- until now, Goodman has been a major
left gatekeeper.

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Subject: Fw: CNN producers told to "kill" 9-11 coverage
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 20:43:45 -0700

News Flash: The Dam is Breaking on the 9/11 Cover-Up
More Stars Go Public with Demands for 9/11 Investigation, Others to Follow

Infowars | March 28, 2006

Infowars received an email from author and publisher Sander Hicks this afternoon indicating that the interview with Ed Asner scheduled for this evening on Showbiz Tonight has been cancelled. Hicks, a published author on the 9/11 cover-up as well as a Green Party senatorial candidate in New York was slated to appear with Asner on the program to discuss 9/11. Infowars confirmed with sources at CNN the segment was cancelled because another guest who had agreed to appear as an opposition voice to Hicks and Asner refused to participate the interview at the last moment. The CNN source further indicated that the opposition guest was none other than a former member of the Keene 9/11 whitewash Commission.

Further investigation and probing of several other CNN sources closely connected with the production of the Asner segment on Showbiz Tonight reported that high-level members of CNN management advised the producers of the show to "kill it. " This statement was clearly made to stifle any further coverage of 9/11 despite the admitedly huge ratings boost and response garnered from the recent coverage of Charlie Sheen's statements on 9/11.

"I guarantee that this member of the 9/11 Commission pulled out at the last moment because they think that by simply replying to Asner and Hicks and the comments of Charlie Sheen, he would be giving credence to their statements. This is a strategic move on their part to quash debate and avoid having to actually answer the hard questions about 9/11 which the 9/11 Commission failed to do. This stonewalling technique will not work forever - there are too many people waking up to their whitewash." - Alex Jones


9/11 Truth Calling Oprah!
An Appeal from

For more than five years now, the entire mainstream corporate news media apparatus has been controlled by a handful of behind-the-scene power brokers. In all that time there has been a total blackout on any mention, never mind discussion, of the truth behind the events of 9/11.

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