by Jim Kouri, CPP
The Illegal Immigration Reform Scam
Thu Mar 30, 2006 20:24



America's Most Dangerous Gang
Salvadorans who enter Mexico, heading north for the United States, either through a lack of funds or change of intentions, end up remaining in Mexico.

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The Illegal Immigration Reform Scam
Mar 27, 2006
by Jim Kouri, CPP
This weekend, thousands of activists and illegal aliens have been rallying in Los Angeles to protest against plans to further criminalize so-called undocumented workers. The protest’s main organizer Javier Rodriguez has ties to the radical left group MEchA, which believes Mexicans have a right to repopulate lands stolen from them by the United States.

The mainstream news media put a happy-face on the protest, which is part of a series of such events throughout the nation. While the news reporters talked about illegal workers who perform jobs Americans refuse to perform, they continue to avoid mentioning the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who prey on men, women and children — US citizens. It is these innocent Americans who are murdered, raped and robbed because of an insane immigration policy. Criminal aliens are entering the US in the tens of thousands and remaining here as they join violent gangs such as MS-13, or they choose to commit their mayhem solo.

Meanwhile, a number of Americans are being intentionally confused by US lawmakers who are debating legislation that would reform immigration. The news media help in creating this confusion. Did you ever read about the fact that in the past 5 months the US Border Patrol has detained 42,000 illegals who were convicted criminals or persons wanted for crimes committed at our borders? Last year, the Homeland Security Department reported that 140,000 detainees apprehended at the border had criminal records at the time of their arrest. These are the illegal being intercepted, what about the ones who get through?

One bill would set up a Guest Worker Program. Wow, now that will help to protect Americans. Another would make violation of immigration law a felony instead of a misdemeanor; and yet another would allow the governent to build a security fence on our southern border. In addition, we have politicians and immigration advocates lying about what’s contained in these bills or using vitriolic language in their opposition to cracking down on illegal immigration.

One politician accused her opponents of trying to create a police state. Another threatened to filibuster tough illegal immigration laws. And the immigration activists fabricate what’s actually contained in these bills, creating illusions of police officers dragging innocent immigrants from their homes and crowding them into jail cells. And that’s mild compared to the rhetoric of leftist groups such as MEchA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan), who call anyone desiring tougher border security and immigration enforcement “Right-wing racists.”

The problem isn’t about the need for new laws; the problem is about the lack of enforcement of existing laws. The US Constitution provides the executive branch with a number of inherent powers such as the enforcement of immigration laws.

The Constitution also mandates that the President protect American sovereignty and the American people. That is the number one priority for our government — of it should be. And congress is mandated to provide domestic tranquility for Americans. Criminal alien gangbangers do not add to our domestic tranquility.

Why is it suddenly necessary for congress to pass laws on illegal immigration when we haven’t been enforcing the laws that already exist. The executive branch has the power to add border agents, equipment and other resources. The President has the power to use the military if necessary to enhance border protection. Passing laws is an easy, painless process. The trick is to enforce those laws.

And why isn’t the US government arresting illegal aliens while they are protesting in our city’s streets all across the country? The protest organizers, are said to be sponsored by left-wing groups including Open Borders and MEChA, are protesting the border security bill that passed the US House of Representatives in December and is still awaiting passage by the US Senate.

The University of Texas at El Paso recently conducted a study that found the following: Treating illegal immigrants in hospitals accounts for nearly one quarter of the uncompensated costs at border county hospitals in Cochise County. That county in Arizona spends tens of thousands of dollars just picking up trash left at campsites by these illegals. Prosecuting and jailing illegals costs this county an additional $5 million a year. And 25 percent of Cochise County’s budget is paid for health care for the uninsured, the majority of whom are illegally in the country.

In another study of a sample group of 55,000 criminal aliens, it was discovered they accounted for over 400,000 arrests and more than 700,000 criminal acts including felonies. In Los Angeles, the city that’s hosting the protest — which was whole-heartedly endorsed by its mayor — 95% of the outstanding arrest warrants for homicides are for illegal aliens and 65% of all felony warrants are for so-called undocumented immigrants. Are they committing the crimes Americans won’t commit?

Jim Kouri, CPP is currently fifth vice-president of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and he’s a staff writer for the New Media Alliance ( He’s former chief at a New York City housing project in Washington Heights nicknamed “Crack City” by reporters covering the drug war in the 1980s. In addition, he served as director of public safety at a New Jersey university and director of security for several major organizations. He’s also served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country. Kouri writes for many police and security magazines including Chief of Police, Police Times, The Narc Officer and others. He’s a news writer for TheConservativeVoice.Com. He’s also a columnist for AmericanDaily.Com, MensNewsDaily.Com, MichNews.Com, and he’s syndicated by AXcessNews.Com. He’s appeared as on-air commentator for over 100 TV and radio news and talk shows including Oprah, McLaughlin Report, CNN Headline News, MTV, Fox News, etc. His book Assume The Position is available at Amazon.Com. Kouri’s own website is located at

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