The "Death of the Gringo's Nation - a parody by TAC.
Sat Apr 1, 2006 20:58

Once upon a time there were these gringos that decided that their freedoms were being impinged by the king. So, they got on their little wooden boats and traveled to the UIE (United Indian Emeteris) landing at Plymouth Rock dying of dysentery and a bad case of acute scurvy diesease.

The the Indians greeted the "White eyes" in a friendly manner and even offered to give them shelter, food, and cloth them, while teaching them how to plant corn using a dead fish and a single corn seed. The "Pilgrims" loved it -food was plentiful and the tanned leather clothing and moccasins were real cool - though not what you would wear to the Kings Ball.

But, soon the pilgrims decided that in order to build their "illegal" settlements they needed to kill the indians, rape their women and create mayhem by introducing them to illegal drugs like pot, ecstasy, viagara, crystal meth and a 'touch' of syphillis the perverts on the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria had 'picked up' on a pit stop they had made in Haiti, or was it the Dominican Republic, when they had been blown off-course by the prevaling eastlerly winds.

In time 'killing Indians" and collecting scalps had became a great sport among the EU low life thugs and murderers who had become fat and complacent on the indian's great survival skills.

In time the EU had setup a self defense force of serial killers, saddle tramps and adventurers who's names currently dot the American landscape; Daniel Boone, Davey Crockett, Billy-the-Kid, Buffalo Bill, Jim Bowie, and a myraid of other road agents and thugs and murderers - many of them wanted in the EU from everything from murder, to homosexuality, horse rustling and on down to prostitution and the "L" word - slimy bastards.

Today, America's "Original illegals" (Manifast Destiny Doctrine in their back pockets) are having conniptions because the Mexians they raped and ravished of their land and water resources in the 1810/1910 era are coming "home" by the millions!

"!Ijole amigos, que vamios hacer!! Well Bubba, there's not much you can say or do to the people you murdered, maimed and ran off their turf - so cut out your bull sh!t crying about "then trespassing bastards," because if there are any "trespassing bastards - you are them!

Or as Pogo once said: "We have met the enemy - and he is us!"

Tombstone, AZ.

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