For Sale by CONgress
Fri Mar 31, 2006 16:31

For Sale by CONgress

Art Jones

The Kennedy-McCain bill is reported to allow illegal immigrants to ignore our laws by paying off the powers that be in Washington D.C..

When I called Kennedy’s office to inquire about this bill, the aide I spoke to claimed it was like paying off a traffic ticket… Last time I got a traffic ticket the officer asked me for my driver’s license to ensure I was a LEGAL operator. The key word there being LEGAL. That seemed to stymie him for a moment, and he brought the conversation to an abrupt close with the usual brush off of passing my comments on to Senator Kennedy…

Why should it surprise anyone that CONgress is manipulating the issue to turn our security into a source of revenue? CONgress has been selling “access” to those willing to contribute to their PAC funds or other personal interest for longer than any of us can remember while ignoring the please by their constituents. They continually rob from the Social Security “Trust” Fund which in my opinion would put any other executor under the jail for fiduciary fraud and possibly even racketeering. After all, ENRON executives did the same thing to investors that CONgress is doing to Social Security yet no one in CONgress is facing criminal charges for it.

Our (and I use that term “our” loosely ) Justice Department supposedly took the tobacco industry to court over putting poisons in tobacco in order to make them more addictive to tobacco users… Long story short, the case was “settled” for billions of dollars while the tobacco industry was allowed to continue to add poisons to tobacco thus continuing to add to the growing number of Medicare / Medicaid claims the tax payers are forced to cover. If we step back and look at a bigger picture, take a look at the tobacco issue as it pertains to the Social Security deficit. CONgress has been spending Social Security as fast as it comes in, leaving the “baby boomers” hanging out in the wind when it comes time to collect. Baby boomers are the thorn in CONgresses side when it comes to balancing the budget and not cutting into their pork spending, so what better way of thinning out the social security liability than by letting the tobacco industry thin them out by killing them off with the poisons they continue to add to tobacco. How many smokers would have quit if the tobacco industry had been forced to stop adding these poisons to tobacco? Where was CONgress when the interest of the public was not being protected?

As usual CONgress is thinking with their greed and not with the best interest of their constituents in mind. According to reports it will cost illegal immigrants a thousand dollars (some report two thousand dollars) each to buy their way out of trouble, yet the American tax payers have forked over thousands of dollars per student per year to educate the children of illegal immigrants, and millions more in Medicare/Medicaid benefits. Multiply those cost by (VERY conservative figures) of 11,000,000 and as usual the LEGAL American tax payers once again come out on the short end of the stick. All because CONgress doesn’t care about our laws just how much they get to spend and how much that spending will benefit their re-election efforts.

We have all heard of the excuse of the need for immigrants that they are filling jobs that Americans wont take… Once again we are being fed fertilizer. Most of us old enough to remember a time before CD’s and the internet also remember a time when our first job was less than ideal. But that first job gave us spending money to go to the movies, take that latest crush out on a date, and with sufficient self discipline to save it contributed to getting our first car. Today’s youth is being robbed of that experience by illegal immigration taking that opportunity away from them. Potential employers are going to hire those who can work whatever hours they are needed, and not have to accommodate a school schedule. Especially if they can get away with paying them part time or under the table. Face it folks, how many illegal immigrants are going to file unemployment until they can afford to buy forged documents.

As usual CONgress isn’t protecting America, or looking out for the best interest of their constituents… They are only chasing another source of revenue even though we will never recoup the losses from illegals that have and continue to pour across the boarder on a daily basis.

I wonder how many MS-13 gang members have not been associated with a crime within our courts thus have no “criminal” record and will take full advantage of CONgresses greed.

More appropriately I wonder when CONgress is going to start honoring their oath of office and obeying the “laws” THEY establish.

On May 1st, the National Day Without Latinos, when Latinos don't participate in American society, what will Americans notice the most?

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