I know my Mexican-American ethnic connection,
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Fox News,

I am of Spanish and Mexican-indigenous descent. I know my Spanish language from a street use and home use level to reading and writing it as a second language at a University level. I have studied my Mexican culture and have performed its arts from Ballet Folkloric Dances to Mexican music and serenades with guitar, sketching/drawing, poetry, and written and spoken discourse, some in public settings.

I know my Mexican-American ethnic connection, and have communicated important ideas and views with members of other races in English and in Spanish, and with locals in my “barrios” in (our) street “pachuquismo”! I have researched the Civil Rights movements of many so-called minority groups, especially the “Chicano” movement stemming all the way from the famous “Zoot-suit riots” to “La Raza Unida” Party, “Mecha”, and “Mayo”! I consider myself a “Chicano” of “pachuco” influence and as a migrant worker have experienced first-hand what it is to be discriminated against by white Americans!

[I possess an associate’s degree in electronics, a baccalaureate’s in business, and a life-time teaching certification in the State of Texas. I now tell my 6th grade students that, “TODAY, there is no Republican that can keep you from getting a good education, and no Democrat that cares whether you do or don’t!” I explain that this Country is - the “land of opportunity” but it is in their hands to take advantage of the opportunity; the opportunity, NOT the taxpayer! Had I, as well as many others in the Rio-Grande-Valley of South Texas, been born south of our border, I may have begun my survival as a five year-old selling gum on the streets and ended up selling corn from a cart at the age of forty (I’m 44)! Mind-you, had I my Father’s determination, I would be running a local business of several corn-selling-carts by the age of fifty, which in Mexico would be one-hell of a success for the middle child in a family of thirteen!]

BUT, my flag is NOT - the Mexican flag! It is instead the flag that I was born under, the flag that I have been housed, dressed, fed, nursed back to health, educated, and paid a salary under, and willingly volunteered to serve under (though, a physical condition disqualified me); it is the flag of the United States of America!

[For those that have unselfishly risked or lost their lives to keep “Old Glory” and all its virtue alive and well, I am willing to die for, and if necessary … willing to kill for!]

To march with the Mexican flag in the USA (especially displayed above the American flag, which should be treason) in a rally protesting an immigration bill, is not a Civil Rights issue, it is instead – Nationalism, it is clearly Anti-American Nationalism! In that case, I say to my “raza”, “if Mexico is that great, then … go back!”

E. Garcia Mission, TX.

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