"More people will believe a big lie than a little one"
Sat Apr 1, 2006 00:20

There's a well known statement that says, "Remove the log that's in your own eye so that you can see clearly to remove the speck that's in your brother's eye"

People living in Nazi Germany didn't know what was going on, but the rest of the world did.

People living in the Soviet Union didn't know what was going on, but the rest of the world did.

Try the following: Ask a number of people, especially scientific and educated types, from India, South America, or anywhere outside the U.S. the following questions:

1)Did the U.S. go to the moon in 1969? Most will say that we did not and it's common knowledge in their countries, India, and South America.

2)Have we been told the truth about 9/11? This answer is "No".

The more intelligent and well educated people know the details. With a Peruvian person today, I asked about the "moon landing" and he told me "No" (we didn't go). I asked him if all of Peru knew about this and he said "Yes". I asked him if all of South America knew about this, and he said "Yes". The next person was a man from India who said we did not go to the moon with a smile. It is obvious that this is nothing new to these people and it's well known in their countries. Try it yourselves and see what happens. Similarly, we all know that Hitler and Stalin did a lot of bad things. Why were they loved in their respective countries by so many blind people?

It's well known in the rest of the world that we've been lied to about 9/11 and our "lunar landing" in 1969 because we never went. No manned mission, or with animals, has ever gone beyond a low earth orbit because of the highly lethal radiation from the van Allen Belt which extends from about 1,000 to 25,000 miles above the earth. One of the videos that I was recently looking at said that the closest any manned mission ever got to the van Allen Belt was a Russian one which was a good deal below the 1,000 miles, at which altitude the radiation was becoming intense and dangerous, and they descended to a lower altitude. On a particular DVD, right after this statement, was a video clip from CNN, a long time after 1969, in which it was said that a recent earth orbit had disclosed far higher radiation levels from the van Allen Belt than previously recognized, which could endanger the health and lives of astronauts. Furthermore, the surface of the sunny side of the moon (where we supposedly went) would have been incompatible with life for even the shortest time. If you think that being in the hottest part of the Mojave Desert at noon time, during the hottest time of the year, would be uncomfortable, please remember that you have 200 plus miles of atmosphere above you to shield you from the intense electromagnetic radiation and the 90,000 miles per hour stream of high energy protons called the solar wind. We don't have the solar wind on the surface of the earth to contend with, but we do have the light. Now imagine yourself on the surface of the moon, looking directly out into dark black space at that largest of thermonuclear fireballs in our solar system called the sun. Then take the 65 plus other solid reasons (physics, photographic (i.e. the Hasselblad photographic scientists on the Fox Channel Special back in 2000), etc.) why it was physically impossible for us to have gone, and the conclusion is inescapable that we did not go. I also know an intelligent person from New York whose father worked for NASA back then, the father saw the "lunar studio" in Galveston (as I recall; it was definitely in Texas), and he then resigned. There were a lot of other very bad things going on also. Incidentally, Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was not the first man in orbit, either. It was Vladimir Ilyushin of the prominent Russian Ilyushin family of aeronautical engineers. This is nicely documented on a DVD, Stolen Glory, The Cover Up of Vladimir Ilyushin from the Phenomenon Archives (with two other documentaries on the DVD for about $12 that you can get from Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble, or you can just read about it on the Internet). Vladimir Ilyushin was hurt in the first flight, the Russians didn't want to admit "failure", Ilyushin went to rehab in China for about a year, it's possible that Yuri Gagarin never even went up, and Gagarin died in a suspicious plane crash a few years later.

Regarding our "lunar mission", a "recently discovered/released" audiovisual photographic reel done by the Apollo 11 astronauts themselves, back then, makes it clear that we not only did not go, but that the astronauts wanted us to know this. This is why they made this reel back then and why it was just "recently discovered" (a new term for these "planned exposures" made by people under duress is "Easter eggs". In December, 2005 I asked two people that I know from the Philippines whether it was a Coca Cola bottle or can that came rolling out at the bottom of the "lunar landscape" as the astronauts were walking on the "moon" on live television as Asia and Australia were watching (another "Easter egg", apparently). They both laughed and said it was a "bottle", and a web site had said that Australian viewers also saw this). The deceptive power of a propaganda apparatus is easily nullified by asking simple questions of honest people and eyewitnesses.

The astronauts were under terrible duress. The astronauts right before them (Gus Grisson, Roger Chafee, and White) had died in the "launch pad fire". They were almost certainly murdered. None of this is "funny" like the Coca Cola bottle Easter egg. 9/11 and the two wars based on big lies are terrible. I remembered reading in Time or Newsweek magazine in the mid 1990's that the son of Gus Grissom was suing the government, saying that the fire was not an accident, and the article said that he wasn't getting anywhere with the lawsuit. There was no mention of a "lunar landing hoax" in that article back then, and I didn't have the slightest idea that this was even an issue. Then I saw a videocassette of the Fox Channel Special in 2,000 and it told the truth. Then I found out that Gus Grissom had called an unauthorized press conference, said we weren't going to the moon, that this was a hoax/lie, and that he stuck a lemon onto the capsule. Shortly afterward was the launch pad fire. The DVD shows the capsule with the lemon on it, and the next picture is the charred capsule. In the DVD you also see Neil Armstrong start to cry as he tells a group of America's top high school students that it's their responsibility to "lift the veil and expose the truth", or something very close to that. At this point, I realized that the astronauts were worried about themselves, their families, and all of their lives, and that Neil Armstrong was the same hero to me that he had been all along. Any of my "anger" at them went away after seeing this video. They are not frauds, but good people under duress; the truth should be pursued for their benefit as well as everyone else's.

In the video of the post flight interview, at multiple times, you can see the kind of stress that all three are under. They look "happy" at times, but you can see that it's more "ashamed", and the happiness is strained and affected. These are good people under duress. It's also said that one of the main means of control of politicians in this world is blackmail, and the many assassinations prove that is at least partly true. Going back to antiquity, it has been said that "there is a power behind the throne that is greater than the throne itself". This is absolutely true, but what is that power? It can be understood from the ancient scriptures of the various religions. It is the reason why Congress, the Senate, the 9/11 Commission, the FBI, etc., etc. are paralyzed with regard to bringing out the truth about 9/11 when they know that what we've been told is not the truth (the same is true about the Kennedy assassination and everything else). This is where the will of the people comes in. If the people want, and care about, the truth badly enough, they will get it. If they don't, they will not get it, and things will get worse.

We've got two very bad wars going on right now based on total lies with apparent plans for a third with Iran; we need the truth more than ever. A lot of good, innocent people on all sides are getting killed, and this will be more like World War 3. With Vietnam it was 58,000 Americans and 2.5 million Vietnamese. Maybe it's time for the whole world to say "No" to all of their governments, ignore them, and listen to good laws that are in the Bible (Old and New Testaments), the QUR'AN, the Hindu and ancient Chinese scriptures, etc. Exposure of the truth and nonviolent civil disobedience, new ways of doing things without overregulation, new forms of money and monetary reform. Eventually we will be getting a much better world; this is a certainty.

"More people will believe a big lie than a little one"
- Adolph Hitler, ca 1939

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