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9/11 Sword out of the Sheath - Andreas von
Buelow, Top German 9/11 Expert on RBNLive World
Crisis Radio with Webster Tarpley - Sat. 3-5 pm CST

9/11 Activists Abuzz after CNN Breakout - Tarpley
and Zwicker at U of Wash in Seattle tonight,
Saturday - Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliana on ABC
talk radio - Manhattan Neighborhood Network tapes
show. Hugo Chavez plans official 9/11 Truth investigation.

Seattle, WA and Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) April 1,
2006 -- Webster Tarpley's World Crisis Radio
invites Andreas Von Buelow, former German
government minister, intelligence and expert,
author of "The CIA and 9/11." On RBNLive.com from
3 to 5 pm Central, or play or download show
archive http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Tarpley06.html.

Von Bülow was State Secretary at the German
Ministry of Defense from 1976-1980 and Minister
for Research and Technology from 1980-1982. As a
member of Parliament, he sat on the oversight
commission for the German secret services, and is
thoroughly familiar with the workings of intelligence agencies

* This Weekend in Seattle *

Webster Tarpley and Barrie Zwicker are in Seattle
this weekend where there is a very active 9/11
Truth community. Last night Barrie showed his
film, "The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News
Special You Never Saw," while Webster had a
bookstore event and was on two cable access TV
shows: SJTV Social Justice TV,
http://sjtv.blogspot.com, and Seattle Cable
Access Network, Scan TV, along with a new
grass-roots group, Call4Investigation.

This morning Tarpley and Zwicker are both on the
Mike McCormick radio show "Mind Over Matter,"
6:00 - 9:00 a.m. PST on KCMU-FM (90.3) in
Seattle. It may be replayed for the next two
weeks at: http://www.kexp.org/streamarchive/archive_player.asp .

This evening from 6 to 10 p.m. PST they are
giving a multimedia presentation, "Facing the
Truth about 9/11," at the UW Hub Auditorium. See
press release at http://waronfreedom.org/synth/april1.html

* LIHOP, MIHOP and the Moussaoui Trial *

On John Stadtmiller's National Intel Report on
RBNLive.com on Monday, Tarpley saw "the psychotic
patsy Moussaoui's" absurd confession of intent to
fly a plane into the White House as the probable
result of entrapment by case officers, and an
obvious attempt by the regime to shore up the
9/11 myth. See
http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Stadt06.html . Rush
Transcript: http://www.waronfreedom.org/press/WGTonJS327.html

Timid 9/11 Truthers like Michael Moore speculate
with the theory of 9/11 that Bush & Co "Let it
happen on purpose" or "LIHOP." The problem is
that this leaves intact the false enemy image of the hijackers.

In fact, the war party can still terrorize
America with grotesques like Moussaoui even in
the case of "WTC-7 MIHOP" ("Made it Happen on
Purpose" or Inside Job, proven by the demolition
of Bldg. 7), perhaps by scapegoating Bush-Cheney
and Silverstein. Controlled demolition is not
enough - a simplistic answer cannot unravel a
complex intrigue - the American people need the
full background. Tarpley's "full rogue network
MIHOP" model of moles and patsies provides this
in "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA." That's
why his book has become the best-selling 9/11
book on Amazon since the New Year.

* From Victor to Hugo *

Last night Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani fielded
listener's calls for three hours on ABC talk
radio affiliate WOR, streaming on
http://www.krxa540.com. Victor is the author of
the book "9/11 on Trial," which presents a
solidly mathematical and scientific approach to
proving controlled demolition of the three World Trade Center towers.

Yesterday, Jimmy Walter and William Rodriguez on
the Alex Jones show http://www.infowars.com
reported from Venezuela that President Hugo
Chavez will sponsor an official government
investigation into 9/11. The Venezuelan
initiative could be the first big step towards an
international tribunal which Tarpley has
campaigned for over the last several years.
Walter and Rodriguez will appear on President Chavez' weekly TV show.

Jimmy Walter of www.reopen911.org is the
millionaire activist who has spent a fortune
promoting 9/11 Truth. William Rodriguez is the
heroic Puerto Rican janitor and last man alive
out of the WTC, who is filing a RICO racketeering
lawsuit against Bush-Cheney as suspects in 9/11,
with attorney Phil Berg -
http://www.911forthetruth.com. See
http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Tarpley06.html for interview.

Progressive Press publisher John Leonard is
nominating Walter to the boards of the two
mammoth German insurance companies who have been
hardest hit by the suspect WTC claims. Their
annual meetings take place in April and May.

* Easy Out *

CNN Showbiz Tonight pulled Monday's segment on
the 9/11 Cover-Up with Ed Asner and Sander Hicks
when they couldn't find anyone to take the
opposite viewpoint, said Mike Berger, media
representative of activist group 9/11Truth.org.
By week's end, no one had yet been found who can
weave new clothes for the official 9/11 myth.

Thus was an historic innovation born in the rules
of rhetoric: the side that no one will speak up
for wins by default. Last year, when George Noory
held a 9/11 Roundtable on the Coast-to-Coast talk
radio show, and the neocon advocate dropped out,
Noory went ahead. If CNN continued like this
every night, of course, it would be more than
just a warning to the war party, it could be a revolution.

* Manhattan News Network Press Release *

Molly Cheshire's 'Making Known the Unknown' (9am
channel 67) will air her Webster Tarpley
interview done recently in Georgetown (yes close
to the Watergate itself!). This hour-long
information-packed interview will end with a
careful account of the importance of public
outcry against drills and cite the example of a
relative of hers whose newspaper did stop a drill
in Charleston, S.C. (Ah yes the south WILL rise
again at least to the occasion or the imperative need of the time)!

* More on Magical March 20th *

The Euro-denominated Iranian Oil Bourse, a threat
to the dollar which Tarpley promotes as the real
reason for an attack on Iran, apparently didn't
open as scheduled after all on March 20th.
Instead, the first bilateral talks between the US
and Iran in decades were announced.

Just chance coincidence with the March 20th break
on 9/11, or a coordinated counteroffensive
against the war party? Did the neo-cons flinch
before an Iranian foe even crazier than themselves?

It appears we have a calculated damage-control
operation by a conservative faction of the elite,
to retrench the empire from the calamities heaped
on it by what has been called "the neo-fascist
regime of Bush-Cheney idiots and war profiteers,
neo-con megalomaniacs and christian zionist madmen."

Elite insiders do understand what the twittering
aviary of left gatekeepers can or will not
comprehend: that 9/11 truth is the only way to
unseat the war party, by knocking the psy-war
terror weapon out of their hands.

Please see also previous Progressive Press
, "Spring Breakthrough for 9/11 Truth - Alex
Jones, Webster Tarpley, and Charlie Sheen Splash
on Mainstream TV - Total Print Media Blackout Continues"

# # #


Former Top German Minister Rejects Official Story Of 911 Attacks ...
Andreas Von Buelow:. I can explain what's bothering me: I see that after the horrifying attacks of Sept. 11, all political public opinion is being forced ...

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