Forced to give our genetic code to the government.
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Subject: could you publish this? genetic codes of citizens in Portugal- New world order b
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 07:13:07 +0000
From: silvio man

Hi, remember me? Silvio from Portugal. i receive your newsletter in email.

Would you like to publish in your site, an IMPORTANT notice? The New world order have big force in Europe, and the country i live (Portugal) unfortunly had a BAD , BAD IDEA, worst than the idea of implant in citizens (verichip implant), we will be forced to give our genetic code to the government.

GOVERNMENT will have a database with the genetic information of each citizen, we are 10 million of citizens, we don't know if they will violate our confidenciality, what do they gonna do with our genetic information? i think this is worst than digital implants.

the new world order is taking big advance here in Portugal !


i have my article in my blog




Ethics of Human Genome: DNA Database Society
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... just criminals are being forced to give DNA samples ... genetics. �as a society,
do. we want the. government to. have our genome. and have the power ...

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