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Posted By: monk
Date: Tuesday, 29 March 2005, 12:01 p.m.

Air traffic controllers have testified under oath that the plane that hit the WTC flew from Newburg Airforce Base They tracked the entity leaving the Newburg Base...... Maverick International Airways has the plane registered to them who is bought and paid for by American Intelligence Agencies.............. now.

also, breaking Caroline Kennedy wants her uncle Ted Kennedy Arrested now for complicity in the assassination of her brother John F. Kennedy Jr. and his pregnant wife in 1999. DNA has proved that there are traces of metallic bomb substance in the tissue. Remember when Ted slipped and said that they were cremated and their remains were spread at sea well that was a lie....their bodies are in France ....John was planning on running against Hillary Clinton for the senate of New York.....

There was also and attempt on Al Gore plane that same year in July but that Assassination attempt on his life was unsuccessful.... all of this elite assassin groups operations was called MRS. lets go on ....Conrad Black of the Chicago Sun Times was involved in the inside trading before 9-11 ..US Treasury Documents are involved in this and those Canadian

Mounted Police that were ambushed in Canada a few weeks back were investigating this lead into the complicity of Coinrad Black in the financial part of the 9-11 plot......there is more such as the Red Chinese acquiring all of the Bank of America Account information for the last 10 years of every account holder of the bank about a 1month ago deposits, withdraws, activity and everything about each acct now that's 10 years.

think I�ll be changing banks.... after they , the Red Chinese did this they now have all of the AUTUMMO codes for launching our nuclear warheads and turning them around and making them hit ourselves with our own warheads......this is getting sickening how far this elite group of power hungry SOB's will go to destroy this nation.

Now the French have captured their top man Gary Best and I hear that he is talking this may be one way to bring down this terrible cabal... we can only hope and pray....The French are on our side with not ever think other wise as the TPTB would like for us to believe....They are not however on their side.....VIVA LA FRANCE... They may be our only hope to bust this treasonist group up before it is to late....Kalapari the French agent that was killed in Iraq a couple of weeks ago was killed by their elite killing agents...he was on their trail and had already uncovered a lot about them.. he truly is a hero in more ways then 1...

Now. Let's not forget we have the article a couple of days ago about WET OP's being used to take out Kalapari that Col. George Griggs's Wife Kay talks about in her interview that her husband was involved in the training of these wet ops assassins. so there is some info to digest today and start spreading the word about so this can come out into the LIGHT and just maybe we can save this Great Republic....By God's GRACE.

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