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13 More States Are Moving In That Direction---We need you to contact your local state representatives if they are in the dark about this important action to stop Globalization and the take back our freedoms against GMO Foods, RFID Micro-chips and severe regulation of health products

United States Congress: House Concurrent Resolution 40 - introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Virgil Goode of Virginia
Arizona: Senate Concurrent Memorial 1002 - introduced by Senator Johnson
Georgia: Senate Resolution 124 - introduced by Senators Schaefer, Rogers, Douglas, Hill, and Chapman
* Idaho: Already Passed !! House Joint Memorial 5 (HJM-5). Sponsored by Representatives JoAn Wood, Cliff Bayer, Marv Hagedorn, and Senators Shirley McKague, Monte Pierce and Mel Richardson

Illinois: House Joint Resolution 29 - introduced by Representative Black
Missouri: Senate Concurrent Resolution 15 - sponsored by Senator Barnitz & House Concurrent Resolution 33 - sponsored by Representative Guest
Montana: House Joint Resolution 25 - introduced by Representative Rice of Montana
Oklahoma: Senate Concurrent Resolution 10 introduced by Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdan
Oregon: Senate Joint Memorial 5 - sponsored by Senators George, Starr, and Whitsett and Representatives Boquist, Krieger, Nelson and Thatcher
South Carolina: House Concurrent Resolution 3185 - introduced by Representative Davenport
South Dakota: Senate Concurrent Resolution 7 - introduced by Senators Kloucek, Apa, Lintz, and Maher and Representatives Nelson, DeVries, Gassman, Jerke, Kirkeby, Noem, and Betty Olson
Tennessee: Introduced SJR-88 on February 21st, 2007.
Utah: House Joint Resolution 7 - introduced by Representative Sandstrom and Senator Fife (Passed in the House by a vote of 47-24 and was killed in the Senate for the remainder of the Congressional year)
Virginia: Senate Joint Resolution 442 - introduced by Senators Lucas and Hawkins
Washington: - Senate Joint Memorial 8004 - introduced by Senators Stevens, Swecker and Benton & House Joint Memorial 4018 - introduced by Representatives Roach, Dunn, McCune and Hurst

13 more states are working on legislation going AGAINST the SPP/NAU!!!

Idaho Becomes First State to Pass Anti-NAU/SPP Resolution!

Today the Idaho Senate passed, by a vote of 24 to 7, HJM005, a resolution "Stating findings of the Legislature and urging Congress to use all efforts, energies and diligence to withdraw the United States from any further participation in the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America or any other bilateral or multilateral activity that seeks to advance, authorize, fund or in any way promote the creation of any structure to create any form of North American Union."

Since the Idaho House had already adopted HJM005 by voice vote on March 12, today's Senate vote means that Idaho is the first state to pass an anti-NAU/SPP resolution in both houses.

Congratulations to the members of The John Birch Society in Idaho for making passage of the anti-NAU resolution possible.

At least 13 other states have already introduced resolutions against the North American Union/Security and Prosperity Partnership. Click here for more information about the North American Union, including a copy of a model NAU resolution for state legislatures.

What Is The North American Union?

The phrase "North American Union" conjures the image of the European Union, truly the prototype for what our elites have planned. One of the first orders of business will be a borderless North America. According to "Building a North American Community" (a Council on Foreign Relations task force report available here), the playbook for the construction of the North American Union, "Canada and the United States should consider eliminating restrictions on labor mobility altogether and work toward solutions that, in the long run, could enable the extension of full labor mobility to Mexico as well." Full labor mobility throughout North America would mean no borders between the United States, Mexico, and Canada, spelling the end of our nation's independence.
Learn more about the North American Union
Who is working to create this new Union?

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), and the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Click here to see the CFR's task force report (pdf).
What is the SPP?
(Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America)

The SPP is an initiative by the United States, Canada, and Mexico to bring about the North American Union. It is a process, or tool, that has been created to lead towards a specific, continent-changing goal. Click here for more about the SPP
What is the John Birch Society's position on the NAU and SPP?

Click here for our position statement
Why should I care whether the United States joins a North American Union?

If you care about national sovereignty, our cherished American freedoms, the United States Constitution, American independence, retaining the American standard of living, and keeping English as the "real" language of our country, among other unique values and features that adhere to the American way of life, you should care whether we retain our unique identity, legally and in fact!
What can I do?

At this point, you should let your elected representatives know of your concern about the progress of the North American Union and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, stating unequivocally that you are against this initiative. As the activities of the SPP increase, there will be other actions you can take, and you can always look here for guidance.
Contact your elected officials online
To continue your research and education on the NAU and SPP…

First, and most obviously, Google both names North American Union (NAU) and Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP).

Then, go to the following link, find the Search box, and type-in the full names and abbreviations for the two orgs at issue, the SPP and the North American Union. From the results, you'll see why this innovative magazine continues to stay at the forefront of investigative journalism on issues of tremendous importance…
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