Blythe Spirit
Sat Mar 24, 2007 10:26


I STRONGLY suggest you go to  order Aaron Russo's documentary DVD America from Freedom to Fascism, watch it with your family, relatives, friends, neighbors, business associates, club members, church groups and anyone else you can think of.

Get off you ass and motivate people with this documentary!! Spread this information. The IRS has been lying, along with a complicit Congress, the 16th Amendment was NEVER passed into POSITIVE LAW and it NEVER conferred any more taxing authority AFTER the "16th Amendment" than it had BEFORE.

Learn about the LIBERTY DOLLAR at . Educate others around you. Educate businesses and use the LIBERTY DOLLAR at their establishments, DON'T deposit them at any "federal bank", keep them in local circulation. Remember the "Federal Reserve Bank" is a PRIVATELY owned consortium of world bankers who create the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES which are notes of DEBT out of THIN AIR!! Your labor is the basis of their worth ---- YOUR SLAVE LABOR! Our Constitution gave the U.S. Treasury the authority to mint coin NOT the "Federal Reserve Bank". You want to stop the insanity?? This is the time and way to do so.

Go to . Throw your support behind him, contact your TV stations and radio stations to have him on. Contact Fox News, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, MSNBC News, and DEMAND they have him on, because otherwise they will ignore and pretend he isn't a viable candidate. Sean Hannity is hosting candidates every Monday and Thursday for one hour on his show broadcasted from 3PM to 6PM daily. Sean's call in number is 800-941-7326 call and ask to have Congressman Ron Paul on his show. Sean has already announced he intends to have Rudy Gulianni and Mitt Romney on SEVERAL TIMES. We need to have our Constitutionally based candidate Rep. Ron Paul on SEVERAL TIMES. Sean announced that his program reaches 12 to 14 MILLION LISTENERS. Rep. Ron Paul needs to be heard by EVERYONE in this country. He's the ONLY one talking of restoring this country to it's Constitutional fundamentals and foundation.

If you want to save this country NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!!!

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