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deconstructing the psyops
Sat Mar 24, 2007 10:55


deconstructing the psyops

Did Physics just go haywire that day or is it a complete snow job! of course it was.
lets start at the real beginning of propaganda and Film making.

OSS - The Psychology of War OSS before it was called the CIA.
the first one is motion picture. read it carefully.

more documents here

then read the Operation Northwood documents carefully. if you have read documents The Psychology of war motion picture and the northwood document before, refresh your memory and read them again. it will help to further your understanding of what they did on 911.

The first filming of the first plane came after 911 happened. Bush sat reading my pet goat. ( Goat of Mendes or Baphomet??)

but yet he said he saw the first plane hit? I know you remember those episodes.

The North Tower impact was captured by only one known video for the MSM. The Filmmakers' Commemorative Edition (2002) made by the Naudet brothers -- two French film-makers who were recording a documentary about the New York Fire Department when the attack commenced.
so lets go back and look at the Naudet brothers.

Deconstructing the Naudets' propaganda film

A Clue to the Truth about 9/11?
American Airlines Flight 11, North Tower, World Trade Center
by Leslie Raphael

Webfairy was one of the first to bring out the fakery in the naudet film. pulled off the layers in the film to see..

If It's Not a Whatzit,
It's a Flying Pig

Cameras were mute witnesses at 911.

here is her site enjoy

cool mash! part of deconstructing a film

2 Forgotten Live WTC2 Plane Hits looks like some one forgot to add a plane in one of these.. ha

911 Octopus 8 the script! SCRIPT! this is great.

deconstructed 911 fooled again


Exploding the Airliner Crash Myth

On the day it was unfolding I will tell you what my thoughts were. "what's with all the reports of exposions, that's not terrorists!!", and then a plane entered into the screen, only a few seconds but time enough for the tv comintator to react, his cue was LATE! right then I knew somthing was up about the alledge 2 plane. ( never saw the first so all I had was the second to understand) there was too much of a delay in the cominatators reaction. I never investigated thouroughly the planes until late 04, it took me about 5 days to figure out that what I thought the first day was right on target, that something was wierd about
I kept on looking at the plane with the odd attachment on the underbelly going into the building over and over again, then it hit me. it's fake! no decleration no nothing! I started laughing!! then I got mad

let go back and look how they planted some seeds of how the towers came down at the beginning and listen to the guys language, he was not just an average bystander he was a plant.

I thank all the great people who were able to get this information on the net and their hard work for us to understand the myths.

THINK about it

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