Janet Phelan
Life as a Target--Time to Go Public
Sat Mar 24, 2007 14:08

I was contacted last fall by a "Kelli Georgelos," who represented herself as a "probate victim." A large part of my writing and radio work of late has been devoted to this issue. Georgelos stated she had read some of my articles on-line, and tearfully recounted to me a very sad story of her mother's early demise and the subsequent blockage of her inheritance.

We talked on and off for a couple of months. I had planned a trip to the Southland in January to organize a demonstration in front of Redlands Courthouse on this particular issue, and she invited me to stay with her for a period of time.

She picked me up at the Amtrak station in Los Angeles on January 9, 2007. The demonstration was to take place on the 11th, and although Georgelos had promised that we would drive down to Redlands on the morning of the 11th, I had a gut feeling that--somehow--she would not be able to follow through. Another Melodie Scott victim, Joe Quattrochi, picked me up on the 10th at Georgelos' Van Nuys apartment, located at 7244 Valjean. Quattrochi and I stayed up half the night making picket signs and hand-outs, and the demonstration went off as scheduled. This was covered by KABC evening news and by the Press Enterprise newspaper. Parenthetically, Georgelos did not show up in Redlands. In a phone conversation later that day she admitted she could not get time off work. So, my gut feeling was correct.

I had left a piece of luggage at Georgelos's, and had made plans to return to my Sandpoint home after two months of work on the "Melodie Scott problem." Due to intensive and concentrated efforts, the San Bernardino team filed reports with the DOJ, and I had been interviwed on several public affairs shows. We had also become something of a fixture at the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors meetings, speaking on the abusive conservatorship issue.

I spoke with Georgelos last week and advised her of my plans to return home. I needed to pick up my luggage, and she invited me back up to stay a few days. As it was her birthday on March 22, I got her a small string of pearls on silk. We had dinner, and Georgelos began to talk.

And talk. And talk. At four a.m., I pleaded exhaustion, and she finally went to bed, as did I. She said she needed to be up around six a.m. to prepare for work.

I awoke at 10 in the morning, to find my bag had been opened and rummaged through. Alarmed, I decided it might be best to leave rather than spend another night. I did some laundry and the evening dishes, and waited for her return from work. I figured I could catch the last Metrolink train from Van Nuys into Union Station.

I had been offered a writing job back in Idaho, and was on the phone arranging a hiring letter when Kelli called. She was saying something about someone's sick dog, and it didn't appear to be anything I could do something about. I explained to her that I needed to continue on the other call. When the job call was completed, I immediately called Kelli back at work. She was furious, and hung up on me.

At that point I figured as soon as the laundry was dry I would leave. But the dryer wasn't functioning, and when Georgelos arrived back home around 5:45, she was obviously beside herself with anger. I pulled the laundry out of the dryer, and said that I thought it would be better if I left. I then called a cab.

When the cab arrived Georgelos barrelled downstairs and physically blocked the cab from leaving. She stood in the open taxi door, stating I had robbed her and that the police needed to come and search me. I asked her what was missing. She refused to reply and became quite threatening.

I then called 911. I explained to dispatch that my hostess had become upset and wanted my belongings searched prior to my leaving. I requested an officer to come to the scene, and search me so I could leave.

When the black and whites showed up, I repeated my request. I turned over my ID and suggested that they "run" me. My record is clean, and I am perfectly aware of this. Georgelos then began to make false statements to the officers. She told them I was a "vagrant" and homeless, apparently in an effort to arouse further suspicion concerning my veracity. I immediately produced a letter written to me and received at my Sandpoint address and a utility bill. I repeated the request that I be searched. One of the officers asked me if Georgelos had mental problems.

The two officers spoke with Georgelos and then consulted together. They then told me I was free to leave, as no crime had been committed.

This scenario was echoed by a previous attempt to initiate my arrest on false charges, engineered by one Susan Clarke, of Malibu. Clarke is active in the 911 truth movement and has been interviewed on the Power Hour concerning microwave technology. I have also done Joyce and Dave's show. Clarke had invited me to house-sit for her back in 2005, and I had agreed. On her return, she reported me to the police for stealing thousands of dollars from her home and from her purse.

I was able to get a clear rendition of what she reported to the police. Clarke had created a false time line of my movements in her attempt to incriminate me. This time line was utterly contradicted by my actual movements, which was supported by several appointments I had (and had kept) in Santa Monica. I faxed a statement over to the police along with verifying statements from the offices where I had the appointments. I then contacted Clarke and informed her I would be going public about her attempts to have me arrested on false charges.

Within six hours, I received a phone call from Clarke, and then one from the Malibu police. She had suddenly "found" the missing money, and was withdrawing her police report.

I need to make something clear about these spurious attempts to incriminate me. On January 3, 2003 I was directly and nearly lethally assaulted by several officers of the law, including one Detective Loren Dawson of the Long Beach Police Department. In order for the assault to occur, I had to be in the clutches of the police.

The evening of January 3, I had walked into the lobby of the department, located on Long Beach Blvd. I had been threatened and was attempting to get assistance from the department. I was summarily cuffed by Dawson and shoved into his squad car. I was taken to an undisclosed location to be terminated. I was subsequently hospitalized and unconscious for two days and woke up up on a heart monitor. The sequence of events and the reasons leading up to this assault are best detailed in this video:


It is my personal belief that when Kelli Georgelos and Susan Clarke were functioning as shills for the Bush team, and were attempting to spuriously engage law enforcement in order to have me killed.

In the film, "A Scanner Darkly, " based on the novel by Philip K. Dick and released last year, there is a scene where, prior to an arrest, an officer is attempting to read a man his rights. The officer keeps flubbing Miranda, and finally says, "Oh, what the hell!" takes out his gun, and blows the guy's head off. At least we are not quite at that stage yet.

Janet C. Phelan
March 24, 2007

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