Snow Tells Fox Morning Show:
Congress Has No Oversight Over White House
Mon Mar 26, 2007 11:26

Snow Tells Fox Morning Show: Congress Has No Oversight Over White House

March 22, 2007

Beating back the firestorm over the firing of eight U.S. attorneys, allegedly for prosecuting too many Republicans and not enough Democrats, must be high on the White House agenda because the Fox News morning show devoted a big chunk of its first hour to reinforcing GOP talking points. With videos.

The most striking part of the more than 10 minutes of coverage came when White House spokesman and former Fox News employee Tony Snow claimed, "Congress doesn't have any legitimate oversight responsibility on the White House."

No oversight of the White House? Congress has no right to check the president's actions? What a surprise to the framers of the Constitution that would be!

"Fox and Friends" co-host Gretchen Carlson "interviewed" Snow, beginning with the suggestion that it's all the Democrats' fault because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she wanted to get along with George Bush. She also repeated, as a "question," the White House talking point that if Bush aides had to testify under oath before Congress, aides would be inhibited from giving Bush frank advice.

Nor did Carlson press Snow on why Bush will not allow even a transcript to be kept of what his White House aides said if they spoke with members of Congress in private. He stressed that it's against the law to lie to Congress, with or without an oath, but Carlson's failure to follow up about the transcript issue allowed Snow to dodge the issue of how Congress could prove someone lied if they had no record -- except imperfect recollections -- of what was said.

Carlson did ask Snow about the three attorneys fired even though they were in the top 10 in performance, asking "was it about politics?" The question was overly vague, however, leaving out specific information about attorneys being fired for prosecuting Republicans such as Rep. Randy Cunningham.

In a discussion prior to Snow's appearance, the three news stooges painted the controversy as a mere Democratic invention, neglecting to mention that Republican lawmakers in the states where attorneys were fired have been among those complaining.

In fact, co-host Brian Kilmeade claimed, "A lot of Republicans are happy the president is fighting back" by refusing to let aides testify under oath.

A lot of Republicans are also unhappy, especially in the Senate where the chamber voted, with only two abstensions, that allowed Bush to replace U.S. attorneys without Senate approval. And, of course, the eight who were fired were all Republicans, and none of them seem too happy.


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