MASSIVE Banking/Government Corruption

Judson Witham
MASSIVE Banking/ Government Corruption
Fri Mar 11, 2005 12:00

Judson Witham
The Great Texas Bank Job
Fri Mar 11, 2005 11:48 

Hey if the Great Texas Bank Job  was fully and truly investigated and prosecuted Bush N Company would NOT be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.. See  The Great Texas Bank Job is very well researched and CORROBORATED extensively. DOJ, FBI, GAO, Congressional and Senate Banking Committees and the Secret Service and many, many State Attorney Generals are guilty of MISPRESSION OF FELONIES and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Senator John Cornyn wants to revamp the FOIA yeah because be BLOCKED and BURIED evey effort made to get at Texas State Records on the MASSIVE Land Cons and Real Estate Tax/Commissioners Court SCAMS that made them possible in TEXAS. George Bush as Governor of TEXAS did all he could to fight me - No Lie !!!

Former FBI SAC Mafia MOLE John Connally and the Bush/Clinton kissy, kissy, kissy Gang had Plenty of Company "COMPANY" from the "Texas Banksters" and that Stand Alone Do what ever CIA Bill Casey and William Colby REAGAN / BUSH operate with Looted Billions. All that missing SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY and the TRILLIONS looted off WALL STREET and through the US Treasury are why the SS System is being bantered as a Losing System. Kenny Boy Lay ain't diddley - JW 

They need a MASSIVE distraction because the ABOVE is TRUE - JW 

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