GPS + 9-11
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i uncovered some good stuff about GPS...


GPS and 9/11

GPS testing and 9/11


first, another article, semi-related....

Pilot's Lawsuit Alleges Airliners Rigged With Explosives

Pilot's Lawsuit Alleges Airliners Rigged With Explosives

*Boeing VP admitted fact in speech, remote control connection to 9/11 tantalizing
By Paul Joseph Watson*

Field McConnell, a pilot for Northwest Airlines, has filed a lawsuit charging
that many commercial airliners are rigged with explosives that can be remotely
detonated. He refuses to fly until such devices are removed. McConnell's claim
is seemingly given credence by none other than Boeing's vice-president, who
tacitly admitted the fact in a speech last year.

"The lawsuit, filed last week, claims Boeing Co. and the Air Line Pilots
Association (ALPA) can’t assure him that B747-400 planes are safe. McConnell,
who is the process of seeking an early retirement from Northwest, claims the
planes are rigged by Boeing and can be remotely detonated," reports the West
Central Tribune



GPS-Signal Hack January 2002 Dorothy E. Denning and Peter F. MacDoran wrote a article on the subject which was published in Computer Fraud & Security in February of 1996. GPS-Hacks in stealing TV signals are possible, but it seems pretty impossible to hijack military devices www.cs.georgetown.edu/~denning/infosec/Grounding.txt

www.911review.org: 911review

Update Aug 25 2005

There was GPS testing being done on Sept 11th 2001
Some say that GPS testing along with the idea that there were tail number oddities
( Flight 93 591UA was reported in 2 places at one time on sept 10th 2001, as well as other oddities such as flights 11 and 77 not being scheduled)
could have had something to do with the attacks.

more information on these comapnies and people....
Warren Buffet / Biz Jets / Mitre Corp as well as Global Hawk and remote control technology DARPA's UAV The NRO James R. Clapper NIMA Booz, Allen, Hamilton Osama Bin Laden. Booz, Allen, Hamilton DARPA John Poindexter Information Awareness

More information on GPS testing and september 11th 2001
Some have speculated that Arinc had ultimate power to control the planes that day, and that since the flight maps are incorrect, the planes were swapped. The transponder signal (code) transmitted from the plane tells the air traffic controller what plane they are looking at.
Since the transponder code can be easily changed, either by pilot, or automatically, by remote, the air traffic controllers could have tracked the wrong planes. there is evidence to support this becuase the flight maps appear to show inconsistancies.
Some of the oddities are....
flight 175 radar blip indicating that the plane went from 35,000ft to 3,500ft then back up to 12,500ft just after takeoff. (before the hijack)
(in a short period, if this really happened, the passengers would have been thrown around the cabin)
Flight 93 showing an ETA of 2:17 10:38 and 9:34 at different times during its flight.
Flight 93 changing its flight plan after it was hijacked.
Flight 93 several people were not supposed to fly, and many passengers may have come from flight 91 that was cancelled
BTS problems (a government database of planes tail numbers and flight times)

could GPS have an effect on air traffic control ???
GPS archived data can be found here...
(11 SEP 2001) BEGINNING 1445 ZULU UNTIL JDAY 254 (11 SEP 2001)

Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 15:17:04 +0000
Reply-To: arnork@CAA.IS
Sender: Canadian Space Geodesy Forum CANSPACE@LISTSERV.UNB.CA
From: A B Kristinsson arnork@CAA.IS
Subject: GPS constellation turned off?
I have been told that due to security reasons or military activities that the
U.S. DoD has desided to take out of service GPS SV4 and SV11 for unspecified
period. Do any of you know if more satellites are being taken out or have
been taken out? I understand that this situation is already causing an
80 minutes RAIM gap in Europe. Where on the net should I look
for the most up to date announchements on this subject?

GPS rapport published a day before 911
by Anonymeme on Feb 03, 2003 - 04:06 PM

I don't know if the following will be able to help an investigation really but i found this :


On september, 10, 2001, the Departement of Transportation (DOT) released a rapport of the vulnerabilities of the GPS, due to interferences, the date is probably a hazard.

The rapport is very rich and some parts should be read with attention there

www.navcen.uscg.gov/gps/geninfo/FinalReport-v4.6.pdf (doesnt work)

www.navcen.uscg.gov/archive/2001/Oct/FinalReport-v4.6.pdf (i found it archived here)

"... a single device that could disrupt military and civil operations worldwide would be attractive to malicious governments and groups" (page 43 in your reader)
"An attack on elements of US space systems during a crisis or conflict should not be considered an improbable act ... National leaders must assure that the vulnerability of the United States is reduced and that the consequences of a surprise attack on US space assets are limited in their effect" (page 44 in your reader) bischar


GPS and 9/11


GPS testing and 9/11


GPS testing and posible effects or uses in terror attacks. Relations to London bombings and september 11th 2001
Jan 15 Raytheon Awarded $16.5 Million for U.S. Army Air Traffic Control Services


Interesting mag -- GPS World
Archives -- August and June 2001 are empty.
Even Wayback has nothing. Andreas?
Interesting article

.... If the highjackers jammed the GPS signal, the system would put the plane in a holding pattern until it reacquired a clear signal. By refusing to turn off the jammer, terrorists could force the aircraft to run out of fuel and crash - but could not guide it to a target. .....
Further reading: "Soft Landings: Navy Proves Hands-Off Touchdown," by Matteo Luccio and Glenn Colby, GPS World, August 2001.
More about that touchdown.

Every structure moves, if only imperceptibly to the unaided human eye. Its “natural frequency” — the frequency at which it naturally wants to oscillate — depends on such factors as its geometry, the materials with which it was built, and the soil on which it rests. However, when a structure moves by an abnormal amount (for example, in an earthquake), those responsible for it need to know, especially if it is a very large one — say, a dam, a highway bridge, or a skyscraper. To monitor the deformation of such structures engineers increasingly use GPS-based systems.
Remember those abnormal spikes in seismic activity?
Were they deliberately trying to do something to those skyscrapers?

Heritage Security Report Urges GPS Changes
The Heritage Foundation, an influential conservative "think tank" in Washington, D.C., has issued a report on homeland security that urges inclusion of GPS in the nation's critical infrastructure and recommends creation of a national program office to operate the system with the Department of Defense (DoD) as the lead agency.
The report, issued in January, stems from the work of a task force headed by two former officials in the Reagan administration, Edwin Meese III and L. Paul Bremer III. Established in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks, the task force included a series of working groups who set forth a set of priorities and associated "key steps" for actions to improve homeland security. Meese was attorney general under Reagan and Bremer chaired a National Commission on Terrorism and served as ambassador at large for counterterrorism.
The recommendations on GPS came from the Working Group on Infrastructure Protection and Internal Security, which listed as its second priority, "designating the Global Positioning System (GPS) frequencies and network as critical national infrastructure." Among the members on the working group was Jules McNeff, a long-time DoD representative for GPS program policies who currently serves as the director for military affairs with the U.S. GPS Industry Council. Michael Scardaville, a Heritage Foundation staff member who served as rapporteur for that working group, acknowledged that McNeff "drove most of the GPS recommendations. He is obviously tremendously well-informed on the subject."

The intense debate prior to the European Union (EU) transport ministers’ March 26th decision to approve Galileo threw a spotlight on an issue that officials on both sides of the Atlantic had been politely avoiding for years — the military implications of Galileo.
Up to the end of 2001 very little had been said about this. The EU had griped for years that the United States’ GPS was run by the military — an arrangement they insisted undermined commercial applications by creating uncertainty as to whether the civilian service might be limited or turned off in a crisis. European leaders repeatedly asserted that a civil system, designed for and run by the civil community, was therefore urgently needed.
The debate broke wide open, however, in early December when U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz sent a letter to his counterparts in NATO expressing concern over a proposal to overlay part of the GPS military M-code with a signal for the Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) — the portion of the Galileo service that would be used by military forces. The letter created a fervor and generated accusations that the U.S. was trying to stop adoption of Galileo.

Adding to the mix, the Directorate for Energy and Transport of the European Commission (EC) acknowledged, in published documents supporting Galileo,its desire for an independent satellite navigation system to support the defense forces of the EU and military export sales.
With the cards now laid out on the table, and the M-code the subject of on-going negotiations, one can be assured that the conversation will be getting considerably less polite.
..... To support its military in times of conflict, the U.S. wants to be able to jam navigation signals — all non-U.S.-military navigation signals — in an area of conflict.
But if the U.S. jams the PRS signal, placed where it is now proposed, it would likely jam its own military signal as well. From the EU perspective very good technical reasons may exist for seeking to use a part of the spectrum planned for the M-code. A U.S. expert noted that the segment of radio spectrum supporting the M-code is one of the least likely areas to suffer interference from non-navigation users.
By all accounts, overlaying PRS on the M-code will make it extremely difficult to jam the Galileo signal in wartime without also jamming the U.S. signal. If a Galileo signal is incorporated into equipment for foreign sale — something the European Directorate for Transportation and Energy indicated last December is desirable — then there is a possibility that equipment that cannot realistically be jammed will land in unfriendly hands. It is also possible that the U.S. could face a problem working with its allies, particularly in NATO, if the EU adopts a different navigation standard for military equipment.
h gpsworld.com/gpsworld/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=21892
Nonetheless, the real culprit in all this is not Europe, but the higher echelons of the Pentagon and their colleagues in Congress who are willing to put at risk a system that demonstrates its multibillion benefits every day. The false economy of last year’s imprudent and preferential tax cuts has pushed the federal government back into deficit spending. But the solution to that misbegotten policy will not come from endangering a global utility like GPS.

WTC clean-up & GPS
Roads Not Taken. To address the issue of potential load tampering, we explored several ideas for added load verification. The team quickly rejected using truck scales to weigh each truck at Ground Zero and again at the dumpsites, because much of the debris was still burning, months after the tragedy. As a result, fire hoses sprayed loads before they headed to the dumpsites, adding water weight and altering actual truck and load weights.
And I say that the water was pushing the exothermic reaction.

.... However, the graphics portraying jamming performance are difficult to interpret, contain errors, and don’t correlate with the text. This shortcoming may have been an effort by the authors to skirt security issues since details about GPS military jamming performance are classified. In any case, the results here are certainly confusing.
Have you heard of JAMFEST?
Interesting stuff here

"Photons have mass?! I didn't even know they were Catholic." - Anonymous
Several cases of GPS service disruption have been reported over the past years, which had many different origins, including unintentional interference, satellite failure, signal denial or degradation by US authorities. As an example, in 2000, no navigation signal could be received for 18 minutes over the territories of Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. This service disruption was due to satellites malfunctioning. Intentional interference has also to be considered, as GPS uses very low-power signal and GPS jamming does not require complex equipment.

Satellite navigation is said to be difficult in Italy because certain TV channels are leaking spurious emissions. Recently, automated wireless toll-taking devices installed on bridges have been discovered knocking out local GPS reception.

These sorts of problems will probably be solved with the next generation of GPS, which will add new frequencies and possibly more power to the present signal. However, the issue of "intentional" interference looks much harder, if not impossible, to solve. ( Langhorne)Bond says, "Anyone with $50 and a soldering iron can make a jammer able to destroy the GPS signal for a hundred miles." The Volpe researchers, who clearly had access to at least some portion of our military’s "dark" GPS technology, detail what a more sophisticated enemy could accomplish. This includes not just widespread and prolonged jamming, but also "spoofing" in which GPS misinformation blankets the real signals.

You can easily imagine the terrible consequences of fake navigation data in foggy harbors and airports.

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