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New secret amnesty -- Please Expose & Oppose
Fri Mar 9, 2007 12:31

From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
Date: Friday 9MAR07 1:30 a.m. EST

White House invites several in Congress daily to push new secret amnesty -- Please Expose & Oppose


Your NumbersUSA Capitol Hill Team has brought extremely disturbing news to me over the night.

But it now makes sense of extraordinarily shocking remarks made by the Bush Administration to the American Legion convention on Monday -- just before I delivered my presentation. (I'll tell you more about that lower in this email.)

COMING UP ACTION: Over the next few days, we will give you some new fax opportunities to directly confront this new threat from the White House.

ACTION NOW: I beg as many of you as possible to make phone calls today (Friday) to one or more of your own Members of Congress. We must EXPOSE & OPPOSE this newest BUSH PUSH TO REWARD 12 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS.



The story from the White House is not yet entirely clear to us -- or to our allies in Congress. But this is what is emerging:

While the media (and all of us activists) have been mostly focused on blocking Sen. Kennedy's latest (yet-unveiled) amnesty, Karl Rove and his White House crew have been shuttling Senators and Representatives in and out almost non-stop trying to build momentum for THEIR newly hatched attempt at an amnesty.

The groups trekking to the White House are mostly Republican but are including Democrats, too.

We are told that at least a few supposedly anti-amnesty Members of Congress have already given their approval to this new White House plan. Their willingness to do so is reportedly because the White House argues ! that new features make it possible to give illegal aliens citizenship without distracted voters recognizing that it is an amnesty.

Among the features appear to be echoes of the "step-out-step-in" portion of the Pence Amnesty plan from last year where at some point illegal aliens have crossed the border for a few hours or days before coming back in and applying for a path to citizenship.

Although the White House is not saying so directly, it appears that it plans to have a massive increase in annual green cards in order to accommodate the step-out-step-in citizenship applicants.

The White House is preying on the fear of many Members of Congress that if they don't soon pass something that looks like a solution to the 12 million illegal aliens, they will suffer political fallout.

Only you can make them more fearful of endorsing anything that allows illegal aliens to remain permanently in this country.

We must stop any momentum that may already have developed for introducing this.

Your own Members may already have given at least a tentative pledge of support.


You can reach all Washington D.C. offices through this switchboard:


You can also call your Members at their local offices. Get those phone numbers here:

When you call, here are some things you can say in your own words:

1. Tell them you know about the constant meetings at the White House to sell Members on the new Bush amnesty plan. And that you have heard that a number of Members have already pledged their support for the amnesty.

2. Ask them if the Senator/Representative (of this office) has been one of the endorsers.

3. Tell them why a step-out-step-in prov! ision in no way should ever qualify an illegal alien for a path to U.S. citizenship.

4. Ask that if the Senator/Representative has not yet been to the White House that they not give the White House any encouragement to continue with its amnesty plan.

5. Make it clear that no matter how many steps and provisions are created, anything that allows an illegal alien to remain in this country indefinitely or permanently is an amnesty and will be opposed by the majority of voters in your district.

6. Talk about any other information from this Action Alert that concerns you.

Also, call the White House at:

White House opinion line:
(202) 456-1111
White House switchboard:
(202) 456-1414

One reason we know that your phone calls and faxes are so powerful is by the efforts the White House and others make to try to argue that their proposals aren't "amnesties."

Obviously, that is what propels the laughable idea of having illegal aliens leave our country by a few feet and then come back in to get their path to citizenship.


The American Legion is a giant and powerful organization of around 3 million veterans who served during a time of war.

I am not aware of any other such large national organization that has come even close to the Legion in standing with the American public against illegal immigration. Not Big Business, not Big Labor, not Big Religion, Not Big Media, Not Big Environmentalism, Not Big Rights Groups, Not Big Politics.

But the American Legion in recent years has adopted at least eight resolutions that make up the key components of ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT & SELF-DEPORTATION. (No amnesty, no instate tuititon, no matricula consular, yes to the fence, yes to mandatory workplace verification, yes to immigration enforcem! ent by l ocal police, yes to military on the border.)

Nonetheless, the Legion has never thrown the full muscle of its considerable lobbying power behind immigration efforts. So, it was a very good sign that for the first time ever, the Legion devoted a whole afternoon at its national convention this week to the subject of immigration. (I am asking all of you veterans to join me in encouraging the Legion to make stopping both the Kennedy and the Bush amnesties a top priority this spring. I'll be giving you special opportunities.)

Representing the Bush Administration during the immigration event was Alfonso Aguilar from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

In essence, he let the American Legion know that the Bush Administration regards the Legion's solutions as naive and unworkable.

Aguilar said the Administration agrees on the need for a secure border and tougher enforcement against employers. But refusal to give citizenship to the 12 million illegal aliens already here is a threat to national security, he said.

Besides, he said, America desperately needs foreign workers.


Because "we have American families not having kids." Aguilar's arguments paralleled the insulting comments one often finds on radical leftist and ethnic blogs in which America's citizens are described as increasingly aging, impotent and helpless people who don't have enough strength or smarts to continue to run their country -- and not enough passion for having their own country to keep it.

Aguilar said all over America he hears businesses say that Americans aren't having enough kids to provide a workfoce.

"To think we could keep our economy going on native-born Americans is totally unrealistic," the Administration spokesman said.

That is why the Administration is pushing to turn illegal aliens into "guest workers," he said.
Looking into the sea of American Legion hats, he told the veterans that if they backed strong border security without offering legal status to illegal aliens they would be suporting an insecure American in which 12 million illegal aliens would be living in the shadows without our knowing who they are.

Aguilar left before I spoke, along with Kris Kobach, Mark Krikorian and John Fonte.

Kobach (with deep experience in anti-terrorism in the Justice Department, and now law professor) said the Bush Administration he served is totaly wrong that bringing illegal aliens out of the shadows would guarantee that we know who they really are. Rather, it would simply mean that we know what names they have given us. He noted that one of the illegal aliens brought out of the shadows by the 1986 amnesty went on to plot the first World Trade Center bombing. Amnesty just makes it possible for illegal alien terrorists to easily travel back and forth to other countries to plan their acts of terror, he said.

When my turn came, I urged the Legion to stick with its solution of ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT. And I decried the Administration spokesman's insult of American families as being too impotent to continue our economy. In fact, I said, native-born Americans are having almost exactly the number of babies it takes to replace retiring and dying workers.

I also lamented Aguilar's insult of native-born American workers, declaring them entirely up to the task of doing the jobs that Americans and the American economy needs.

Nonetheless, I was shocked that the Bush Administration had chosen to speak so insensitively to the national, state and regional leaders of our nation's veterans. But learning tonight of the aggressive efforts of the White House with Members of Congress right now, I better understand:

Massive new flows of foreign workers is once again a top priority of the Bush Administration.

Not only must American workers and families and veterans suffer the con! gestion, wage depression and quality of life deterioration due to this foreign flood, but they will have to subsidize them with higher and higher taxes.

While the Bush Administration shortchanges veterans programs and health care, it continues to force higher and higher tax transfers to the care of foreign workers. I noted to the Legion that Robert Rector of Heritage Foundation has found that the lifetime net taxpayer subsidy for the high school drop-outs among the foreign workers already here will be around ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. Not BILLION but TRILLION.

We can save half that by denying amnesty to the illegal aliens and slowly causing them to go back home.

American workers, please stand up for yourselves.

American families, please stand up for yourselves.

American veterans, please stand up for yourselves.

* When the Bush White House began leaking plans for an amnesty for all Mexican illegal aliens in summer of 2001, our protests stopped it.

* When Pres. Bush announced in January of 2004 that one of his top priorities would be turning 12 million illegal aliens into "guest workers" who might or might not ever have to leave, our protests stopped him.

* When the White House feverishly sought "comprehensive immigration reform" in 2006, our protests stopped it.

The key has been to mount quick and massive protest to each sign of the White House making a priority of its amnesty compulsion.

When you call, tell the White House and your Members of Congress that you stand with the American Legion and its proposals for ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT & SELF-DEPORTATION.

Tell them you resent the Bush Administration's implications at the American Legion convention that American workers and American families aren't up to the task of keeping this country going.

The White House and its allies on the Hill believe that you will eventually grow weary and st! op payin g attention. Give them all a wake up call at the switchboard today.


-- ROY

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