The Poisoning of Humanity.....
Wed Mar 7, 2007 20:31


Science Fraud aids in the suppressing of humanity by giving information that are not always fact to sway people into going along with a program sought out for and by the elite.

It is more than ducting for rf war systems and weather control, it is very much about mind control and nazi montauk nwo agenda takeover. The chemicals and energy being used atrophy our minds ability and slow us down, crippling us, NOW!

My gut tells me that the DU is a part of this ducting as well. That is why the UN is allowing it. Of course China and Russia are all in on this level of secrecy.

They can either fly a plane over an area, line up a satillite, bounce haarp/escat/woodpecker, or line up a cymatic juncture from the gwen towers and hit the DU with various energies such as a neutron flux and phase change the DU into other usable quantum and other ducting components. In the quantum mechanic lingo they can us the DU with energy weapons and cause a release of quantum energies that maybe needed to infuse an area or individual with negative life force energies causing many diffrent effects. This is happening NOW!

We are in a flash chamber of plasma fluid with many capabilities. Just one example: When a small plane flys over and all of the sudden the wind picks up there is only one logical explanation I have been able to come up with(beside a certain percentage of them spraying local high life force points). It has to be something similar to a term called "electron avalanching".

The aviation industry and scientists behind this mess have come up with aviation lights that work a two fold purpose. One for light, but the other one is being used in this plasma fluid as a "mobile electorde" causing some type of electron or positron avalanching that is bringing about the winds from the flashes.

When DU is hit with a neutron flux it changes to thorium and gives off an alpha, the thorium has a shorter half life and gives off a beta...most certainly they can use these sources or other derived sources from the decay chain of the DU for a more high tech, secretly involved ducting, then just the ones like bariumm for Rf war systems.

I suspect looking at such systems as the iridium satillite systems and other new low orbital systems and the multiple capabilities of vortex suppression not only to control weather, but aid in the combined haarp and montuak agenda, mind control, and eugenic/genocide programs, to "non-lethal" energy beam attacks on unsuspecting humanity. In the NOW!

The Chemtrails are much more than just barium.

Bob Reynolds