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------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Source: THE PHOENIX GAZETTE Headline: 2 ARRESTED IN BOMBING ONE MAN MIGHT BE 'JOHN DOE 2' Date: May 2, 1995 Section: Front Edition: Final Page: A1 Word Count: 1166 Author: By Sally Streff Buzbee, The Associated Press; Includes information from the Los Angeles Times. Dateline: OKLAHOMA CITY Index Terms: OKLAHOMA EXPLOSION DISASTER ARREST MULTIPLE Text: Heavily armed FBI agents on a nationwide manhunt for ''John Doe No. 2'' captured two men at a Missouri motel at daybreak today after their car was spotted in the parking lot. Gary Allen Land of Arizona and Robert Jacks of Oklahoma - the subject of an FBI all-points bulletin - were arrested without incident as material witnesses in the Oklahoma City bombing. Asked if the heavyset, square-jawed Land could be ''John Doe No. 2,'' the second suspect in the nation's worst domestic terrorist attack, FBI spokesman Dan Vogel said: ''We don't know that. We have not determined whether he is or not.'' However, some of Land's movements appear to have paralleled those of Timothy McVeigh, the first suspect arrested in the attack. The FBI captured the two men after evacuating other guests at the motel, staking out the place overnight and phoning their room at daybreak. The men walked out and surrendered. In Washington, Attorney General Janet Reno refused to say whether Jacks and Land were suspects in the bombing or if either was believed to be ''Doe 2.'' The two men were expected to appear before a federal magistrate today. A federal grand jury, meanwhile, was believed to be meeting on McVeigh's case in Oklahoma City. Authorities refused to confirm that it was meeting or to say where. Authorities also refused to confirm various reports, including statements from a Wisconsin couple who operate a military surplus store who say they were subpoenaed to appear. The death toll in the April 19 blast stood at 139, including 15 children. At least 40 people are missing. The Missouri Highway Patrol was alerted by the FBI to watch for a white 1981 Ford Thunderbird with an Arizona license plate around Joplin. Sgt. Rick Baird spotted the vehicle at the Kel Lake Motel in nearby Carthage about 9 p.m. Monday and questioned the two men, Highway Patrol Sgt. Archie Dunn said. The car being sought was registered in Arizona to Land. Land and Jacks stayed for five months at a motel in Kingman, a town frequented by McVeigh. The FBI surrounded the eight-unit, one-story brick motel and moved the guests out of two other units, said Gene Jackson, son of the motel's owners. Lee Snyder was delivering newspapers across the street from the Kel Lake Motel about 5:30 a.m. when he noticed a swarm of state and federal officers surrounding the motel. He watched as officers placed a call from the motel office, then watched two men walk out. ''As the door opened, I could hear one of the officers yell, 'Put your hands in the air! If you make a move, we'll blow you away.' Those were his exact words,'' Snyder said. Also today, a New York congressman's office reported that McVeigh wrote to him three years ago complaining that state law prohibited possession of ''noxious substances'' and ''stun guns.'' ''I strongly believe in a God-given right to self-defense,'' McVeigh wrote in the Feb. 16, 1992, letter to Rep. John LaFalce, D-N.Y. ''Should any other person or governing body be able to tell another person that he (or) she can't save their own life.'' LaFalce said the letter was discovered through a search of his computerized correspondence files. The original letter and its envelope were given to the FBI last Tuesday, he said. At the time it was sent, McVeigh lived near Lockport, N.Y., in LaFalce's district. He said in the letter that he was prompted to write by an article on the arrest of a man for possession of a self-defense spray. The New York Times reported today that men believed to be Land and Jacks checked into a motel in Perry, Okla., the town were McVeigh was being held on an unrelated traffic violation, the day after the bombing. The paper said they checked out that same day. A motel manager in Vinita, Okla., says two men believed to be Land and Jacks checked into his motel April 19, the afternoon of the bombing. Tom Crafton, manager of Deward and Pauline's motel in Vinita, said the men checked back in April 20 and stayed at least until the evening of April 24. Crafton said he joked with one of the two men, telling him that he looked like ''Doe 2.'' ''I just saw your picture on television,'' Crafton said he told the man. ''He just grinned.'' Vinita is 180 miles northeast of Oklahoma City on Interstate 44; Carthage is 60 miles to the northeast of Vinita on the interstate. Edna Mendez, who answered the phone at Jacks' home in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, said that he works for the Loomis armored car service. He made a delivery in downtown Oklahoma City minutes before the bombing, she said. She said that Jacks also voluntarily contacted the FBI to report seeing a ''Ryder truck.'' Meanwhile, convinced there was almost no chance someone was still alive in the wreckage of the Alfred Murrah Federal Building, rescue workers turned to machinery to search for bodies. A huge backhoe mounted on tracks like a bulldozer was to lift debris from inside the ruins and set it down outside, where it will be searched by hand, Assistant Fire Chief Jon Hansen said. Hansen said he told families that ''there are some people we probably won't find.'' On Monday, the FBI released a revised sketch of ''Doe 2,'' believed to be the man with McVeigh on April 17 in Junction City, Kan., when McVeigh allegedly rented the truck that carried the bomb. Two buddies of his, brothers James and Terry Nichols, have been charged separately by federal authorities in Michigan with conspiring with McVeigh to make and detonate small bombs on James Nichols' farm in Decker, Mich. The Nichols aren't charged in the Oklahoma City case, and McVeigh isn't charged in the Michigan case. A bond hearing for James Nichols was to continue today. His brother is being held without bond. Graphic: Drawings (2) Photo by The Associated Press Photo by Michael Chow / THE PHOENIX GAZETTE Color photo by Michael Chow / THE PHOENIX GAZETTE Color map by Rob Weideman / THE PHOENIX GAZETTE (see microfilm) NOTE: BOMBING IN OKLAHOMA CITY: Terror in the heartland Caption: One of two men arrested by the FBI in connection with the Oklahoma City bombing is Gary A. Land (left), who lived in Kingman and Mesa. Land may be ''John Doe No. 2,'' shown in FBI sketches (below). Kingman resident Robert Spencer says he often ran into Gary A. Land and Robert Jacks, who are wanted for questioning in connection with the Oklahoma City bombing. FBI agents Monday inspect a trailer in Kingman that belongs to Michael Fortier, a friend of Oklahoma City bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh. The trail of Land and Jacks Memo: Photo reprints available. Please call (602) 271-8298 for cost information. Copyright 1995 Phoenix Newspapers Inc. Accession Number: 9505020480 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NewsBank, inc. - The Arizona Republic - 1995 - Article with Citation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Source: THE PHOENIX GAZETTE Headline: FBI TARGETS MOTEL, TRAILER IN KINGMAN Date: May 2, 1995 Section: Front Edition: Final Page: A1 Word Count: 753 Author: By Dennis Wagner, THE PHOENIX GAZETTE; Includes information from The Associated Press. Dateline: KINGMAN Index Terms: OKLAHOMA EXPLOSION DISASTER INVESTIGATE KINGMAN Text: FBI agents on Monday repeatedly questioned the owner of a motel in Kingman about former tenants Gary Allen Land and Robert Jacks, seized records and sealed off three rooms used by the men. Bill Terranova, owner of the El Trovatore Motel said agents questioned him and his wife, June, four times about the two, who were arrested early today in connection with the Oklahoma City bombing.
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