Friday, 03/09/07


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3/9/07 HBO: "Real Time with Bill Maher" —Radio Your Way, Sat Mar 10 02:13


Cheney on Trial —by DAVID CORN, Sat Mar 10 01:39


"The Secret Government" (22 minutes) —PBS - Bill Moyers, Fri Mar 9 17:48


Might does not make right! When right is wrong —, Fri Mar 9 17:26


The death related to EM wave radiation —Kat Hak Sung, Fri Mar 9 17:26


Cheney almost became the sacrifice for Iran war —Kat Hak Sung, Fri Mar 9 17:24


Bad week trails Bush to Brazil —Stan Lehman, Fri Mar 9 14:52




FBI - Patriot Act - Invasions of Privacy —, Fri Mar 9 14:20


3/08/08 "Radio Your Way" —Radio Your Way, Fri Mar 9 00:04




Waxman Asks Fitzgerald to Testify Before Congress —t r u t h o u t | Report, Thu Mar 8 19:34


Manipulation of the Clueless —Don Bendell, Thu Mar 8 02:07




YOUTUBE: BUSH....TAXMAN!!! —Alamantra, Wed Mar 7 20:07




UPDATE: CIA LEAK BACKSTORY UPDATE.... —"The Charles Goyette Show", Wed Mar 7 14:17


Address a Joint Meeting of Congress —King Abdullah of Jordan, Wed Mar 7 13:58


Ousted US attorneys blast Bush administration —GOOGLE NEWS UPDATES, Wed Mar 7 01:37


9/11 Global Positioning Landing System (GLS) —NEWS RELEASE, Wed Mar 7 00:49



CNN / Lou Dobbs - Ron Paul Interview —YOUTUBE:, Tue Mar 6 19:13


INTERVIEW: Lou Dubose (Author) Vice: —The Charles Goyette Show...., Tue Mar 6 10:38


Jurors Reach Verdict in CIA Leak Case —GOOGLE NEWS UPDATE:, Tue Mar 6 10:23


2007 Conference March 5-7 St. Petersburg, Florida —Intelligence Summitt, Mon Mar 5 19:53


The Police State Road Map, —Billy Bob..., Mon Mar 5 15:40




"Time To Clean The White House Out" —Victor, Sun Mar 4 21:59




So You Say You Want A Revolution. —by Ernest Hancock, Sat Mar 3 09:19


It Can't Happen Here —by Sinclair Lewis, Fri Mar 2 14:40




Pentagon Whistle-Blower on the Coming War With Iran —, Fri Mar 2 10:28


Call to reopen Oklahoma bomb case —BBC NEWS, Fri Mar 2 09:49


First bank failure in years happens in Pittsburgh —John Hielscher, Thu Mar 1 20:25


OKC BOMBING: Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue —Alex Jones interviews:, Thu Mar 1 19:31




AMERICANS HAVE LOST THEIR COUNTRY —Paul Craig Roberts, Thu Mar 1 11:50


WACO: 14 yr Anniversary: Remember 2/28/93 —WacoTragedyNews, Wed Feb 28 19:52


The Plot To Destroy The American People —Myron Fagan recording 1960's, Wed Feb 28 17:43


Wrong law used to convict Border agents —WND NEWS, Wed Feb 28 15:28


FRONTLINE: NEWS WAR ..PART 3 —Radio Your Way, Wed Feb 28 09:57


CNN: Larry King Interviews #3 Nancy Pelosi —Radio Your Way, Tue Feb 27 22:48


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