art bell tonight Chertoff bro. with Popular Mechanics
art bell tonight Chertoff bro.with Popular Mechanics
Sat Mar 5, 2005 22:14


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Subject: art bell tonight Chertoff bro.with Popular Mechanics will again ignore Eastman evidence/conclusions

911 Pentagon If Chertoff can't debunk Eastman evidence tonight Art, Popular Mechanics and DoD lose -- their talk will have been pointless.

The Popular Mechanics article did not event address the case. Bell knows that and Chertoff knows it and you know it. Call in tonight and let Art's audience know it too. I'll try to get on -- and I will be listening for informed callers like you too.

No Longer Theory

by Dick Eastman

These multiple lines of 911 evidence conclusively establish the attack on the Pentagon as a false-flag inside-job black-op, a treasonus high crime that is preciptiating the gravest Constitutional crisis and state of national and international peril American citizens have ever had to face.

Proof # 1:

The five released pictures from the Pentagon security camera yield

(a) two lines of evidence demonstrating that the attacking aircraft was much shorter than a Boeing 757 jetliner and

(b) two lines of evidence showing that a missile warhead was fired ahead of the crashing killer jet.

raw photo evidence:

Proof # 2:

Photographs taken by witnesses immediately following the attack establish that

a) the plane that crashed at pillar #14 on the Pentagon's west wall left no hole or damage corresponding to its having had a starboard wing engine;

b) no imprinted damage corresponding to the tall tail fin of a Boeing 757 obtained above the second floor level; and

c) multiple features indicating a near-ground-level explosion that blasted away portions of the first-floor level in low places where a plane with the engine-fuselage configuration of the Boeing 757 could not have touched.

Proof # 3:

Crash site photographs describe a damage path for the killer jet (i.e., from the first downed lamppost to the the entry hole to the large exit hole in the building's "C" ring), a path that is everywhere south of the approach of the American Airlines jetliner witnesses saw come over first the Sheraton Hotel, then the Naval Annex and the Citgo gas station, as it headed towards flying over the Pentagon and on to Reagan National Airport just one mile beyond the crash point.

Proof # 4:

On-the-scene photos of the only positively identifyable piece of a Boeing 757-200 taken on the day of the crash and the only identifyable piece found on the lawn, when compared with photos of Boeing 757-200's, including aviation photos of Flight 77 itself taken before September 11, 2001, proves (on the basis of lettering, spacing and two rows of rivets) that the famous piece comes from the starboard side a Boeing 757-200, whereas this same piece was found and photographed ten minutes after the crash on the north side of the crash ten minutes after the crash, i.e., portside of the actual killer jet as it crashed into the first and second levels of the Pentagon's west wall.

raw photo evidence:

Further supporting evidence and witness testimony.

No hanging wing engines touched the lawn:

A four-engine distraction plane was fllling over restricted airspace above the capital at the time of the attack:


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