9/11..I don't want what he says to influence you in anyway
Sun Feb 25, 2007 14:13

9/11..I don't want what he says to influence you in anyway

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Subject: This is a NOAA photo very large file
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 15:06:26 -0500
From: Amy Sasser To: APFN

This is a NOAA photo very large file

Examine it closely.

Please pay attention to the debris field closely in the photo above. Examine the holes in the ground level. Also look for the steel that was used to build the 2 WTC's . there is no pile, it is scattered around but not a huge amount of steel there for the amount that was used to build the WTCS. Look close to the holes, there is no pile there either as there would be with conventional explosives. The pile would be in a circular pattern when it comes back down to the ground due to gravity. We do not see that in this photo.
What we do see is holes, scattered and missing steel. Yes there is some but not enough for the downed 2 buildings. The core was centralized and what we see is the core is missing completely. Where did it go?
nano particles of dust everywhere

This is Dr Judy Wood site and you can view other pictures and the dust. the cars are so interesting

this is an interesting Patent, so we know the technology is there for all these types of weapons as you probably are well aware.
chemtrail connection.


I don't know if this patent has anything to do with what happened but I am interested people understanding the dust which is killing so many

Electromagnetic or other directed energy pulse launcher

The physical realization of new solutions of wave propagation equations, such as Maxwell's equations and the scaler wave equation, produces localized pulses of wave energy such as electromagnetic or acoustic energy which propagate over long distances without divergence. The pulses are produced by driving each element of an array of radiating sources with a particular drive function so that the resultant localized packet of energy closely approximates the exact solutions and behaves the same.

Crime Scene Close ups

Only Filing Cabinet Found, Why only one?

Haven't Seen a Doorknob why not???

Steel Beam Bent Like a Horseshoe why?

Look How This Steel Is Bent!

North Tower Antenna Survived, why did it really???

photos taken from across the river.

anomalies, clouds and light reflections, dust, and patterns of motion.

brianv's blog photo ,

has complied those photos into one moving picture.

Here it is on youtube also

Briany blog http://www.911researchers.com/node/261

think about what did this carefully, I don't want what he says to influence you in anyway.



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