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"Freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they want, be
anything they can be. Freedom is about authority..." - Rudolph Giuliani, NY Daily News, October 25,1998


The day after the decimation of the World Trade Center, the BBC lamented
that a shattered Rudolph Giuliani "ventured so close to the chaos that
he had to be ushered away, dust on his shoulders." Flashing Nikons
caught it all. A wounded city struggled to come to terms with an
overwhelming disaster, and the mayor was "at the centre of events,
ensuring practical help, identifying with the suffering of the city's
people, offering hope and reassurance for the future." Only a cynic
would deny that this Mafioso's son was an inspiration to the world.1 To
think, Rudy pointed out, he'd recently been denied a third term, that
the day before, on September 11, Democrats and Republicans had primaries
scheduled to replace him. But these were postponed, of course. All eyes
were on the mayor and his grim responsibilities in New York.2

It all took on an eerie cinematic quality, and Rudy proved that he had
immeasurable star power. Jerry Hauer, former director of New York's
Office of Emergency Management, told the BBC reporters: "I've been in
the disaster business for a long time, and frankly, there are few
elected officials as good as him".3

Frankly, Jerome M. Hauer left the position in New York for Science
Applications International Corporation (SAIC) - a partner with
ChoicePoint in the keeping of secret files, "data mining and
warehousing," on private citizens4 - in November 1999. Hauer was
appointed to the office of vice president and associate director of
SAIC's Center for Counterterrorism Technology and Analysis. David ("WMD
sniffer") Kay, the Center's director, enthused: "His expertise in crisis
management, fire safety and emergency medical response adds additional
capabilities to our counterterrorism practice."

An ironic statement in light of recurring allegations that Rudy Giuliani
and Jerry Hauer were instrumental in the development and release of the
West Nile virus - a flagrant and deadly act of terrorism. The
culmination of the plot came with the announcement of the vaccine
(Financial Times, August 1, 2000): "Peptide Therapeutics, the UK biotech
company, said it had been awarded a $3,000,000 grant to develop a new
vaccine to combat the mosquito-borne West Nile virus, which killed
seven. The vaccine will be developed at OraVax, Peptide's US subsidiary,
using the company's proprietary ChimeriVax technology."5

Syndicated columnist Robert Sheer reports that Hauer attended a secret
panel discussion with representatives of OraVax (now Acambis) at the
White House a year before the emergence of the disease, a closed meeting
also attended by defense officials: "Arrangements were then made to
rescue the insolvent OraVax Corporation with a $343 million contract
from the CDC for a smallpox vaccine, a $1.8 million contract from the
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for a vaccine
against dengue fever, and additional sums to stockpile the WNV vaccine
for future `emergencies.'"6

Robert Lederman, a free-lance reporter and activist in New York: "OraVax
has now been given a grant from the N.I.H. (National Institute of
Health) to create a WNV vaccine. The theory I and a number of other
activists have been suggesting is that the entire WNV panic has been
created specifically in order to justify the mass distribution of this
very vaccine throughout the entire U.S." OraVax, he says, entered into a
contractual agreement in 1966 with the Army's biochemical warfare
facilities at Fort Dietrick. Dr. Thomas Monath, an Orafax vice
president, had worked at Fort Detrick before, on a Japanese encephalitis
vaccine derived from a genetically-altered virus concocted by Army

Lederman: "WNV is a variation of Japanese encephalitis. Numerous medical
and scientific institutions, many run by the Federal government, have
been quietly experimenting with WNV in NYC and the surrounding area for
decades. Most of this research involved bio-warfare applications."

Newsday May 9, 2000 Mosquito From Asia Could Carry West Nile

"(AP) ... In Army tests at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Md., japonicus was
found to be the "most competent vector" [transmittter] for West Nile
virus in a laboratory setting, when compared with other mosquitoes...."

The OraVax approach, Lederman says, is a "live, attenuated vaccine - it
contains live WN virus - and involves `the construction of a chimeric
virus in which the envelope genes of yellow fever vaccine are replaced
with the corresponding genes of the target West Nile virus.' In other
words, the plan appears to be to expose the entire nation to a
genetically-modified form of WNV. Since the vaccine is made from a
genetically-altered strain, there is no way to know exactly what other
theoretically beneficial or harmful genes may have been added.
Scientists in the field of genetically-engineered (GE) foods have
already found evidence that genes in the pollen of these foods can
become incorporated into the DNA of insects that pollinate the GE
plants. In other words it is possible to incorporate these genes into
your own DNA simply by eating the food, or in this instance, orally
taking a vaccine."7

There's no question that Giuliani was in his element on 911. The
question is, how deeply?

"Was it a coincidence," Lederman asked in a column written shortly after
the catastrophe, "that the two worst terrorist attacks on U.S. soil each
destroyed millions of files of criminal evidence that were embarrassing
for U.S. government officials and corporations?... These millions of
files were evidence in criminal cases involving major U.S. banks,
US-trained terrorists, the Mafia, U.S. officials and foreign governments
who are now our `allies' in the so-called war on terrorism."

"Giuliani has also refused to answer any questions on why he ordered all
of the steel beams from ground zero melted down and destroyed before
they could be examined by investigators. Giuliani cleaned up millions of
tons of WTC evidence even faster than he cleaned up the `squeegee

The tragi-comic punchline:


... The latest allegations point to a wide-ranging scam involving a
number of scrapyards, a traditional area of Mafia operations. Following
tip-offs, police found 75 tonnes of material at one Long Island
scrapyard and a further 180 tonnes in New Jersey. Trucks working at the
World Trade Centre site are now being given official escorts to prevent
any further loss of material. About 130,000 tonnes of rubble have
already been removed, but an estimated one million tonnes of debris



1) See, "Rudy's Kin Tied to Mob," New York Daily News Online, July 6,
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Rudolph Giuliani: "The book sketches a largely unflattering portrait of
the clan, depicting his father, Harold, as a hothead and the `muscle'
behind a brother-in-law's loansharking operation, run out of a Brooklyn
bar. Along with cracking heads, it says the mayor's father served time
in state prison for a stickup, rarely held an on-the-books job and once
was a gunman in a mob shootout in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn."

2) BBC report, "Giuliani firm among the ruins," September 14, 2001.

3) SAIC press release, November 30, 1999.

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5) Thanks to New York reporter Robert Lederman for the package of
articles on the West Nile Virus cited in this section.

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By Alex Constantine

The West Nile Virus outbreak of 1999 made 67 people in New York City
ill, and brought with it endemic anxiety. But the anthrax mailings two
years later brought death and high anxiety. Emergency measures in a
jingoistic package, under consideration in the House of Representatives,
arrived at the same time as the Ames strain and the emergency measures
floated through Congress on a cloud of lethal white powder.

Right-wing propagandists stepped up to point out the obvious culprit.
Laurie Mylroie explained to CNN, "it takes a highly sophisticated agency
to produce anthrax in the lethal form.... Not many parties can do that."
Saddam Hussein "continues his part of the war in the form of terrorism.
It is unlikely that that anthrax will remain in letters. It is likely
that it will be used ... in the subway of a city, or in the ventilation
system of a U.S. building. Saddam wants revenge against us. He wants to
do to the U.S. what we've done to Iraq."

This cover story didn't hold up under the tension of scientific
deduction, though. The true culprit - it emerged after Dr. Barbara
Rosenberg of the Federation of American Scientists pestered the Bureau
with facts and public exposure - was an obscure, right-wing biochemical
warfare "counterterrorist." The serial killer took his training at the
NIH in Bethesda, Maryland and other civilian-run, federal facilities,
also a two-year fellowship from the National Research Council, the
country's leading CBW defense lab. He moved on to the U.S. Army Medical
Research Institute of Infectious Diseases - USAMRIID - at Fort Detrick.
He experimented with biological responses to filoviridae, the family of
viruses that transmit Ebola. In September 1999 - as the Jerry
Hauer-SAIC-Fort Detrick-USAMRIID West Nile Virus was taking hold in New
York - the terrorist began working at the very same lab.

By March of 2002, it was clear that the FBI was protecting him.
Spokesmen for the Bureau were evasive about the source of the anthrax
but it gradually emerged, by process of elimination and genetic
analysis, that the culprit worked at the SAIC facility in Maryland.

CounterPunch commented a month later on geographic connections that bore
directly on the case: "The South African media [have] been abuzz with
details of that nation's former biological warfare program and its links
to the CIA. The South African bio-chemical war program was code-named
Project Coast and was centered at the Roodeplat Research Laboratories
north of Pretoria. The lab maintained links to the US biowarfare
facility at Fort Detrick and Britain's Porton Down Laboratory. The head
of the South African program, Dr. Wouter Basson, was reportedly offered
a job with the CIA in the United States after the fall of the apartheid
regime. According to former South African National Intelligence Agency
deputy director Michael Kennedy, when Basson refused the offer, the CIA
allegedly threatened to kill him." The U.S. pressured President Mandela
to relinquish Basson's research files and they were transported to Fort

The FBI pushed on with the investigation but withheld from public
disclosure that the terrorist had worked with Wouter Basson in South
Africa, and that he'd been a member of the South African Nazi Party.

But some of Hatfill's closest friends maintained his innocence. Stan
Bedlington, a veteran CIA agent, told the Washington Post that he'd
known Hatfill for several years: "They were drinking buddies who'd both
been involved in anti-terrorism efforts long before the World Trade
Center crumbled. Now, suddenly, people were saying that Hatfill could be
responsible for the country's first case of domestic bioterrorism, a
release of lethal anthrax through the mail that had left five people
dead and 17 others infected in the fall of 2001."

Bedlington had fond memories of Hatfill, though he hadn't seen him for
some time. They'd met at a Baltimore symposium on bioterrorism.
Bedlington had spent six years bent over a senior analyst desk at the
CIA's Counter-terrorism Center. Hatfill was a virologist at the U.S.
Army-SAIC Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, "where he'd
begun making a name for himself preaching the dangers of a bioterror
attack. Soon they ran into each other again at Charley's Place in
McLean, then a favorite hangout for the U.S. intelligence community."
Hatfill "showed up there with men whom Bedlington recognized as
bodyguards for Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar bin Sultan."2

To respond to intrusive media, Hatfill's friend Pat Clawson served as
spokesman. Clawson was a radio executive who worked with Iran-contra's
Oliver North.

Clawson, reports the Baltimore Sun, was a "former CNN reporter who has
known Hatfill socially for six years, said he and Hatfill are part of a
group of friends who visited a house in the Virginia mountains near
Shenandoah National Park in October for a weekend of skeet-shooting and
socializing. The visit, in the middle of that month, came at the peak of
anthrax hysteria, Clawson said. He told Hatfill that a few weeks earlier
he had opened a vitriolic letter addressed to Oliver North, whose radio
program is produced by Clawson's employer, Radio America. White powder
had spilled from the envelope, which Clawson discarded..."3

After Stephen J. Hatfill was named as the FBI's leading suspect, the
same ultracon media opinion-shapers who had immediately blamed Saddam
Hussein now hustled to Hatfill's defense. Rupert Murdoch's Evening
Standard opined that his status as "interesting" to federal
inevestigators "inspired a mini-industry of speculation that he may
somehow be implicated in last fall's deadly anthrax attacks. [But] much
of that speculation pretends to be something more: certainty of his
guilt, and certainty that in every nook and cranny of his life must be
found some blot or scar or mark of the devil that proves his guilt..."4

Marks of the devil?:

o Bloodhounds found him of some interest after snuffling a letter inside
of envelope put there by Hatfill, preserved in a hermetically-sealed
bag. The hounds responded to him alone.

o A return address on one of the anthrax-bearing envelopes was
Greendale, Rhodesia. Hatfill lived in Greendale.

o The neo-fascist Selous Scouts in Rhodesia spread anthrax. Hatfill was
a member of the Scouts at the time of the contagion's spread.

o Hatfill had no fit alibi for the days of the anthrax mailings.

o Hatfill's PhD was forged. He was caught lying on his resumé.

o He failed a CIA lie-detector test regarding his activities in Rhodesia
before the anthrax attacks. He failed a lie detector test afterward
concerning his involvement in them.

Some of most damaging evidence was discovered in ponds recently searched
near his home. Items pulled from the mud included a clear box with
insert holes for rubber gloves to protect someone working with toxic
materials. Also recovered were glass vials in plastic wrap, and gloves.5

One wonders which expletive David Kay, the SAIC vice president and
Hatfill's boss, whispered to himself the moment he heard that these
items had been found ... not to mention a positive lab test for traces
of anthrax FBI technicians detected on these objects, later changed to

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