Celerino Castillo 3rd
The Atrocities of a Pale Rider- John D. Negroponte
Thu Feb 17, 2005 16:40


"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was death, and hell followed with him".
Revelation 6:7

The Atrocities of a Pale Rider- John D. Negroponte

Celerino Castillo 3rd

Feb. 17, 2005

John Dimitri Negroponte

The above biblical quotation is the only way I can describe John Dimitri Negroponte because of the atrocities he's previously committed around the world.

From 1971 to 1973, Negroponte was the officer-in charge for Vietnam at the National Security Council under Henry Kissinger. During that period, former DEA Michael Levine was conducting undercover operations in Saigon, Thailand, and Cambodia where our government was smuggling heroin into the U.S. Our government was utilizing caskets and body bags of those "Killed In Action" to smuggled the heroin.

From 1981-1985, Negroponte was U.S. Ambassador to Honduras, where he illegally assisted the contra war and, most devastating, helped the Reagan administration in "disappearing" close to 300 political opponents in classic death squad fashion. He supervised the creation of the El Aguacate air base, which the Contras used as a secret detention and torture center. In August 2001, excavations at the base discovered 185 corpses, including two American missionaries. In May 1982, a nun, Sister Laetitia Bordes went on a fact-finding delegation to Honduras to investigate the whereabouts of thirty Salvadoran nuns who fled to Honduras in 1981. Negroponte claimed the embassy knew nothing. But in 1996, a U.S. newspaper interviewed Negroponte's predecessor, Jack Binns. Binns said that a group of Salvadorans, among whom was Bordes, who had been captured on April 22, 1981, and savagely tortured by the Honduran Secret Police, and then later thrown out of helicopters, alive. Negroponte turned a deliberate blind eye to a murderous pattern of political killings. He orchestrated the famous death squad Battalion 316, which used shock and suffocation devices in interrogations. Prisoners were often kept naked and when no longer useful, killed and buried in unmarked graves. We have seen similar pictures of those atrocities committed by our service men and women in Iraq.

From 1989 to September 1993, he was also ambassador to Mexico where he directed our U. S. intelligence services in assisting the war against the Zapatista rebels in Chiapas. Furthermore, he was there obstructing the war on [some] drugs. Seven Mexican drug agents were gunned down in an ambush by 100 members of the Mexican army on the payroll of a drug cartel; Negroponte dismissed the slaughter as "a regrettable incident." The slaughter had been videotaped by the DEA from another plane, which had also been strafed by the army unit.

Ironically enough, I was stationed in Vietnam as a combat soldier at the same time Negroponte was assigned to Vietnam. It was there I saw some of my brothers laid low from heroin overdose. It was also there, that I promised myself that if I survived that war, I would initiate my own personal war against drug trafficking. In 1979, I became one of the very few Latinos DEA agents.

From 1985 to 1991, I was assigned to Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador. As one of two DEA agents that covered those countries, I observed that our U.S. government was complicit in drug trafficking and human rights violations. The area was rife with rebellion, gunrunning, and a perception that communism was on the move towards our back yards. One of my job descriptions was to train members of their military intelligence on the interdiction of drugs. However, most of my time was spent assisting the CIA in training the death squads. We were utilizing CIA contract agents from different parts of South America, specifically Venezuela and Argentina. In reality, Central America became one huge country, which allowed the death squads to overflow into each other. Mario Sandoval-Alarcon, best known as the godfather of the death squads and creator of the notorious death squad, "La Mano Blanca" ran all death squads. Sandoval was so loved by Ronald Reagan that he got a private invitation to, and attended, Reagan's inauguration.

At the same time, we had a guerilla movement known as the Contras operating against the Sandinistas' Nicaraguan government. Honduras and El Salvador became bases for the U.S. support of the right wing Contras. They unleashed a sadistic "scorched earth" campaign, basing itself on the murderous theory that the only way to combat the leftist guerrillas' resistance was to "empty the sea" in which the guerillas swam. Thus these death squads set about committing genocide against the indigenous population. The same blue prints that were used in Vietnam were implemented in Central America and once again, "worked." There are hundreds of secret cemeteries all over Central America, enough to us keep digging for another 10 years. There is no doubt that these same blueprints will be used in Iraq.

In Honduras, I saw first hand how Negroponte and General Alvarez committed some of the worst human rights violations ever committed against humanity in the Western Hemisphere. In 1994, the Honduran Human Rights Commission charged Negroponte personally with several human rights abuses.

President G.W. Bush appointed Negroponte as ambassador to Iraq with the "Salvador Option" in hand. The Salvador Option is a blueprint of the Phoenix Program [a murderous assasination program that killed at least 40,000 people without trial] that was utilized in Vietnam. And know it is being implemented in Iraq.

Today, President Bush has named Negroponte, as headhunter, Director of National Intelligence. He is now in charge of all intelligence, including that of the Pentagon.

God help us in saving our world.

As I've stated in the past, this country will get worse before it gets better, if it gets better. I am now capable of feeling deeply in my blood when an injustice has been committed. I've risked my life to demonstrate what I believe to be real- that is that an armed struggle (with pen in hand) is in order for those who are struggling in keeping their freedoms here at home. I've now become a veteran of my third, and perhaps most dangerous war, the war against the criminals in my own government.

More of this horror tale at the above URL.

Peace and love,
Preston Peet

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